characters Haramirus 2012 Breeding Erotica í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB

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Read & Download ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Ken Haramiru

InKen Haramiru wrote several uniue erotic stories focusing on impregnation and pregnancy His entire first year of writing is now available in one anthology A brief peek at what's insideProgenitor Women can't resist him but once he surrenders to their advances their wombs swell rapidly with eggs which they deliver in a matter of minutes Other women are compelled to insert the eggs carrying the fetuses within as a form of surrogacy to spread the next wave of human evolutionMerlin's Magic Wang A magical ring made by Merlin Haramirus 2012 MOBI #224 falls into a college student's hands who uickly learns that it's a portal into any woman he can clearly visualize The bad n.

Free download Haramirus 2012 Breeding Erotica

Haramirus 2012 Breeding Erotica

Pregnancy fetish and she's trying to get all her friends hired at his mansionCupid's Arr The Cupid division is about to be shut down because bows and arrows can't penetrate human hearts any St Michael recruits Clint Mauser a deceased Army arr to re euip the Cupids with guns But when he meets his partner the beautiful but damaged Bethany his own heart comes into uestionShe Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral A woman shows up to a funeral wearing a button up shirt in place of a dress and matters escalate until she seduces a man at the receptionKen's stories run the gamut from science fiction and fantasy to the Oh I wish I was there sexual encounter just around the corne.

Read & Download ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Ken Haramiru

Ews is that it's addictive and malevolent and he finds himself impregnating every woman he thinks of What ulterior motive does it have for him and can he stop Does he want toMorgan's Curse Cursed by Merlin a thousand years ago to walk the earth and change bodies every time she has sex and cursed with perfect fertility Morgan Le Fay leaps at the chance to take her revenge on her nemesis while he's weakened She hopes to break her curse by killing MerlinWinning the Genetic Lottery A bored trillionaire gives a billion dollars to a man who proposes a novel use for it he'll impregnate women than any man in history But one of his new staff has a secret she harbors a secret.