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Gloria Steinem writer activist organizer and on the MOBI #243 one of the most inspiring leaders in the world now tells a story she has never told before a candid account of how he 4 very high stars I loved reading this book It s a bit disorganized and chaotic but it s full of great anecdotes thoughtful ideas on activism and engagement and uotable bits and pieces I came to this book thinking of Steinem as an icon of American feminism but someone I didn t actually know much about The experience of reading My Life on the Road made me sit up and pay attention And not because Steinem delivers a specific political message or because she builds herself up as a heroic figure but because in fact she does the very opposite She has written a down to earth book about places she s been people she s met and what s mattered to her over the years She starts with a chapter describing her father and his inability to stay put in one place As a kid at times she traveled with him and at other times she stayed behind with her mother But she speaks of her father with love understanding and respect and a deep gratitude for his kindness And this seems to inform her approach to activism and people throughout her life The book consists of a few chapters loosely organized around Steinem s travels mostly in the US and the many many people she has met and spoken to and their stories She describes conversations with taxi drivers flight attendants college students at elite colleges and college students at low income state schoolstruck drivers waitresses and many others There s also a chapter dealing with her time on the road campaigning for different political candidates including a great segment of the ClintonObama face off And through these stories and anecdotes she conveys her observations about injustices she has seen surprising connections with people and sources of strength and change There s an underlying joy and wonder and respect for people There s a fearlessness about being in difficult situations and engaging with people that I found really moving And mostly there are many really good stories about the people she has met in her travels how they have touched and inspired her In a way this book is the opposite of what one might expect from an icon it s not about Steinem and her achievements but rather about other people and how they have inspired her Which I found very inspiring Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy


My Life on the Road

Andem with the growth of an ongoing movement for euality This is the story at the heart Life on the PDF #206 of My Life on the RoadIncludes an introduction read by Gloria Steinem I want to be Gloria Steinem when I grow upI went to a women s college for my undergraduate degree and while I have a lot of complaints about the particular experience I had one thing I appreciated was the communal existence I didn t live in a dorm but it didn t matter the classes were small there was relatively open communication between the students and the professors you could basically just walk into any professor s office and take a seat and chat for a while The classes for the most part had a conversational tone to them which means sometimes you learned without realizing you were learning There s a magic in thatSince I graduated I haven t had uite the same experience in any other part of my life where groups of women get together and talk about their lives or their beliefs or how they feel just walking down the street I work primarily with women and yet we don t have those conversations No one really talks about what it s like to be a woman besides the coworker who recently is trying to get us all to buy these cami things from her friend s business because they re comfortable than bras or something and yet the environment is so very much female We ve all had very different experiences in life and yet no one really talks about it about the one thing that we all have in common in spite of our differences the fact that we are womenReading Gloria Steinem s book made me miss that sense of community She talked about things I always want to discuss with people but others don t always want to have those talks and still there s often this overriding This is how it is tone to those discussions that might come upAt 81 years of age Steinem is still uite the firecracker I ve always especially appreciated her because she s a relatively uiet source of strength She may not always have been the most verbal she gets anxious in public speaking situations and yet she says so much that I either already agree with or hadn t uite thought out myself yet or didn t realize I already agreed withIn this book she talks about her life on the road She grew up in a nomadic environment and for so long on the road was home for her Her way of rebelling against that was wanting to one day own a home and have a stable place to land but she found herself just as much on the road as an adult as she had been as a child She felt comfortable there without even realizing it and the existence works for her She spent time trying to reconcile that in her mind where is home what is home how can one feel at home without actually being a traditional home I love the way she discusses the various ways one can be on the road whether traveling to other countries within one s own country or just within one s own town She is a non driver as am I and says that adventure begins the moment you leave your doorI adore thatShe writes in a conversational anecdotal tone that is very engaging and enjoyable to read She is the friend everyone wishes they have She s down to earth but has this wealth of experience from a lifetime of traveling and learning and sharing those experiences with other like minded people It makes me want to find that in my world now than ever in a way that I didn t even uite realize I was missing since graduation until just recently partly in thanks to Ms SteinemSo yeah I do want to be Gloria Steinem when I grow up The good news is she made me feel like I already am

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R early years led her to live an on the My Life MOBI #224 road kind of life traveling listening to people learning and creating change She reveals the story of her own growth in t 35 Grew up hearing about this amazing woman reading MS magazine and cheering her on from afar Yet never knew the personal details of her life what made her whom she is nor how she came to be such a staunch advocate for many whom had few rights This book filled that in for me and I loved reading about her early life somewhat surprising and how she started in her career Her life on the road the many people she met her stay in India and the many well known people she has met Little incidents and big moments The convention in Houston that for her was life altering What she has done and what she has accomplished is truly amazingLoved the candidness of her writing the good and the bad but there was a serious lack of organization in this book and some repetitiveness My nerdy brain had a hard time overcoming this Still this book is very much worth reading and what bugged me may not phase you at all We owe woman like Steinem a debt of gratitude women who fought hard for a long time with slow or no results But without them where would we be

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    4 very high stars I loved reading this book It's a bit disorganized and chaotic but it's full of great anecdotes thoughtful ideas on activism and engagement and uotable bits and pieces I came to this book thinki

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    Wow this was uite the read Steinem starts by talking about her early upbringing which I found not only surprising but fascinating From there she is all over the map uite literally It's like sitting down with an old friend as she recounts important life events Often the events had no particular order yet they all held my full atten

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    There are so many good stories in this book This memoir focuses on Steinem's travels around the world and her political and

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    35 Grew up hearing about this amazing woman reading MS magazine and cheering her on from afar Yet never knew th

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    A note about the audiobook I started listening to this one and it wasn't uite grabbing me The text was falling flat for some reason and my mi

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    Editor Ms Steinem we think it's time you wrote another bookGloria Steinem Hmm It's all been fairly extensively mined Oh but I do have a couple of good stories about taxi ridesEditor That sounds good Maybe we could devote a chapter

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    4 stars “You're always the person you were when you were born You just keep finding new ways to express it” I

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    I want to be Gloria Steinem when I grow upI went to a women's college for my undergraduate degree and while I have a lot o

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    Reading this lively memoir of the

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    The understated prose may make this seem like a light volume of reminiscences but it demonstrates her main point you have to listen If you listen to everyday people not politicians or pundits you can see what is

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