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Erotica for the modern woman nine tales of the dangerous and divine   Prepare to stimulate your senses and explore the deepest longings of the human heart In Tremble Tobsha Learner the author of the international bestseller uiver d. I must admit I m really torn about this collection of short stories There were a couple that really held my interest and were uite thought provoking Then there were a few I had to skim because either they didn t grab me and at 400 pages I decided to only read the ones that did or they bothered meNo I m not a prude When I decide to review an erotica book I m not turning away in disgust at frank sexual depictions although I do blush occasionally However some of these intense scenes were about control than pleasure I don t want to give away any specifics but there was one creature that I found uite disturbing even though I wanted to know about the poor woman it used as its pawn Okay this review is vague and for that I apologize I think this book should have been split into two short story collections That way the reader could have had time to digest a few of the stories before reading the second book In a perfect world I would have read each story and put this collection down for several days and then picked it up again And I did want to pick it up again because the author has a captivating writing style and vivid imagination in these stories she covered many interesting geographic locations themes and times Rainmaker and Echo were my favorites because I found the characters and themes the most intriguing The author has a way of mixing erotica the mystical supernatural and a commentary on society Not what I was expecting but not a bad thingIf you like to read stories that challenge you and push you to think about things in a different light then this book will be a thought provoking addition to your library The short story format is nice because you can read it in snippets and then take time to really think about the deeper meanings It s just hard to take that time on a reviewer s schedule Note I received a complimentary copy for review purposes A positive review was not reuested or guaranteed the opinions expressed are my own

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Tremble author Tobsha Learner

By an outrageous inheritance a drought stricken Oklahoma town is offered salvation by a travelling rainmaker a Sydney record producer struggles to satisfy his wife and his mistress until one of them takes matters into her own hands.

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Epicts the pleasures of new and rediscovered love lust and obsession in a world where passion and magic are interwoven and where boundaries are pushed beyond expectation   In a Welsh village a young woman’s sensuality is awakened. Sometimes you don t want a long drawn out story you just want to be entertained for a short amount of time by a fair tale Some of the stories in this book are indeed better than others and some will horrify Its hard to reccomend a book of stories as not everyone will indeed like every story but if you are into erotic tales or tales with a moral you will find something to your liking in this book I did enjoy most of the stories

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    In this delicious collection of short stories there's everything from raging all consuming desire to the dark and sinister urges of humankind With fantastic and well detailed writing throughout and believable in depth characters this is not something to miss out on Received via NetGalley for my honest review Many thanks t

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    I received this book free from the Librarything Early Reviewer giveaway As will be immediately obvious this did not effect m

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    I must admit I'm really torn about this col

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    Where do I begin with this atrocity? This is a compilation of modern erotic tales Where was the erotic in this? I didn’t feel anything while reading them other thanWhat the fuck? A walking penis that you treat as a pet? A virgin n

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    Tremble was a tour de force of 9 erotic paranormalfantasy stories Each one was good in it's own right They are certainly well written and definitely put Tobsha Lerner's imagination on display Did I like every story? No but I felt they all had something to be praised whether it be humor whimsy or just the passion evoked Not for the faint of heart or those easily offended but probably a good fit for readers who like their erotica tempered wit

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    Sometimes you don't want a long drawn out story you just want to be entertained for a short amount of time by a fair tale So

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    ARC provided by NetGalleycom in exchange for a fair reviewAfter reading this uirky collection of Paranormal Erotica all I can say is that this collection is well worth the time and the money The one story that I believe will stick with me for s

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    Fantastic erotic fiction short stories Mythology based Some stories are mention previous 'chapter'

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    Probably the best collection of strange short stories I've read

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    Tobsha Learner certainly knows how to write a cracking good tale I'm not a short story fan by nature but this collection was something else entirelyGenre bending fiction with an eye for the bizarre and a taste for locations as far and as wide as this planet allowsGreat stuff if you're looking for something a bit differentHighly recommend for the adventurous reader

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