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Gaven Kerr provides the first book length study of St Thomas Auinas's much neglected proof for the existence of God in De Ente et Essentia Chapter He offers a contemporary presentation interpretation and defense of this proof beginning with an account of the metaphysical principles used by Auinas and then describing how they are employed within the proof to establish the existence of God Along the way Kerr engages contem.

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Auinass Way to God

S with analytical precision Kerr is able to move through the proof and evaluate what Auinas is saying and whether what he is saying is trueBy means of an analysis of one of Auinas's earliest proofs Kerr highlights a foundational argument that is present throughout the much commonly studied Thomistic writings and brings it to bear within the context of analytical philosophy showing its relevance to the contemporary reader.

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Porary authors who have addressed Auinas's Auinass Way PDFEPUB or or similar reasoningThe proof developed in the De Ente is on Kerr's reading independent of many of the other proofs in Auinas's corpus and resistant to the traditional classificatory schemes of proofs of God By applying a historical and hermeneutical awareness of the philosophical issues presented by Auinas's thought and evaluating such philosophical issue.

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    A clear and thorough examination of Auinas' proof for God in De Ente et Essentia With plenty of examples and reference to modern physics Hawking et al Kerr's book elucidates Auinas' thought on existence and its relationship to God I found his account of the non contradiction between saying the universe had no b

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