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On the night before Halloween Detroit explodes And Other PDFEPUB #191 in flame The local citizens call that evening Devil's Night tourists sociologists and even some visiting firefighters gather to witness this outpouring of urban frustration when houses abandoned buildings and unused factories burn to the ground in an orgy of arsonIn capturing Devil's Night and other troubling Motown movements Ze'ev Cha fets hailed as a s de Tocueville by The New York Times returns to the city of his youth In the early s Detroit seemed like the model American city Industry was booming as both Devil's Night ePUB #192 blacks and whites found steady work in the auto industry But in the worst race riot in American history erupted overn. This was written the year I was born 1988 and it reflects the backward attitudes of that time period

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Devil's Night And Other True Tales of Detroit

Ight Detroit was violently jerked from an existence as a prosperous integrated industrial center to that of a chaotic seething ghetto Chafets goes back to the city where he grew up and learned the facts of life a city where his strongest friendship was an unlikely one with a fatherless black teenager from the ghetto a city where reality set in early when Chafets's own grandfather was killed in a holdupChafets leads us Night And Other ePUB #9734 through the wilderness of the distinct subcultures of contemporary Detroit He meets the black intelligentsia who view their independent state as progress for black America he spends time with cops whose conflicting attitudes of pride in their work and bitterness at their city. Very insightful for a guy who lived near Detroit throughout this time 1980s but really had only a vague distant idea of what was going on Ze ev got to talk with just about anyone he wanted Lots of good lessons here

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's staggering crime rate lead to frustration he explores the growing sects in the Muslim and Christian communities that provide ecstatic religious escape he talks to whites from the Night And Other True Tales PDF segregated suburbs to find out why they fled and about the roots of their continuous antagonism and he converses with Mayor Night And Other True Tales PDF Coleman Young who despite the abysmal social and financial conditions of his city is convinced he is leading Detroit and its black populace to a better and brighter futurePoignant perceptive and at times hilariously funny Devil's Night And Other True Tales of Detroit gives an unprecedented look at what Ze'ev Chafets calls America's first Third World City. This book was fascinating it definitely addressed a lot of the political climate I didn t know about in the late 80 s and early 90 s as well as some of the interesting characteristics and political tendencies of Coleman Young I did have a problem with this book though and that was the author s treatment of the friction between the suburbs and Detroit while reporting very scarcely on what was happening in some of the smaller suburbs during that time Apart from actually spending time IN Grosse Pointe Southfield Melvindale etc there was really only brief mention of places like Bloomfield HillsWest Bloomfield The only moment when Chafets really ventures into the northwestern suburbs is during a particularly dark trip to Livingston County for a KKK rally My experience of Metro Detroit in the early 90 s happened during a very rapid development of the burbs new shopping centers and huge subdivisions right and left where acres of woods and dirt roads had been before At the same time I recall my school district being one of the most racially diverse in the area because students came from many different corners of the area Walled Lake Novi Wixom West Bloomfield Bloomfield Hills Farmington Hills Southfield and in some cases Detroit From the time I began school I had classmates from every race and background and there was almost never any animosity because of this I know that my experience is particularly uniue but perhaps Chafets could have sought out areas with a similar demographic It would have painted a ambiguous portrait of what was happening to Detroit at the time rather than concentrating on the continued divide between the north and south sides of Eight Mile

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    I live about 25 minutes south yes south of Detroit in Ontario Since we are so close pretty much all our media except maybe Hockey Night in Canada comes from Detroit and if we're looking to go shopping especially now that our dollar is worth out to eat or see a concert or sporting event Detroit is the closest place to goCurrently there is a

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    This was written the year I was born 1988 and it reflects the backward attitudes of that time period

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    I strongly debated whether to give this book one star or no stars at all I figured the author deserved one star for getting me to spend money on this book which I will never get back and actually read itI thought the book was going to be about the history and background of Devil's Night in Detroit and other sto

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    Second TimeI read this book when it was first published and this week in Trump Time and it looses a star It's a 30 year regression I underlined a number of Chafet's opinions and he sounds as if anticipated TrumpTwo points 1 Johnson's point that white people don't know shit If white people didn't understand the classic expression hit the road

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    Very insightful for a g

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    I found this after a search Detroit recently declared bankruptcy Not unprecedented fo a city but this is a large one Further the name Dave Bing

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    This book was fascinating; it definitely addressed a lot of the political climate I didn't know about in the late 80's and early 90's as well as some of the interesting characteristics and political tendencies of Coleman Yo

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    A well done accounting of how and why Detroit had become the third world city that it was in 1988 Fashioned through interviews with people living in the differing ethnic areas and with the politicians that run the cities and townships that mak

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    After a few years living in Michigan I got curious about Detroit and started picking up books about the city at the library This is a great snapshot of Detroit in the late eighties with plenty of historical and cultural background to help people like me who didn't grow up in the area It captures suburbanurban relations well and portrays both

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    Well written even handed description of What Is Wrong with Detroit Some chapters are a little cultural touristy others a little sentimental and the information is only current through the 1989 mayoral election That said history is history and

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