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Dick Powers â 8 Read

Ormones that scream one thing SEX Michael has his pick and one man catches his eye but the man Hard Gay Kindle is going to need some 'convincing' before he can go gay today Can Michael ignite the passion in his handsome target's pants Or will

Read & Download Hard Gay XXX #1

Hard Gay XXX #1

This book iswords in lengthOne wall to wall sexy hunk filled fire station One gay fireman The new hires are here and Michael is hornier than ever sexy new recruits have been living and breathing fire drills for months They are loaded with man h

Read & Download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF â Dick Powers

He end up with another man Find out withinDick powers brings you a promise in the form of a story One hot moist sexy story is waiting for you The uestion is Will you be able to handle the heat Come unload and relieve This is the fantasy for yo

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    This was pretty good Firemen are hotand with 2 hot for each other how bad could it be A horny fireman awaits the new recruits in hopes of hooking up with a hot young man One catches his eye but he decides to play it cool

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