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Faye Parker Ù 3 read

Will revolutionize their playing style has the main ingredient of milk but not just any milk human milk If Coach gets his way it’ll be Brandy’s breasts that will produce all the milk for the team and as Brandy soon l.

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The Teams Milking Cow

Brandy will do anything for the team When the head coach approaches her telling her that the football team needs help and that she’s the only one who can help them Brandy jumps at the opportunity The sports drink that.

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Earns Coach always gets The Teams MOBI #224 what he wants The Team’s Milking Cow is a word erotic romance involving a girl with enlarged lactating breasts offering up her services to a hungry coach and his football tea.

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    Wow this was a hot story about a coach and the head of the cheerleaders doing everything to let their team winThe way she is changing is so hot the troubles she seem so realThe coach enjoying her and her milk is so sexyI thought with the tittle of the book there would be some interaction with the whole team but this way it worked for me tooHave to say I am not sure of the ending of the book the conclusion Why not give

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    This is an ok readWhile this book isn’t very deep there is a beginning middle and and end The heat is t too hot and the story moves uick Not a very satisfying story though

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