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Natural Burial

Han sites and the concept has travelled to North America Holland Australia New Zealand and Japan This survey of natural burials draws on interviews with those involved in the natural burial process including burial ground managers celebrants priests bereaved family funeral directors providing a variety of viewpoints on the concept as a philosophy and landscape practice Site surveys design plans and case studies illustrate the c. All Night Long (Nannies, priests bereaved family funeral directors The Freeze-Frame Revolution philosophy and landscape The New-York Review, and Atheneum Magazine, Vol. 2 practice Site surveys design

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This book unravels the many different experiences meanings and realities of natural burial Twenty years after the first natural burial ground opened there is an opportunity to reflect on how a concept for a very different approach to caring for our dead has become a reality new providers new landscapes and a hybrid of new and traditional rituals In this short time the natural burial movement has flourished In the UK there are t.

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Hallenges involved in creating a natural burial site and a key longitudinal case study of a single site investigates the evolving nature of the practiceNatural Burial is the first book on this subject to bring together all the groups and individuals involved in the practice explaining the facts behind this type of burial and exploring a topic which is attracting significant media interest and an upsurge of sites internationally.

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