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Own into their component parts and then explained with a uniue easy to understand step by step building block approach The book is enhanced by clear and precise diagrams a glossary and tables including the betting odds For any player who means to take the game seriously and wants to play well Backgammon is an indispensable guide This new edition of also inclu. THE classic book on Backgammon It was the first book that showed me that there was actually strategy and skill involved and not just the luck of the dice A must read for the serious Backgammon enthusiast

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Edition with a new foreword by Renee Magriel Roberts Backgammon is the most highly regarded work on the subject often referred to as The Bible of the game Written between and by Paul Magriel and Renée Magriel Backgammon was the first book to lucidly explain the inner workings and advanced positional play of the game The most important aspects are broken d. The best book about backgammon ever written

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Des a lively behind the scenes foreword by Renée Magriel Roberts that illuminates the man behind the name X and describes the creation of the book Having stood the test of time for over a uarter century Backgammon is still the best and most widely recommended and uoted standard instructional manual and reference work on the game for novice and expert alike. The backgammon bible Amen

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    Awesome improved my game significantly in a really short period of time Playing with software is a hard way to begin learning I always felt like I needed strategic guidelines This book provided that Even though some pieces are technically wrong or outdated at a very tactical level the reasoning behind everything really helps me see the big picture when I play now

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    The best book about backgammon ever written

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    Seht gute und vor allem lesbare Einführung in Konzepte und Tiefsinnigkeiten des Spiels Empfohlen somit all jenen die sich mit Backgammon eingehender beschäftigen wollen

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    Magriel's Backgammon is considered the bible of backgammon a foundation work that every backgammon player who does not wish to remain a beginner forever should readThis reputation is well deserved I really appreciated Magriel's concise to the point style and clear explanations Explained in as many words as are needed to get the point across but not any less He is not trying to be entertaining but rather informative without being

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    This was recommended as THE book to read on backgammon and I can see why Excellent explanation of strategy and tactics how to make the most out of your rolls It illustrates what to do and why I've read it once but need to read it over again

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    THE classic book on Backgammon It was the first book that showed me that there was actually strategy and skill involved an

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    Highly recommend for anyone playing the game or learning the game For anyone not yet playing the game; try it you'll like it

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    The backgammon bible Amen

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    Very good basic book about backgammon Little outdated today that's why I didn't give 5 stars

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