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    Eveline fell in love with Emil precisely because of watching him tip people monarch butterflies 🦋It didn’t take long to feel Eveline’s sadness and loneliness She was a new bride away from her family friends civiliza

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    45 Stars ”I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I'll never let you goWhen all those shadows almost kille

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    I have been trying to write a review of this book for the last couple of days and it’s just not working very well For some reason I found myself writing about what the story is about than my feelings about it which is usually what I like to convey in a review So I have decided to just make a list of a few of my thoughts This book is so well written that even though I knew some of what would happen having read the description the story

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    It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that novels with natural settings are my ‘thing’ The title of this book alone suggests an outdoorsy feel The wonderful pine trees stamped on the book jacket the bird they speak volumes Yet this book is SO much than a novel with an outdoor setting filled with wondro

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    Loved the characters the scenic descriptions the heart of the story

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    Beautifully written and a very enjoyable and evocative read I loved the descriptions of the country and the way of life and many of the characters were just remarkable However I struggled with the way it wrapped up I wanted to know what Naamah was thinking view spoilerwhen she left especially regarding what sh

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    I loved this book and can't wait for everyone else to get a chance to read it It's definitely plot driven and I would have liked to have seen some characters stick around a little longer but Rasmussen's sense of

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    I’m so glad I noticed this wonderful book after reading recent reviews from Elyse Cheri I was drawn in from the beginning and savore

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    Oh Rebecca Rasmussen you did it again You reached in and wrapped your hand around my heart with your lovely but heart breaking story I loved most of the characters – and the ones I didn’t you made me understand why These characters leapt of

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    Evergreen Rebecca Rasmussen's second novel is a deceptively simple story about three generations of a family living among the forests and rivers of Evergreen Minnesota There are four parts each focusing on roughly a year in the life of individual characters Eveline Sturm née LeMay her daughter Naamah Eveline's son Huxley Hux Sturm and Naamah's daughter Racina Runk As the narrative leaps forward in time from 1938 to 1954 to 1961

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From the celebrated author of The Bird Sisters a gorgeously rendered and emotionally charged novel that spans generations telling the story of two siblings raised apart attempting to share a lifeIt is when Eveline a young bride follows her husband into the wilderness of Minnesota Though their cabin is rundown they have a river full of fish. 45 Stars I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I ll never let you goWhen all those shadows almost killed your lightI remember you said don t leave me here aloneBut all that s dead and gone and passed tonight Just close your eyes the sun is going downYou ll be alright no one can hurt you nowCome morning light you and I ll be safe and sound Safe and Sound from the Hunger Games Soundtrack Taylor Swift Songwriters T Bone Burnett John Paul White Taylor Swift Joy Williams Yetton Tell me the landscape in which you live and I will tell you who you are Ortega Y GassetA beautifully written story about nature wilderness siblings and the people who choose to live a solitary life this story has a fairy tale feel replete with birds flittering about and the hovering darkness before the light The story begins with the arrival of Eveline to Evergreen Eveline LeMay came after the water She arrived on a cool morning in early September asleep in a rowboat without paddles as if she knew the river currents would carry her past the tamarack and black spruce forest around Bone Island a fen and a bog all the way to Evergreen and her new husband Emil who was waiting for her on the rocky shore They are no longer newlyweds having lived in the home of her parents before Emil decided they should move Life is simple not easy filled with hard physical labor Emil is used to the hum of mosuitoes in his ears and the mud coming up to his ankles but they have love and a woodstove and might even have electricity in a year or two Home is a remote cabin in this forest wilderness big enough for two Soon to be three A son Hux will be born to them There s such a sense of isolation and a dream like uality to the days as they seem to merge into weeks and soon a year has passed and Emil receives a letter calling him back to Germany His father is dying It is supposed to be a somewhat brief visit It is 1939 With Emil gone Eveline decides to stay on rather than return to her parents and draws strength support and friendship from neighbors across the riverThere are additional characters that play a role in this story as the years go by some you love to hate and some you just love Sister Cordelia is a memorable character Lulu is wonderful and Naamah s story will steal your heart as will Racina What really pulled me in to begin with though was the lovely prose describing this life lived within this forest primevalA story about the road taken the choices made the cost and continuing impact of those choices sometimes to our detriment about motherhood about the mercy we offer and the absolution we seek and the wisdom in the words And a little child shall lead them Isaiah 116 Every time you think you need to hold on let go Many thanks to the Public Library system and the many Librarians that manage organize and keep it running for the loan of this book

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A garden out back and a new baby boy named Hux But when Emil leaves to take care of his sick father the unthinkable happens a stranger arrives and Eveline becomes pregnant She gives the child away and while Hux grows up hunting and fishing in the woods with his parents his sister Naamah is raised an orphan Years later haunted by the knowled. Loved the characters the scenic descriptions the heart of the story

Free read ð eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF í Rebecca Rasmussen

Ge of this forsaken girl Hux decides to find his sister and bring her home to the cabin But Naamah even wilder than the wilderness that surrounds them may make it impossible for Hux to ever tame her to ever make up for all that she and they have lost Set before a backdrop of vanishing forest this is a luminous novel of love regret and hope.. I m so glad I noticed this wonderful book after reading recent reviews from Elyse Cheri I was drawn in from the beginning and savored every chapter of this lovely book I enjoyed the descriptive words of the forest the characters and the magical uality of the little bird named Tuna I enjoyed this much in the same way I enjoyed reading The Snow Child This is a perfect book to curl up with on a cool fall weekend Add it to your reading list