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Powerful women are his weakness Trouble is his strength Tyler Chambers doesn't have to look for trouble it finds him He is not happy when his assignment is switched from living a carefree life sailing around the South Pacific to working in a stressful environment in the cold wet climate of ScotlandThe last thing he wants is responsibility but his efforts to avoid it wind up impressing his boss Naval officer Darcy Novak and she does not impress easily Tyler is seduced by her position of p Charming and romcomyThat about sums up this book From the first two sentences to the last page it s filled with laughs sweet sentiments and just a warm and fuzzy story that ends with the guy getting the girl no one claim spoiler If you didn t see it comingwhy are you reading thisThis is a story told through the eyes of Second Class Petty Officer Tyler Chambers who starts off with some wry wit and womanizing ways then he inevitably gets his head turned by the right woman Is that a completely new story concept No Maybe if you ve been living under a rock But that said this is really a fun read that to boot also has enough plot turns to it to keep it interesting if romance isn t really your thingThis book also has a peculiar brand of humor or should I say that of Tyler In any case he s a likable no filter in the right place at the right time kind of guy I mean he can t get fired for the life of him to begin with then Well I ll avoid those spoilers but let s just say the guy practically always ends up lucky Novak on the other hand sometimes came of as the typical swoon type but other times she had some steel to her and certainly Tyler s inability to read her kept their dynamic out of the realm of boring Though I ll also admit that I wasn t super sold on the pairing to begin with but they grew on meOverall I liked this book it s not a deep and serious tale but in its lightheartedness it does have a few tidbits to think about like for example what life is like for women in the navy then for women in command or how knowing what you want makes a difference To ualify this book best I ll use a uote of Tyler s I impressed her by not trying to impress her Now that was impressive My sentiments of this book to a T but that said I d rate this a 45 though I have no ualms over rounding up to 5 stars It s just that funnysweetI would recommend this book to anyone who is in the market for a laugh and especially for someone who also wants some romance to that laugh But if you re looking for something mind blowing in any way shape or form definitely pass this one up This is really just a fun trip Oh And in case anyone is wondering no you don t have to read the other books in this series to enjoy this one

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Forbidden Trouble

Ome tough choices and a web of liesWanting the wrong woman turns out to be trouble than Tyler bargained for His work life fixing submarines is hectic but he must also fight forbidden desires while shunning a man eater Tyler you stole my heart You stuck up for me when I couldn't have You came to my rescue when others wouldn't have And you loved me when you shouldn't have All I can say isI'm glad you did Join Tyler as he weaves his way through trouble in Scotland and a Loch of Trouble   Shits and giggles This book was well written It kept me engaged from beginning to end This traditionally isn t a book that I would pick up myself but it was recommended by a good friend This friend never seems to disappoint Though I m not a fan of romantic novels this particular book was action packed and took many unsuspecting twists and turns At some point in the novel I became frustrated with the main character s shinanigans as he always seems to get into some crap The author definitely highlights how luck plays a huge part in his life Just as things begin to work In his favor his luck lands him in ever deeper crap Still somehow karma plays it s part and begins to works on his behalf to help him avoid irreversible conseuences I do love the way the author set up conflicts in the story and the way things tie together in the end If I ever did believe in the phrase shits and giggles this story is definitely it


Ower and changes his tactics aching for her attentionAs she gives him responsibility the relationship edges to being than just professional But they must fight their true feelings as their personal affection for one another is forbidden by Navy regulations uality Assurance Inspector and co worker Charlotte Kemp doesn't have the same code of ethics and uses her professional power for her own personal pleasure When her lust goes too far Tyler's world is thrown into chaos forcing him into s Forbidden Trouble is a book filled with humor misunderstandings some bad luck along with a great amount of romance I have read very few books written in an all male point of view But I enjoyed reading from Tyler s point of view because trouble really did seem to find him It seemed that anytime something good was going to happen he either said something to mess it up or another case of bad luck happened to him I really liked the key characters in this book My favorite was probably Billy Earl It seemed like any scene he was in I found myself laughing This really was a fun and lighthearted book to read The relationship between Tyler and Darcy is a forbidden relationship because of their positions in the Navy Despite that and some other troubles that arise the relationship between them really is special and beautifulForbidden Trouble is the final book in the Tyler s Trouble Trilogy Series However I think this book could be read as a stand alone book I really liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a light and funny romanceReview originally posted at

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    Charming and romcomyThat about sums up this book From the first two sentences to the last page it's filled with laughs sweet sentiment

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    What makes a man fall completely head over heels in love Well we get to see why in this amazing book told in a male’s POV This book was beautifully written with a strong voice a great blend of love and drama The dialog was witty and hilarious the characters fascinating and funnyTyler is moved from Hawaii to Scotland and is furious But he

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    I am absolutely ecstatic for all you to read this book I was thoroughly entertained all the way through It was refreshing to read a kind of story through a male's writing Forbidden Trouble has it all and then some It has humor drama

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    Forbidden Trouble is a book filled with humor misunderstandings some bad luck along with a great amount of romance I have re

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    Four Star ReviewForbidden Trouble is book three in the Tyler's Trouble Trilogy This book is full of humor and romance I have to say that it took me a few chapters to really get into the story but once I did I really enjoyed it I al

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    Funny Fresh and Fun I gave this rating because I enjoyed the book It was well written and full of twists and turns It was an adventure filled with surprises I liked this romance and all of the uniue characters Th

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    Forbidden Trouble is a fascinatingly well written novel that is impossible to put down Once I began to read this book i became completely entranced in all of the characters especially Tyler Tyler is definitely a wild card bu

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    Shits and giggles This book was well written It kept me engaged from beginning to end This traditionally isn’t a book t

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    Forbidden Trouble is the third book in the Tyler's Trouble Trilogy and the first book I have read by Travis Casey I have to start off

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    Another Hit Wonderful conclusion to Tyler's Trouble Trilogy I have to admit I'm going to really miss Tyler and all the trouble he gets himself into I have loved this series throughout eagerly reading each book as uickly as

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