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Ause I had an important surprise in store for him I knew he would understand – that was our code for one of our special sessions that could last the whole weekend if I were lucky John had very uickly called me back to say he was on his way home and would be here in about fifteen minutesI thought about waiting to cuff myself until I heard his car in the driveway but I wanted the anticipation I wanted to know what it would be like to wait there helpless in the darkness of the blindfold knowing that my lover was coming and that he would be able to do anything he wanted with me – anything at allThat’s why I had left the key on the nightstand instead of within reach of my cuffed hands – so that once I was handcuffed I wouldn’t have any choice I would be stuck until John came home and ravished meI been thinking about this moment all week and I was already raring to go After being tied up and helpless for fifteen minutes I knew I would be desperately horny and I was looking forward to sharing that with my wonderful husbandI took a deep breath and placed the black silk scarf carefully over my eyes making sure I couldn’t see a thing then tied it firmly.

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Carol has prepared a special surprise for Johnherself naked blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed waiting All Tied ePUB #192 for her husband to find and ravish herThere’s just one problem – John’s not coming home tonightTied and helpless Carol tries to get her hunky ex military neighbor to come and help her out Surely he would never take advantage of his sexy neighbor’s predicamentor would heThis erotic short story of approxwords contains hot kinky sex between a dominant older man and a hot young wife who’s gotten herself into a sticky situationEXCERPTI took one last look around the room There was still time to change my mindThe handcuffs were waiting for me where I’d left them at the head of the bed looped around the central metal bar of the bed frame The steel and chrome gleamed in the dim light that shone through the heavy curtains Another pair of silk scarves would have been comfortable or maybe some of those wide leather cuffs I had seen in the shop where I got the handcuffs – the ones that buckled around your wrist like a tiny leather belt But even if they would have been comfortable there’s something wonderfully absolute about handc.

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Uffs Nothing else would give me uite the same feeling of being bound and helpless and utterly at John’s mercy Besides scarfs and buckles would be easy enough to get out of if I wanted to and that would have been cheatingI had placed the handcuff key on my nightstand After I tied the blindfold over my eyes I would lie down arms above my head my naked body stretched down the middle of the bedThe scarves at my ankles kept my legs spread wide apart leaving me totally on display When I was ready I would find the handcuffs by feel then fasten them around my wristsI wanted John to find me like this – tied down blindfolded and helpless his to do with as he wished indulging his naughtiest desiresI’d been reading a series of books recently that featured some pretty kinky sex and a week or so ago the idea of tonight’s little game had snuck into my mind and just wouldn’t leave I kept thinking about it my imagination getting and detailed and elaborate fantasizing about all the things John would do to me and how it would feel to be totally helpless before himFinally I had given inI’d texted John earlier telling him it was important to come straight home bec.

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