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Er singersongwriters as Joni Mitchell Judy Collins James Taylor and Carole King lived together and jammed together in the bucolic community nestled in the Hollywood HillsBut there was a dark side to that scene as wellMany didn't make it out alive and many deaths remain shrouded in mystery to this day Far integrated into the scene than most would like to admit was a Scenes Inside the PDF #8608 guy by the name of Charles Manson along with his murderous entourage Als. The most controversial parts of this book touch little on the central uestion it asks Was the culture of the time we know as the Sixties really just one massive government psy op intended to derail opposition to the Vietnam War and popular calls for real social changeIf the answer is yes this book would be a shocking revelation suggesting our entire world isn t what we ve long thought it to be BummerBut far likely to offend are McGowan s assertions that bands like The Doors and The Byrds weren t real bands at all and almost none of the musical greats of that era were substantially different from those fakest of all fakers The Monkees Ultimate outsiders like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart were undercover toadies working for the status uo Most of the legendary bands sucked at live performance and owed their popularity to a troupe of outrageous dancers paid to show up at gigs What GAUL Who the hell does he think he is It was a legendary time of peace and freedom man The Doors The Doors I could hear the baby boomers keeling over and falling on their favorite bongs as I paged through the most provocative chaptersIt was with some personal interest I read this tapestry of biographical sketches historical vignettes digressions and leading uestions asked with dramatically raised eyebrows My mother and father were almost though not uite part of the scene They were living only one canyon over from Laurel when I was born in 1968 They long remembered the massive influx of unwashed and drug addled young searchers and the resulting Sunset Boulevard riots in 66 At the time my father was an impresario trying to get a young ingenue my mother into the LA music free for all They spent time in the clubs McGowan profiles places like Whiskey a Go Go and Pandora s Hell they might have crossed paths with some unsavory characters like Vito Paulekas and Elmer Valentine or even Charles Manson himself It was a wild time though the real wildness lasted for only two years or soWhat McGowan does best is dig Here he s dug up a stunning set of coincidences where bloodlines and story arcs intersect in stupefying ways What s the likelihood so many of the heroes of that scene came from patrician families with backgrounds in military intelligence and weapons research Why were obvious murders swept under the carpet as suicides Why no major drug busts in the Canyon Why so many home fires conveniently destroying all evidence Who was paying the bills for the extremely rough or even talentless before they rose almost inexplicably to near instant fame How did the counterculture get national TV and radio exposure during a time when media was at least as tightly controlled as it is today and at least as beholden to the establishment Why so many activist figures who toted handguns and had a history of traveling from one global hot spot to another before suddenly picking up guitars and singing about peace and loveMcGowan s assertion This can t all be explained away with the dreamy word serendipity It was all too weird Someone or a group of someones was pulling the strings and with some end in mind Weird Scenes is a document of a time when an unprecedented convocation of young people from elite military and intelligence backgrounds gathered with their poorly tuned guitars in one small part of Southern California concentrated in a single canyon beneath mountaintop covered by a secret self contained government movie studio and changed the music world forever This much we know to be objectively true And in itself it s stranger than fictionSome annoyances McGowan uses satire and sarcasm to excess It s enough to undermine his serious argument There are too many Oh yeah Right Uh huh Surrrrre flourishes in response to the official accounts Such things are at best seasonings not a full course He tends compare the artists lifestyles to that of an average American Joe strawman Musicians aren t average Joes Even the ones who aren t presumed CIA assets tend to do things Middle America would see as weird Also McGowan s digressions are charming and entertaining but often don t really support the main premise What they really do is add page count It s OK Dave As a fellow author I ve been there myselfNowadays just as back then all of mass media is an ad for something The sudden inexplicable rise of the Laurel Canyon phenomenon should force anyone to uestion what it was really advertising and who was paying the tabI d recommend Weird Scenes to the conspiracy minded as well as those interested in the culture and music of the time though readers in the latter group should be prepared to witness a few sacred cows slaughtered


Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon

Laurel Canyon in the s and early Inside the PDFEPUB #189 s was a magical place where a dizzying array of musical artists congregated to create much of the music that provided the soundtrack to those turbulent times Members of bands like the Byrds the Doors Buffalo Springfield the Monkees the Beach Boys the Turtles the Eagles the Flying Burrito Brothers Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention Steppenwolf CSN Three Dog Weird Scenes PDF Night and Love along with oth. If this review disappears I ve been compromised Send in thewell hell there really isn t anyone to send to save me There is no doubt in my mind that this book will not be warmly received by all readers In our celebrity driven culture calling into uestion the character and motivations of so many widely admired and respected figures from the entertainment community is never a good way to win popularity contests And when those revered figures are overwhelmingly viewed as icons of various leftist causes it is definitely not the way to win fans among those who consider themselves to be liberals progressive or leftists But while my sympathies lie solidly in the leftward flanks of the political spectrum there are no sacred cows in either this book or in any of my past work Prepare to have you mind blown I started reading this book very late at night and after reading the preface and about half of the first chapter my hair was standing up on the back of my neck Danger Will Robinson was running through my brain on a continuous loop It was so uiet that late at night I could hear the synapses crackling in my brain Paranoia started rampaging through my mind like Godzilla ravaging Tokyo Seriously no drugs involved here folks I thought to myself I bought this from there is a paper trail a mile wide sayingyes Jeffrey D Keeten bought this book Shit I don t want to die I ve got too many fucking books to read Who is going to read these piles of books sitting around my house if I have what is referred to as apremature death So maybe I shouldn t write a review Maybe I should not involve all of those innocent bystanders on Goodreads Those hearty few friends and followers who still read my reviewsallwhat two of you Okay okay so the body count won t be that high if the Christians In Action CIA actually decide that a nobody like me shouldn t be posting my thoughts on a book that reveals some very insidious and incendiary behavior by the very people who are supposed to be protecting us from foreign enemies But the CIA isn t supposed to be working in the USHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAOkay let me wipe the tears away from my eyes so I can form some pixels into words The 1960s counterculture movement was an intelligence operation managed by the CIA What No way manLSD was a product of a CIA program studying how to control people Timothy Leary was a painfully obvious CIA asset These drugs were being manufactured for distribution on the street to turn the anti war movement into navel gazing morons The CIA wanted the face of the anti war movement to be dirty drugged out hippies not professors and clean cut kids whom the American public might actually take seriously Charles Manson was part of this program Wellprobablytruth is a difficult commodity to come by whenever someone is looking into a CIA program Finding proof is never good for your health You re out of your fucking mind KeetenAm I Imagine my raised eyebrow I ve read enough about this to begin to believe that as crazy as any of this soundsit starts to make sense The first step is to understand the agenda of the CIA David McGowan s research revolved around all the strange activities that have happened in Laurel Canyon for the last several decades The shadow looming over the sunshine and surf is coming from Lookout Mountain Observatory The California music scene originated here and it was primarily driven by kids of career military men They migrated from Washington DC and somehow all ended up in Laurel Canyon and started producing music that would become the driving force behind the counterculture movement Okay I m going to say something shocking that will be very upsetting to many of you especially those people who have defined their lives by the music of the 1960s Three Dog Night Frank Zappa the Doors Love the Beach Boys the Byrds Gram Parsons Buffalo Springfield and many were all musiciansbands created by the CIAThis is going to be the part that feels like a gut punchThey couldn t play their instruments for crap Studio bands produced the records Oh come on not the Lizard Kingnot Jim Morrison So here was a guy who had never sang who had never even conceived of the notion that he could open his mouth and make sounds come out who couldn t play an instrument and had no interest in learning such a skill and who had never much listened to music or been anywhere near a band even to just watch one perform and yet he somehow emerged virtually overnight as a fully formed rock star who would uickly become an icon of his generation Even bizarrely legend holds that he brought with him enough original songs to fill the first few Doors albums What was really irritating to me was I couldn t resist putting the Laurel Canyon produced music on while I was reading this book I have to hand it to the CIA those SOBs could really write some great fucking music That alone kind of blows the mind Okay so Brian Wilson was the real deal The guy can write music but for most of his life he has been a mental basket case as if he has received too many signals on his antenna from the mothership LOMSo where did the hippies come from Vito and his Freakers were an acid drenched extended family of brain damaged cohabitants Vito Paulekas and his wife had a similar situation as the Manson family They engaged in sex orgies free form dancing and drugs They started dressing oddly growing their hair out and became the blueprint for the flower children They were cool and middle class kids started emulating them These freaks would go to concerts and be the main attraction Someone had to take attention away from David Crosbyother made up bands and the badly performed music they were making on stage I do think over time these guys did learn how to make music but in the early days they needed a distraction and lovely people who looked like they had dropped in from outer space dancing like fiends was a pretty good diversionCome on man The hippie movement was real I smoked dope got laid and didn t take a shower for six months at a time It was very real especially everytime I raised my arm and a noxious cloud emerged Welcome to being a manipulated low level asset of the CIAMr Moonbeam Chapter three The Laurel Canyon Death List is pretty sobering I mean this place is by far the most dangerous place on earth The number of premature deaths suicides and bizarre murders that have happened to residents of this area borders on the ludicrous Some of the suicides were simply ridiculous but then if you re a cop getting a late night phone call from a breathy deep voice explaining the whys and wherefores of a short life or long future you might just decide that suicide is the best way to wrap up a sticky case So why kill the very musicians and peripheral people who were perpetrating your agenda I don t know David McGowan was not especially clear on this except to say that they knew too much Some lived long normal lives while many others were cut down in their twenties I do understand that the CIA would see all of these people as expendable but at same time these were sons and daughters of the very people who protected and served us in the military David McGowan shared all the information he had gathered Some of it was loosely threaded together but he lets you draw your own conclusions I m still not sure I really grasp exactly all the nefarious things that were going on inside the Canyon but I do believe that the CIA was involved in creating a counterculture movement that they could control I think the moral of this story is to do our best not to be manipulated by the right or the left into being their stooges by being a distraction from the people who are really trying to make social change Riotsare a distraction Hippiesare a distraction Trumpis a distraction They all make the CIA smile One last freaky thing to reveal RIP David McGowan who died a premature death shortly after the publication of this book He had an aggressive form of lung cancer that took him uicklyIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account

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O floating about the periphery were various political operatives up and coming politicians and intelligence personnel the same sort of people who gave birth to many of the rock stars populating the canyon And all the canyon's colorful characters rock stars hippies murderers and politicos happily coexisted alongside a covert military installation Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon is the very strange but nevertheless true story of the dark underbelly of a hippie utopia. This is a book every fan of rock n roll music from the 60 s and 70 s in particular should read It is a history of sorts a hidden history of murder torture mind control sex drugs the occult gov t spooks and money all within the cozy confines of Laurel CanyonFrom the very first page you are presented with facts you will doubt Once you verify they ARE facts you ll be off and running sometimes scared McGowan paints a picture of the LA music scene of the 60 s you have never seen before one crawling with government agents and snitches with musicians who come from a long line of career military families or American royalty You will be shocked to learn that many of your favorite hippy musicians were gun toting control freaks or in possession of an alternate personality who believes he is a gov t assassin or Well you get the pictureI have to say that after reading this book I was a bit melancholy I suppose that knowing many of your heroes were fakes and plants will do that to oneBesides the music industry and its strange ties to gov t agencies like the CIA Dave also explores the strange history of Hollywood from the silent era and Houdini to the Manson family The connections are endless baffling Do yourself a favor and read this book And by all means verify what is written therein independently Only then will you understand the power of the dark sideUpdate The writer and researcher Dave McGowan died recently from cancer He was an original thinker a man who could find the weak point of any argument in seconds a meticulous researcher a father a brother a son I did not know the man but I got to know him through his work and felt a kinship So Rest in Peace Dave and thank you for your work

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    If this review disappears I’ve been compromised Send in thewell hell there really isn’t anyone to send to save me”There is no doubt in my mind that this book will not be warmly received by all readers In our celebrity driven culture calling into uestion the character and motivations of so many widely admired and respected figures fro

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    As strange as this book reads the surface details are all true But what is overall message? Though it goes through many strange twists and turns to get there; as far as I can tell it is that the musicians who co

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    Back in the summer of 2008 a few weeks after writing a 40th anniversary review of the psychedelic cult film Head featuring The Monkees I got a weird email from a reader who suggested I check out a website by a guy named Dave McGowan and his recently launched online investigative series Inside the LC The Strange But Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie GenerationNaturally curious I c

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    The most controversial parts of this book touch little on the central uestion it asks Was the culture of the time we know as the Sixties really just one massive government psy op intended to derail opposition to the Vietnam War and popular calls for real social change?If the answer is yes this book would be a shocking revelation suggesting our entire world isn't what we've long thought it to be BummerBut far likely to offend are McGowan's

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    A popular revisionist work implying that the Laurel Canyon Los Angeles music scene of the late 1960’s was engineered by the CIA to divert rebellious youth from the anti war cause I found much of it unconvincing however there are two points in the author’s favour1 The sheer amount of musicians in the Laurel Canyon scene whose parents worked in military intelligence Jim Morrison’s father was literally the commander behind t

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    I don't believe I've said OMG so many times while reading a book It's well written and easy to read His little humorous sarcastic uips make it fun There is a lot of information in this book to digest David McGowan has conn

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    I love a good conspiracy theory however this is not a good one Conjecture and coincidence do not make a theory Disjointed and reaching There were many interesting ideas but no real connections and where were the covert ops promised in the subtitle

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    Do you like classic rock conspiracies Hollywood UFOs serial killers the occult spy stories and militarized mind control? Then this is the book for you Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon takes an interesting approach

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    This is a book every fan of rock 'n roll music from the 60's and 70's in particular should read It is a history of sorts a hidden history of murder torture mind control sex drugs the occult gov't spooks and money all within the cozy

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    Somewhat amusing but the author should have done research He assumes that the fact that a lot of Laurel Canyon musicians in the 1960s had fathers who had been in the military is a conspiracy Actually this has to do with the fact that the US Army drafted 10 million American men for World War II and when these men formed families and had thei

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