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Ts the current thinking of academic and industry researchers and leaders from around the worldUsing non technical language this book is accessible to health care professionals who Data and Health ePUB #10003 might not have an IT and analytics background It includes case studies that illustrate the business processes underlying the use of big data and health analytics to improve health care deliveryHighlighting lessons learned from the case studies the book supplies readers with the foundation reuired for further specialized study in health analytics and data management Coverage includes community heal.

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Big Data and Health Analytics

Data availability is surpassing and Health Epub #181 existing paradigms for governing managing analyzing and interpreting health data Big Data and Health Analytics provides frameworks use cases and examples that illustrate the role of big data and analytics in modern health care including how public health information can inform health deliveryWritten for health care professionals and executives this is not Big Data Epuba technical book on the use of statistics and machine learning algorithms for extracting knowledge out of data nor a book on the intricacies of database design Instead this book presen.

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Th information information visualization which offers interactive environments and analytic processes that support exploration of EHR data the governance structure reuired to enable data analytics and use federal regulations and the constraints they place on analytics and information securityLinks to websites videos articles and other online content that expand and support the primary learning objectives for each major section of the book are also included to help you develop the skills you will need to achieve uality improvements in health care delivery through the effective use of data and analytics.

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