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He sea controlling the destiny of ill fated shipsOn an unusual foggy night in Belinda sees an image out in the sea a ship of years ago with soaring beige sails flapping like bird’s wings She hears a ship’s lonely bell tolling and begins her descent into the misty vapor climbing down the steep rocky cliff to help th.

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Whispering Fog

WHISPERING FOGOne fall night a mystifying fog captures a young girl from the th century and a captain of an old sailing ship from the th century bringing them togetherBelinda Brady a young girl who lives next to a soaring old lighthouse becomes a part of an old seafaring tale a tale of a whispering fog a monster from t.

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E ship’s crew She loses her footing on the slick rocks falling literally into the whispering fogDid the story end that night for Belinda when she fell down the cliff or was it a dream of a young girl On foggy nights fishermen out in the sea have heard an old ship’s bell tolling and voices whispering Belinda’s nam.