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The world’s Know Im MOBI #238 greatest erotica writer Kelly Leigh proudly presents Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Virgin – Incredibly hot sex stories featuring stepdaughters and their stepfathersTHE TOP EROTICA and ROMANCE BESTSELLING EROTICA AUTHORThis story contains adult themes such as bondage rough sex humiliation reluctant sex spanking and virgin sex It is intended for Daddy Doesnt eBook #214 mature readers who love their erotica to be hot steamy and roughSYNOPSISA rough and reluctant virgin sex encounter between stepdad and daughterEXTRACT“You deserve this don’t you Laurie” Daddy whispered – although his voice was clearly strained He was doing a good job of making himself appear to be composed and detached –.


Daddy Doesnt Know Im A Virgin

Nd began finger fucking me ruthlessly The sharp pain coursed through my body and made me shudder – but it uickly turned into pleasure as his fingers became slick and wet with my juices I let out a soft moan as his fingers slammed into me – I’d never felt anyone’s fingers up there besides my own and I was astonished at how good it felt Daddy certainly knew what he was doing You deserve the hottest erotica and you're getting the hottest erotica when you get Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Virgin Featuring erotic juicy scenes this book is guaranteed to keep you glued to your mobile device like nothing elseTold in Kelly Leigh's usual down and dirty style this tale is sure to pleaseScroll up and click buy now to start reading.

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But I Doesnt Know Im ePUB #180 could hear the underlying lust in his voice He wanted me He wanted my tight teenage pussy“Yyes” I managed in a small voice still yelping with pain as he spanked me “I deserve this”He grunted with appreciation as I affirmed what he’d said I couldn’t believe how wet my pussy was becoming Pretty soon he would be able to see my juices leaking down my inner thighs He would be able to see how much I wanted this – and then I didn’t dare think what he might do I was utterly at his disposal“You’re a naughty little slut Laurie” he continued tugging my panties to the side and revealing the glistening opening of my tight wet cunt Then without warning he stuffed his fingers inside me a.