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Once unmasked can beauty love the beast My name is Lena Seagull I should still be in school hanging out with friends meeting boys falling in love just like you But on my eighteenth birthday my father sold me Now those are yesterday's dreamsMy home is now a. BONUS EPILOGUE AT BOTTOM OF MY REVIEW Disfigured Love stand alone Masked Billionaire recluse Guy Hawk purchases a young Beauty to satisfy his kinky desires She would be my pet A human pet To do with as I pleased Disfigured Love is an erotic modern day take on Beauty and the Beast very much told in the fairytale spiritBillionaire Guy Hawk has a disfigured hand and face but most of all a broken soul and spirit He still feels anger and guilt towards the event that caused his disfigurement details to unfold with story In a moment of weakness and sexual frustration he signs up with modern day sex slave site but none of their slaves interest him until he spots young beauty Lena Seagull The story then offers a flashback into Lena s abusive upbringing in remote Russia before her father sold her After the auction Lena is smuggled from Russia into England and to her new owner She arrives at a rundown remote haunted castle with a spars but friendly staff Their first meeting with Guy brings conflicted emotions for both Lena is blindfolded and strapped to a bed as Guy has his way with her very roughly I might add Lena is hurt but he also brought her pleasure Guy was sated but had a hard time staying detached and afterwards feels remorseBut with time much thanks to Lena s warm positive and outgoing spirit she wraps the staff and Guy around her finger Their nights are filed with ecstasy and pleasure Guy promises her freedom after one year in captivity but before their year is over their lives are rocked by secrets lies deceit tragedy and unspoken love In all their adversity will they find the way to each other s hearts or forever be shackled to their pasts I realized then that I would never win this game I would never reign over her Eight words to describe Guy Hawk Broken conflicted flawed self depraving caring commanding reclusive and enigmatic The hawk s prey is the seagull Seven words to describe Lena Seagull Optimistic relentless spirited na ve caring loyal and strongDisfigured Love is a fast paced and at times emotional love story It has the feel good fairytale vibe to it and all the ingredients the presence of good and evil tragedy and hope love and hate yearning and rejection It s an erotic awaking for Lena and the nudge for Guy s soul and Lena s spirit to seek their happily ever after I d welcome an extended epilogue which Georgia Le Carre has already promisedSpell binding story telling Off the charts sex scenes Modern day fairytale with a twist plot Loved it I thought I was holding on tight but she had slipped out like sand Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 45 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 45 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 45 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NA beta copyOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this book YesWould I re read this book YesWould I read future books by this author Yes BETA copy provided to me by author Georgia Le Carre in exchange for honest feedback review BONUS EPILOGUE This epilogue will be included in books sold after December 12th 2014 But Georgia Le Carre wanted this epilogue to be available to all readers Wait to click on spoiler until AFTER you have read Disfigured Love Enjoyview spoiler I opened the tall door and uickly slipping in with Ceba closed it against the cold wet wind I hung up my thick coat and taking a brown towel hanging on a hook briskly rubbed Ceba s underside and legs We had been to the graveyard and he had run along the riverGetting down on my haunches next to him I said in Russian Paw He lifted a paw and I rubbed the muddy pad clean OK all done I said and putting down his last leg looked into his brown eyesHe pushed his face closer to mine and I felt his hot breath on my cheek Without warning he suddenly licked my ear Laughing I hugged his big furry neck God I love you I whispered That was when he made that sound that he only made when he was alone with me Like a human baby I tightened my hold around his neck before I stood up Let s go find Auntie Sofia I said and we walked into the great hall together I paused in front of the large vase of lilies They had only fully opened yesterday and their scent was overpowering I drew their heady perfume in and thought of that sad woman who had appeared out of the mist to urge me to hold on Lilies had been Meredith s favorite flowers They were the last invisible connection between Guy and his dead wife A nostalgiaOne night when we were lying in bed Guy turned to me and I saw the remnants of a distant pain flickering in his eyes It made my heart ache for him Then he told me that he had grown up an orphan trapped in a brutally uncaring and corrupt system where children were commodities He had run away from its crushing dehumanizing fist determined to make it in the big wide world At sixteen he secured the menial job of mailroom boy but he was so desperate for success that he worked harder and longer than anyone else he knew He hardly slept and used his meager wages to put himself through night school It paid off and he began to rise up in the ranks One afternoon he looked up from his lunch in the caf across the road and caught Meredith s eye She was the boss s daughter He was twenty three and she was thirty five but she fell madly in love with him On his part he was overwhelmed by the sudden grand simplicity of real wealth that she represented Seen from her privileged eyes his past with its grinding poverty and humiliation became as charming an eccentricity as the story of a lord who lost his eye to a tiger in India And he thought This is what it means to be truly rich To be rescued forever from the pettiness of embarrassment The rich could do anything with impunityThey got married and she provided the financing for his first business venture He never looked back for The business grew from strength to strength She was my best friend he told me his voice soft and hurt I will never forget what she did for me or stop being grateful to her There was only one promise she asked of me He blinked A shadow of a memory no sooner there than gone If ever I wanted someone else I shouldn t go behind her back I should let her go first And I kept my promise until you came Then it was impossible I touched his arm I don t think she held that against you She wanted you to be happy I know She was a kind woman I walked away from the lilies toward the Christmas tree twenty foot tall and filled with twinkling lights and silver decorations It was magical in its beauty For some odd reason a vivid memory of Misty laughing as she tied a candy cane to a branch flashed into my mind How strange I hardly ever thought of her any But the memory brought a dull pain I had trusted her Never saw the venom for what it was Naively I had counted her as a friend I pushed the pain of her betrayal into some dark recess Some part of me belonged to her Just as a part of me belonged to Nikolai my father and my mother I guess we always belong to the people who have hurt us badly or been badly hurt by usAs if he felt my sudden sadness Ceba put his cold nose into my palm I m not really sad That was another lifetime ago I told him softly We walked away from the tree and I ran lightly up the stairs Ceba keeping pace I knocked on Sofia s door and she called for me to enterShe was sitting at the window and there was an open book next to her She smiled at me She was much changed so much better than she had looked when I saw her again that night than a year ago but that well of sadness inside her had never dried Always I saw it glinting in her eyes It was months before she spoke about the terrible terrible things she had suffered Even now it made my hair stand on end to think of the inhuman things they did to her I smiled at her Are you all right Yes You ve been out walking It was cold but good She smiledI went deeper into the room and knelt in front of her Will you come to the party with us tonight She shook her head Why not It ll be fun It s Christmas Eve I said enthusiasticallyShe lowered her head Next year Next year I will be ready I hid my disappointment All right Promise you will come next year I promise I leaned forward and kissed her cheek It smelled faintly of patchouli soapGently I stroked her hair She was the last bit of family I had I love you you know she whispered Me too Sofia Me too I whispered back Unshed tears made her eyes glimmer in the leaden light of noon What are you going to wear tonight I don t know yet Maybe something black No it s the festive season Why don t you wear your new red dress OK I smiled Good You look very beautiful in it I ll come and see you before we leave Yes do that she said and kissed my cheek softlyI left her room and went to mine It didn t take me long to bathe and change into the red dress I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself Sofia was right It was a lovely dress I stared into my own eyes They seemed sadWhen I first arrived back here I used to wake up in a terrible panic For those few seconds of terror I wasn t sure if I had dreamed it all That in fact there was no Guy or Sofia or Ceba Then my mind registered the silky tangle of Guy s and my limbs or his body pressed against mine warm and solid And I would reach out a trembling hand and begin to search for his claw Strangely it had become agonizingly precious to me far than his beautifully repaired face That claw alone holds the memory of his pain and mine In the mirror my hands lifted up to brush my hair and I saw the tiny white scar on the inside of my upper arm where the chip had been Sofia carried the same scar The sight affected me oddly Again I lingered on the verge of tears I brushed my hair slowly smoothed the red dress over my hips and slipped into a pair of high heels Guy and I had been invited to join the Barringtons for dinner Blake was old money from an old banking family and Lana was just a sweetheart I didn t know what Guy had told them but the first time she met me she walked up to me and enveloped me in her arms When she pulled away from me she firmly declared We ll be the best of friends you ll see And she was rightI left the mirror and going to the bed sat on the edge of it and did what I had avoided doing all day I thought of my father sitting alone in his cold dusty house eating sunflower seeds and I wondered why he had done it What had possessed him to destroy us all so wantonly Suddenly Ceba got up and ran down the corridor At the end of it I heard him jump on Guy and the mad greeting that followed I stood up slowly and waitedWhen Guy appeared at the door the heavy sadness that had followed me all day vanished and I experienced a rush of pure joy that he was mine I swallowed the lump in my throat His face changed He came forward with a frown What s the matter Nothing I m just so happy He took me in his arms and we kissed The kiss was tender and slow and tears filled my eyesHe took my chin in his hand What is it my darling Instantly I reached for his claw and held it within my hands Nothing I m just so happy I ve got you He gazed at me intently You might as well tell me now You ll have to eventually I looked deep into his eyes Into the warm colors gold green whiskey all mingling together Did he know No of course he didn t He just knew that something was different I m pregnant For some seconds he did nothing Simply stared at me with a stunned look in those beautiful eyes And then his powerful arms came around me and suddenly I was lifted up into the air With a cry of pure delight he began to twirl me round and round until I was laughing and uite dizzy Oh baby oh baby he said He seemed so young Happier than I had ever seen him My mind became a camera that snapped pictures of him Ones that I would treasure forever He put me down suddenly his face watchful Are you happy about it he asked His voice was guarded and almost fearfulMy mouth softened Yes very You don t seem very happy I read that the first thing an abused child will do is to change the balance of power They will seek to become the abuser What if I become like my father I whispered I could feel myself begin to trembleHis face lit up with a huge smile Oh my darling darling Lena That may be true of some but never of you Never You are nothing like your father There is not a cruel bone in your body Look at the way you treat Ceba Do you really believe that I asked but as if by magic the dark clouds were already dissipating You will be a wonderful mother There is nothing I am sure of he said firmly and pulled me tight against his bodyI tilted my head up at him and smiled happily Is that an erection you have there Mr Hawke He grinned half sheepishly half wolfish You are wearing red Got a thing for red huh And green and blue and yellow Come to think of it any color would do the trick if you were wrapped up inside it he drawled his thumb stroking over the pulse in my wrist I like that I said huskily What this he asked innocently and lifting my wrist licked it Hunger flared in his smoky eyes Mmm My eyes fluttered closed Whatever you want All you have to do is ask I opened my eyes If it is a boy can we call him Niko Nothing would make me happier And the tears that had threatened to spill they fell over then But these were not the tears from this afternoon These were tears of ecstasyHe held me close until the tears were spent I love you so much it hurts Forever He put his hand on my belly Forever Whatever it is we will face it together That much I promise you Lena Hawke hide spoiler

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Remote castle And the man who owns me I have never seen himGuy Hawke keeps his face hidden under a mask At first I knew only fear but now his voice and touch make me unashamedly want him Each night his hired help blindfolds me and takes me to his room He. I am a sucker for beauty and the beast stories This one was good although I could have gone without a thing or two Just saying I read the first 75% with my heart in my throat and then next thing I know The end It was a little rushed at the end and I would ve loved an epilogue

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Whispers that I am beautiful and we have wild torrid sex When I awaken he is always goneHe and his castle hold dark secrets that I must unravel but what he fears most being unmasked is my deepest desireWill either of us survive the conseuences of my desire. 5 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST starsthis was a modern fairytale based on my fave classic fairytales ever Beauty and the Beastyes i am sappy yes I am lame and cheesy right nowand it was so fuckin beautiful and romantic I even shared a tear Fuck me i criedLena Seagull and Guy Hawke couldn t be opposite people and yet they were the sametwo souls shattered by the circumstances of life and were miraculously or destinly brought togetherLena was prepared for hardship was brought up that way was supposude to be broken and demolished by her own kin and yet her spirit was so strong and free as a bird I guess and she kept her inner freedomshe was beyond the horror she went through and when her life was sold to the highest bidder for sexual pleasure she didn t falter she took it all inshe was brave and inner strong even if she wasn t aware of ither bidderhmmmMr Guy Hawke he was disfigured physically but he has let the horrid tissue to spread inside and the superficial ugliness took over his soul his mind his whole lifeHe was eaten by his personal tragedy and was going through everyday helluntil his eyes saw the connectionthe hopethe innocence that died in him long time agoand he cling to it like a drowning man onto a straw You belong to me From the moment I saw your photo I knew Lena was his salvationhis distraction his empathyhis second chanceBUT he was still bond to the horrid pastand was affraid to let goto LIVE againso when his secret was out Lena was sent away from himBUT only to be protected and taken care offrom himfrom the shadows I never abandoned you Lena Though it might have seemed to you I had You were always mine There was not one moment when you ceased to be mine Not one stray moment when I was not there with you watching you protecting you guiding you back to me and that is not where the story endsit really ends with the FIRST true love s KISSmy God I really enjoyed this storyyes it is an old one as would Celine Dion lovely put it in words Tale as old as timeTrue as it can beBarely even friendsThen somebody bendsUnexpectedlyJust a little changeSmall to say the leastBoth a little scaredNeither one preparedBeauty and the BeastTale as old as timeTune as old as songBittersweet and strangeFinding you can changeLearning you were wrong the transformation was less physical amd emotional one which is the whole pointwe all slip from time to time in this supeficial society that gloryfies the external beauty even Lena is subdued to it BUT she used it only as a means to an endshe never changed insidebut not all of us are THAT strong or sure of ourselves many think that they would be regarded as better or smart or whatever if they are beautiful by society s standardsand that always pisses me off cause we are NOTthe same we don t look the same we don t think or act the sameor at least we shouldn t we are uniue different colorful sacred and unspoiled in out inner beauty besides the beauty of another is in the eyes of a beholder You re too beautiful to be realFunny I was thinking the exact same thing about youAn expression of sadness crossed his face You re the Beauty here I am the Beast I brought you to my castle Kept you against your willYou were never the Beast You were always my heroI love you All of you Dont ever change LenaPlease don t ever fall out of love with meNothing can change the way I feel about youI love you Lena Seagull free as a bird

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    BONUS EPILOGUE AT BOTTOM OF MY REVIEW ★★★★★ Disfigured Love stand alone Masked Billionaire recluse Guy Hawk purchases a young Beauty to satisfy his kinky desires “She would be my pet A human pet To do with as I pleased” Disfigured Love is an erotic modern day take on Beauty and the Beast very muc

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    While I love a great dark story 'Disfigured Love' ended up being a disappointment for me It definitely had plenty of dark content but it failed to trigger much of an emotional response I never felt a strong connection to the main characters and the heroine's reactions seemed forcedLena Seagull grows up in an extremely abusive household in Russia Her father is a real bastard and her mother is the embodiment of Battered Wife Syndrom

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    “Disfigured Love” by Georgia Le Carre is a modern retelling after the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast” The story has a fairytale vibe even if it’s an erotic story and tells the story of Guy The Beast and Lena The Beauty Guy is a Billionaire who was disfigured in a tragic car accident He has half of the face disfigured wearin

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    5 Magical Dark Stars OMG this book was AMAZING I loved every part of it 3 I'm so sad now that it ended This is one of those books th

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    45 starsI loved this book Once again Georgia Le Carre has blown me away again with her fabulous writing and her p

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    I am a sucker for beauty and the beast stories This one was good although I could have gone without a thing or two Just saying I read the first 75% with my heart in my throat and then next thing I know The end It was a little rushed at the end and I would've loved an epilogue ❤️

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    5 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST starsthis was a modern fairytale based on my fave classic fairytales ever Beauty and the Beastyes i am sappy yes I am lame and cheesy right nowand it was so fuckin' beautiful and romantic I even shared a tear F

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    5 Beautiful Beast StarsI loved this book When I first saw this I was like I need this book because this sounds great I loved beauty and the beast though I wanted him to always stay the beast and not turn back to a pretty boy and I just couldn't wait to get started I really needed this one to work for me since the previo

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    I acknowledge that I am likely just being super sensitive since this is just fiction and it’s meant to be a “dark” romance but I just couldn’t get past the human trafficking part of the story Guy Hawke the main char

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    2 I don't feel the romance starsI felt that the hero Guy Hawke background was not well developed Apart from a mentioned of a car accident I don't know anything about him at all The rough sex and degrading talk didn't bother me but it felt too much like 'wham bam thank you madam' kinda sex I don't felt the connection between the couple Unlike Tax Draconi and Jameson Kane these two men mastered the degrading talk that can make you wet and t