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Two stand alone novels in one downloadLanguage extreme violence adult Nanobot Aftermath PDF situations'Hard Road'Fast paced hard hitting actionThis is a Novel that details dangers that can exist in a post apocalyptic world It is a story that draws a line between good and evil In the aftermath of a plague and a limited nuclear exchange Jake Markett is traveling to a place of refuge in Georgia He attempts to avoid contact with a gang.

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Of anarchists led by John Saint but he is caught between a rock and a hard spot and is pushed into a war of attrition'Annie Higgins'Annie will warm your heart Annie will break your heartFast paced Aftermath action A real page turnerIt is the year The survivors of the plague and the limited nuclearexchange of are few and scattered This is the story of a group ofthese survivors who embark on a cross country journey from SpokaneWashi.

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Ngton to a civilized refuge in the state of Georgia Their caravanis attacked the men and boys are killed and the women and horses aretaken The task of rescuing the women falls on the shoulders ofthirteen year old Annie Higgins Annie is determined to reclaim hermother from the highwaymen no matter what the odds Annie is an amazingyoung girl Her careful planning her words of wisdom and her acts ofheroism will have you cheering for he.