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Vampire or eBook #180 Bannerworth Hall Hampshire Midnight The night is woken by screams from the bedroom of the beautiful and noble hearted Flora To their horror her family discover that she has been the victim of a murderous attack The Bannerworths are about to the Vampire or The Feast PDF lose their home to pay the debts of their dead father The hunt is for his missing gold on but then they begin to have d. Full title according to the cover of the first issue of this penny dreadful novel Varney the Vampire or the Feast of Blood A Romance of Exciting Interest First of all holy mother of long novels this was LONG I think it s the longest published novel I ve ever readWhen I decided I wanted to read it I downloaded the Project Gutenberg version Everybody s seen Dickens novels so I ll just say it was 330000 words long which is slightly shorter than Bleak House and vaguely longer than Our Mutual FriendLittle did I know that the Gutenberg version isn t complete only about half of it is there and the rest is hard to find on the internet But not impossible Varney is actually longer than War and Peace and considerably less action packedBecause it s relatively unknown and reading it in its entirety is a bit of a commitment I ll write a longer review than usual with a full summary of the bookBut first what s it about rightVarney the Vampire was published in 1845 1847 It was a penny dreadful which means it came out in weekly installments each costing a penny There are no pretenses that this is high art and even the authorship is debatedVarney came before Dracula and before our concepts of what a vampire is solidified He can walk in the sunlight but moonlight really makes his vampiric nature shine It revives him if he s died again and it makes him stronger if he s weak He can eat normal food but it doesn t agree with him If he dies the entirety of nature conspires to bring him into the moonlight to revive him again He can never get rest for once it s pretty clear why being an immortal vampire is a curse not a blessingThe book itself is strangely down to earth especially in the first part In fact it often reads like the author himself couldn t decide whether Varney was a vampire or a scoundrel In the first half of the novel he has huge money issues and he does his best to get his hands on a fortune the way a scoundrel would The main characters don t even know whether he s a vampire at all or if it s a trick to swindle them they eventually decide it s a trick Later on it s revealed that he was a vampire pretending to be a gentleman pretending to be a vampire I bet the author himself didn t know that to start withVarney is a very depressed sad gallant figure He seems to want to get his way but preferably without harming anyone if he can frighten instead of harm it s all for the good Except he does kill people in cold blood a few times This might sound cool but it s very long and very uneven with splatterings of purple prose and passages which seem to have been inserted for the word count And since I promised a summaryThe first chapter is uite cool and gothic Flora Bannerworth is asleep in her bed when the dreaded vampire makes its way into her chamber and proceeds to suck her blood She screams for help and her two brothers Henry and George Bannerworth rush to her aid along with their friend Marchdale who happens to be staying with them and their mother for awhile The attacker looks EXACTLY like the portrait of one of their ancestors who s been dead a hundred years If you remember this throughout the book your memory is better than the author s Varney gets a different origin story by the endIn chapters 2 10 Henry George Marchdale and the local doctor go off to check the coffin of the Bannerworth ancestor who resembles the vampire There s nobody there Meanwhile the vampire shows up at the house who s shot by Flora After this deed of bravery she turns around and swoons in the arms of her fiancee Charles Holland who happened to arrive from the continent precisely in time to make sure she doesn t get any bruises from collapsing on the floor A true romantic heroIn chapters 11 26 people fret Francis Varney rrooooolll credits a neighbor of the Bannerworths says he wants to buy their house which is uickly losing value since it has a vampire attached The fact that he looks precisely like that vampire is Highly Suspicious to everyoneCharles Holland s uncle admiral Bell shows up along with his friend the sailor Jack Pringle They re a bit of comic relief and they speak in ocean related terms a lot it gets tiring and then it starts being cute againThere s a lot of fretting but not much going on The vampire keeps showing up then running off Sir Francis Varney is repeatedly challenged to about a million duels When the author forgets where he s going he has a character read a story and we read that story instead of the usual chapterIn chapter 27 Charles Holland vanishes We later find out he s been kidnapped by Varney and Marchdale the friend of the Bannerworths who was staying with them and trapped in some old ruins He ll eventually be set free and Marchdale will die a terrible death suashed to death when the old ruins collapse over him This happens in chapter 75 Maybe Seriously he s gone half the arc And Marchdale would be a good Disney villainIn chapters 28 39 we find out Varney owes people money He later persuades Flora that he wants to suck her blood because he loves her therefore she should run far far away Because this isn t Twilight she thinks this is a very sensible idea but the people around her want to catch the vampire so she can t leave eitherVarney actually fights a duel but refuses to shoot at his opponent He s such a gentlemanThe phrase interview with the vampyre shows up in chapter 36 In chapters 40 89 we meet the most remarkable character in the book the mob I ll capitalize it because heck The Mob is truly frightening and when it gets going it stops at nothing It s superstitious and it wants to kill the vampireBut The Mob isn t a clever force It s brutal and irrational It digs up a corpse in the graveyard it stakes the corpse of a stranger who happened to die at the inn it burns down Varney s house it burns down the ruins where Charles was entrapped and where Marchdale lies dead it kills a stranger who arrived in the village to demand blackmail money from Varney and finally it chases Varney around with such criminal intent that Flora Bannerworth decides to help him out by hiding him in her bedroomYou know being brutally murdered by The Mob is too terrible a fate even for a vampireSomewhere around this time Flora s second brother George is completely forgotten and left out of the story I d have mentioned how she does nearly nothing except be protected and talked to like a pre feminism heroine but to be honest her brother vanishes out of the story He was so useless I even forgot he existed before checking wiki And everyone around her is so incompetent that Varney doesn t even need to try hard to escape them his single real enemy is The MobSomewhere in there we find out that Chillingworth the doctor who s a friend of the Bannerworths attempted to revive a cadaver Frankenstein style and that cadaver was Varney So that s an origin story but we later find out not the real one Although to be honest I don t think the author remembered much of his own story by the endAlso a Hungarian nobleman who doesn t drink wine shows up at the local inn he specifically says this A century before the movie He wants to meet Varney but The Mob catches him and shoots him He falls into a river is revived by the moon fished out by a fisherman then tries to suck the blood out of the fisherman s daughterIn chapters 90 92 Varney manages to get his hands on the treasure in Bannerworth house It turns out he used to be gambling buddies with the father of the Bannerworths After he and daddy dearest lost a fortune they killed the guy who won it from them stole it then the elder Bannerworth hid it in a portrait and killed himself Yes He hid the money and offed himself Varney s life is basically one big bag of suckIn chapters 93 126 the Bannerworths become less important Flora Bannerworth and Charles Holland get married The admiral Bell has a bit of comic relief with a uakerWhat s important is that Varney pretends to be a baronet from the continent and throws money around in the hopes of marrying uickly And he uickly finds a bride in the person of a greedy widow s beautiful daughter The daughter has another sweetheart but who cares Definitely not Varney and the mother The Hungarian nobleman vampire comes to visit and ask for money and Varney tries to kill him to no avail because the guy escapes on a boat on the sea I suppose the author was going somewhere with this but just like Flora s brother George or the origin story with the Bannerworth portrait the other vampire sails off the page never to return At Varney s wedding to the unwilling girl the Bannerworths show up and recognize him prompting him to run offIn chapters 127 142 Varney goes to London where he pretends he s a rich and retired colonel from India in order to lure a greedy widow s greedy daughter into marriage However admiral Bell shows up at the wedding and interrupts it unmasking the vampire and causing him to flee again Varney also tries to feed off of another girl unsuccessfully because she screams and wakes up the whole house like all of his victims reallyIn chapters 143 144 we find out what happens to Varney if he doesn t feed he dies of natural causes then is revived again This apparently Sucks Big Time it s a Suck of a Million Sucks Varney doesn t want to harm people but he s caught between a rock and a hard placeIn chapters 145 156 Varney encounters a group of travelers and gives them a hand on the road supposedly saving two women from a tragic fate He tries to woo the unmarried one and tries to feed on her during the night but she doesn t like him I wonder why could it be the fact that he sucks Specifically sucks her blood When her family pressures her into marrying the nice vampire admiral Bell shows up at the wedding interrupting it and prompting him to fleeIn chapters 157 163 Varney goes to Naples probably in an attempt to get away from admiral Bell and his tendency to show up long after his story arc is done Varney murders a monk and impersonates him then tries to kidnap a woman who s been sent to a nunnery to stop her from eloping He s discovered and fleesIn chapters 164 168 Varney is in a shipwreck and is the only one who makes it alive to the shore or rather he was dead but he got revived by moonlight He s brought into the house of the fisherman and feeds off his daughterIn chapters 169 173 Varney saves the life of an Italian count who s been attacked by assassins and tries to get the count s daughter s hand in marriage as reward He s foiled again and fleesIn chapters 174 178 Varney stops at an inn and kills the landlord s daughter by feeding on herIn chapters 179 194 Varney stops at a hotel where there s a plot afoot with a heiress and an attempt to steal her fortune I was kinda bored at this point but the gist of it is that her uncle is trying to convince her she s a foundling and thus penniless in the hopes that she ll marry her cousin and thus bring the family money into the uncle s hands Varney sucks her blood a bit but all ends well she remains alive the plot against her is discovered and she marries her sweetheart SO MANY women marrying their sweetheartsThere are also two chapters in which Varney gets summoned to help raise another vampire apparently vampires rise if they committed a terrible crime or if someone turns them At this point the author was like oh yeah world building that thing I was supposed to do 150 chapters ago well better late than never But most importantly this is when Varney learns how to place his hand over the mouth of a victim to stop her from screaming You go Varney Learn useful skillsIn chapters 195 226 Varney is kind of sick of life Unfortunately whenever he dies something happens to bring him under the moonlight and revive him So he decides to jump off a ship in the middle of the ocean and hopefully sink to the bottom of the ocean where the moonlight can t reach him It s a good plan but God sends another coincidence to torment him he s saved by two fishermen and brought back to their house Sick of everything he turns their sister into a vampire I don t know if he wanted her to be his bride it would certainly fit the theme but she barely has a chance to terrify a single girl in the village before she s uickly killed by a mob In chapters 227 236 a clergyman shows Varney kindness in exchange for the story of how Varney became a vampire Varney writes down a story in which he was alive during the reign of Charles I and of Cromwell He was involved in smuggling political dissenters out of London until he was discovered by Cromwell and murdered He became a vampire because in a fit of anger he hit his son who d come to warn him about the plot striking him deadAt the end in the very last chapter that s about one page long there s a report that Varney committed suicide by throwing himself in the lava of Mt Vesuvius It s oddly satisfying

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Oubts about their repulsive hissing new neighbour Sir Francis Varney who is so eager to purchase the hall and to marry the fair FloraTheir uest will take them Varney the PDF from hall to charnel house and from village inn to deserted chancel Can the Bannerworths aided by Flora's fiance Charles Holland Charles's uncle Admiral Bell and the indomitable British Tar Jack Pringle defeat their terrible foe and can. I have to admit upfront that I didn t finish this book I plan to someday but right now all I really want is to put as much distance between me and Varney The breaking point was getting to the end of my kindle version and realizing that besides the 96 chapters contained in it I had 124 to look forward to 124 chapters filled with and repetitive actions mindless chatter and a vampire that instead of looking like thisIs and looking like a 19th century version of this Varney the Vampire or the Feast of Blood starts promising enough In the middle of a stormy night a beautiful maiden is attacked by a vampire and left for dead while her brothers hunt the villain As the story progresses we learn that the girl Flora survived the attack and is now the middle of a convoluted plot designed by her attacker to gain possession of the house her family inhabits At first the mystery is compelling and I honestly couldn t wait to read what happened next hence the 3 star rating but before long the rhythm of the story starts to become repetitive Varney does something a furious mob attacks he hides Then he finds some other hideout another mob appears and he runs again Little by little the force of that first chapter the strength and terrifying power of the monster that is so apparent there dilutes and by the time I gave up all I had left was the silhouette of a broken man tumbling along and trying to atone for past mistakes That being said I also believe that any self respecting vampire fan should at least take a peek at this story The influence it has on Dracula is clear except for the restoring power of moonbeams and the ability of walking in daytime without any decrease in power Varney at the beginning at least has that hypnotic power over his victims that forces them to submit to his will and a level of class and distinction that vampires didn t have before Too bad that at times he resembles Edward Cullen than the Lord of Darkness but at least he doesn t sparkleThe rest of the characters in Varney the Vampire are pretty bland Flora and her fianc Charles Holland fill the hero and heroine rolls to perfection even desiring no harm upon the being that almost took away the sanity of said girl despite his many many crimes The only exceptions to the rule are Admiral Bell and his best friendservant Jack Pringle Their constant arguments and expressions were a much welcome relief even if later they also got a bit tedious But even after everything I said before one has to keep in mind that this book was published as a series a penny dreadful It was meant to entertain and amuse through short chapters and it s kind of unfair to judge it by today s standards It does manage to engage the attention and with heavy HEAVY editing it could have been a memorable vampire tale I hope to finish It one day and tell you how the story of Varney the Vampire or the Feast of Blood ends

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They decipher the strange letter left by old Marmaduke Bannerworth that seems to promise so muchVarney the Vampyre is one of the greatest of the Victorian penny romances by one of its finest exponents the inimitable James Malcolm Rymer First serialised between and it is one of the world's most enjoyable reads It is also the Vampire or MOBI #244 one of the major sources for Stoker's later masterpiece Dracula.. And so it ends and I m thankfullDon t get me wrong it s an interesting story dotted with british humour but there s too much in it Well everything is in it All the clich s Dracula and Frankenstein sailors and pirates gambling and murder nightime stolling to shallow graves kidnapping lies and deceiving you name it But in the end all of these plot twists are too much and yes it does resemble a modern soap opera It s my first attempt at a penny dreadful novel not bad but not great either

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    God my brain If you read this in the right mood it can be hilarious but this is one hell of a slog for something that bears little resemblance to modern vampires and doesn't have plot holes it has plot subways I'm not even going to try to synopsize this but just list the charactersFlora Bannerworth The chick Varney wants to suck her blood t

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    Full title according to the cover of the first issue of this penny dreadful novel “Varney the Vampire or the Feast of Blood A Romance of Excit

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    I read this potboiler in this edition when I was an undergraduate a very very long time ago and have always had a yen to revisit it I was pleasa

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    Evokes gothic atmosphere maybe with three sentences overall the first chapter is alright Varney's interesting in theory as

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    Very very poorly structured Would be better as a collection of short stories Was very bored after the second 'episode' Skipped a lot of it Backstory of vampire insufficiently developed If you want a backstory make it proper Ending unsatisfactory too Episodes repetitive and annoying I would say that it had a lot of potential in ter

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    I have to admit upfront that I didn’t finish this book I plan to someday but right now all I really want is to put as much distance between me and Varney The breaking point was getting to the end of my kindle ve

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    I read a free download and only because I'd heard it was perhaps the first genuine vampire novel from the early 19th century Nobody even seems to be sure who actually wrote it in those magazine serialized penny dreadful days of pay by the word OK it's bad It's really really really bad But if you can download it for free dip into it now and then giggle and put it away again It's wellfriendly I mean the vampire isn't a

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    And so it ends and I'm thankfullDon't get me wrong it's an interesting story dotted with british humour but there's too much in it Well everything is in it All the clichés Dracula and Frankenstein sailors and pirates gambling and murder nightime stolling to shallow graves kidnapping lies and deceiving you name it But in the end all of these plot twists are too much and yes it does resemble a modern soap opera It's my first att

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    It took me ages to finish this book which is reputedly longer than War and Peace Gone with the Wind combined Yet it's a rewarding slog

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    I think I bought the Kindle edition of this for about a pound a while back and then forgot about it As I had a cold a few weeks ago I decided that I needed to read something that reuired minimal neural activity and picked this As I started to feel better I became mildly annoyed to realise that the Kindle edition has an error in its page count and I has therefore accidentally committed myself to reading 1966