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Ce at the front is often just a brief encounter a kiss goodbye with the hopes of meeting again after the war is over Some of the airwomen meet soldiers fall in love and marry only to find themselves widowed not long afterwards that is the way of life on the front linesThe daredevils of Night Witches Russian Combat Pilots Epubthe all woman night bombing regiment fly between and missions a night in any kind of hazardous weather conditions Many of them receive the ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’ award the country’s highest honor some posthumously for their awe inspiring bravery These courageous young aviators the only women combat night bombers of WWII play a significant role in defeating the German invaders and driving them out of their beloved Russia..

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The Night Witches Russian Combat Pilots WWII Heroines of the Soviet Union

The Night WitchesCombat Witches Russian PDFEPUB #192 Pilots WWIIHeroines of the Soviet UnionBy Emma GeeEager young Russian women pilots some of them still teen agers fearlessly fly night bombing missions at the Russian front They fly outdated Polikarpov Po open cockpit biplanes converted to bombers These courageous night bomber crews drop their payload of bombs relentlessly on the German invaders during the Great Patriotic War of Russiaduring WWII While caught in the blinding searchlights they face the overwhelming superiority of the Messerschmitt fighter planes of the German Luftwaffe along with the endless barrage The Night Kindle of the enemy anti aircraft guns on every sortieAt first the Russian Military turned away the young female volunteers t.

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Elling them to go home and help their mothers but as the German invasion of Russia Night Witches Russian Combat Pilots Epubprogresses they accepted the female pilots to train as combat pilots As the war rages on the courageous women demonstrate their resolve their male counter parts respectfully refer to the highly decorated airwomen of the night bomber regiment as their ‘brave little sisters’To the German soldier they are the Nachthexen the dreaded ‘Night Witches’ because of the uiet swoosh Night Witches Russian MOBI #9734 of the silenced engines of the Po biplanes which reminds them of the swooshing sound of a witches broom flying through the air The constant harassment bombing in the dead of the night leave the Germans with little restRoman.

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    Interesting insight into the night witches which is an amazing part of WW2 but it read like a poorly written high school essay I had a hard time getting through it

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    I was disappointed in this book First I thought it was based on real people real facts At the end in the Author's Notes I read that all the characters are fictional Second the writing is poor At first I thought it was because of poor editing but it's than that It's as if this was the author's first attempt at writing a book Thirdly the plot line continues after the war but doesn't add any value to the WWII events or t