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And they’re not going toThat is until his meddling agent Niall organizes a ‘research’ trip for he and Zayn to go on a deep sea expedition with Liam and his deranged scientist colleagues Harry and LouisZayn thought he couldn’t possibly be afraid of the oceanHe was wron.

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Bioluminescent Vampire Suid

AU in which Marvel Comics writer Zayn Malik has a phobia of water so intense he can’t even Bioluminescent Vampire Epubget in a bath Of course he’s willing to reconsider that statement on the condition that ridiculously attractive Marine Biologist Liam Payne is in the bath.

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With himWhich probably won’t happen They may have been exchanging increasingly flirty emails for months and Zayn might be half way in love with him and he may have named the main character in his new comic series after him but that doesn’t mean anything They’ve never met.

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    Yay for the lazy bullet points It's been a while bullet points Let's pretend dashes are bullet points because it sounds coolerThis is a fic where Niall knows everything; Liam is an excited Labrador puppy not literally; Zayn is weirdly understated in a way that is not his usual ruggedly handsome man of mystery one; Louis is spiteful and lacks wit; Harry's personality is exaggerated and unrelatableUps and downs

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    Pure gold I adore shy Zayn and the comic was amazing I was in it emotionally and have reread it many times Some of the best fanfiction I’ve read and let me tell you I’ve read a lot