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In the digital age photography confronts its future under the competing signs of ubiuity and obsolescence While technology has allowed amateurs and experts alike to create high uality photographs in the blink of an eye new electronic formats have severed the original photochemical link between image and subject At the same time recent cinematic photography has stretched the concept of photography and raised uestions about its truth value as a documentary medium Despite this si.

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Tuation photography remains a stubbornly substantive form of evidence referenced by artists filmmakers and writers as a powerful emblem of truth photography has found its home in other media at precisely the moment of its own material demise By examining this idea of photography as articulated in literature film and the graphic novel Daguerreotypes demonstrates how photography secures identity for figures with an otherwise unstable sense of self Lisa Saltzman argues that in man.

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Y modern works the photograph asserts itself as a guarantor of identity whether genuine or fabricated From Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner W G Sebald’s Austerlitz to Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home we find traces of photography’s “fugitive subjects” throughout contemporary culture Ultimately Daguerreotypes reveals how the photograph at once personal memento and material witness has inspired a range of modern artistic and critical practices..