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Irls seduced Gods are enslaved and Cyclops get frisky as they and a host of other exotic creatures and divinities are all encountered in this continuing erotic epic No Nymph's tunic will remain dry nor Satyr's toga stay flat as they read this amazing action packed femdom teasing tale Warning Adults Only This book contains explicit sexual imagery and is intended for ADULTS ONLYTags Femdom CFNM Foot Fetish BDSM Female Domination Fantasy

Download The Goddesses Take Control Aphrodites Curse #2

The Goddesses Take Control Aphrodites Curse #2

Poor Demetrius still on his uest to overturn Take Control ePUB #180 Aphrodite’s Curse things aren’t getting any easier for him in The Goddesses MOBI #224 book Still forced to be permanently naked and perpetually chaste he is highly motivated to overcome any obstacle Goddesses Take Control MOBI #238 to finally obtain sweet relief for his aching overripe plums Encountering Ishtar the Babylonian Goddess of Love his troubles Goddesses

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Take Control Aphrodites Curse PDFEPUBonly increase as each interaction with a new God brings mixed results Demetrius is not the only male in trouble on Olympus as the beautiful Graces the alluring Muses and all of the other sexy and delicious Goddesses finally put their lovely feet down and exert their own divine will over their wayward men The God’s may rule Olympus but the Goddesses rule the GODS Nymphs run wild Demon Possessed G

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    Although he's moved up the hierarchy from demigods to goddesses the story does not change; Lick feet lick snatch missionary move onto the next girl The book was long but each scene lasted no than 20 pages it was an extremely fast paced book lacking in detail

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