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Judy Christenberry Á 9 Summary

Very Their Little Christmas Miracle Anna and Sam Kearney were blissfully happy until they realised the baby they longed for just wasn’t coming Sam is back convinced they belong together and working together on Christmas Eve maybe there will be a little Christmas miracle for the.

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Cinderella and the Cowboy With her newborn and toddler in tow Elizabeth stepped onto the Ransom Homestead looking for the family she’d never had When the children’s grandfather welcomed them with open arms she was grateful but a blue eyed hard headed cowboy kept distracting h.

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Er The Boss’s Christmas Baby Tegan is supposed to be pretending to be her twin not sleeping with her sister’s sexy powerful boss The deception can’t last she’s falling for this ruthless tycoon How will James react when he discovers his mistress has a special seasonal deli.

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