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    Re Chris Sally Wentworth does her own little mini series about a very rich very exclusive family in her Ties of Passion series This book is also a seuel to Illusions of Love where this H was the badly behaved att

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    I liked it it was very uniue Heroine is a money hungry gold digger and she accepts to become hero’s mistress for the money but she f

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    This was a pretty awesome believable blackmailed mistress modern HP from Sally Wentworth packaged under the extremely bland title of Chris No wonder I put off reading it for so longEven though the hero's supposed to be Chris Tiffany our heroine who's down to her last pennies sleeping rough in Portugal and has a chance to make cash with a high society magazine article crashes the Brodey's party to make a dead set at Calum She does

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    uite unusual for a H

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    Maybe the best harleuin I’ve ever read Shocking set up Heroine in charge of herself Not a doormat despite being in love with the hero Makes choices based on sense Cares for her child than the hero’s good opinion Good drama Good chemistry between characters Light misogyny Always a plus A thoroughly enjoyable outing I w

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    Mon préféré de la trilogie

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    I didn't fully understand the characters and their actions When the book begins the heroin hates the hero's family for some I think iffy reasons And she continues hating the hero for most of the book The author keeps hinting that there's iss

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    read this years ago it was ok nothing special though

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The perfect matchChris Brodey could have any woman he looked at and he was looking at Tiffany Dean On a strictly casual basis though As far as he was concerned she was just another. Re Chris Sally Wentworth does her own little mini series about a very rich very exclusive family in her Ties of Passion series This book is also a seuel to Illusions of Love where this H was the badly behaved attempted rapist car wrecking OM for the H and h of that one SW has always been a bit controversial in her interpretation of the HP Rule Book and this one is no exception The h is blackmailed into prostitution in this one albeit she is a prostitute just to the hero and to understand just how in the world this can become an accepted HP trope that continues to this very day you have to take a look at the real word changing norms of the time it was written in Way back in a 1990 a little Julia RobertsRichard Gere movie was made called Pretty Woman It is truly an HP Cinderella fairy story come to the big screen and all of a sudden prostitute heroines were an acceptable thing for a romance trope In Pretty Woman a streetwise hooker meets a billionaire businessman and after fashionable makeovers and shopping the hooker and the billionaire fall in love and mend their ways and ride off into the sunset together It has the highest number of ticket sales for a romantic comedy EVER in the US and has not only made almost half a billion dollars worldwide it launched Julia Roberts to stardom It is also the epitome of the usual HP outing where middle class or lower class girl meets upper class billionaire and all the attendant tropes that go with itSW takes that trope and runs with it In the old skool HPlandia blackmail into marriage was seen as an acceptable thing to do cause the h s were all unicorn groomers and the H s were arrogant Alpha s but they had to behave with a modicum of 1950 s decency standards so forced marriage to have sex was considered acceptableBut now we are in the 1990 s and unmarried sex is not a big deal HPlandia went that route six years earlier So logically the blackmail the h into having sex trope and paying her for it is a natural extension of the forced or blackmailed h trope We HP Voyagers buy into that cause it is usually made all too clear that the h is just using the blackmail threat as a veil for her Treacherous Body Syndrome to pounce on the H She just needs a semi credible reason for it But SW pretty much controverts that trope here Because in this the h isn t particularly attracted or having TBS for the H too much at first in fact she hardly notices him or the H of the second book when she meets them In this case the h literally has nothing else to sell so she winds up selling herself and falling in love as familiarity does NOT breed contempt in HPlandiaThis series focuses on three uber wealthy and arrogant cousins and their journey into love This book s H is one of the cousins and the h is a regular girl who came to Portugal for a job The company that she was hired as concierge for goes bankrupt in a recession The H s family are the main investors in the project and when they dump it the h is left in a foreign country and being owed two months back payThen she gets ill and isn t allowed to travel and is forced to use up her savings to rent a room to recover in She tries the British Consulate but the paperwork is enormous the process really long and by the time there was any hope for assistance the h was recovered and able to look for another jobHowever jobs are hard to find in the current climate and the h is down to illegally sharing a boarding house room with one of her Portuguese friends She gets the chance to do a inside in depth undercover magazine story of the Head of the Uber Wealthy Family but it is only payable upon completion and the h needs a way to get close to the single wealthy scion and future hero of book threeSo she gatecrashes their big family and company anniversary party While there she does manage to meet the head of the family and semi insinuate herself but she is immediately pegged as an outsider by the H who is the younger cousin of the h s target and very interested in the h s attributes himselfThe h stages a fake scene with the future H from the next book and sorta gets friendly with the second female cousin who will be the h in that book The future H makes a few moves and the h slaps him and gets him thrown out exaggerating his getting to you know her plays as an assault The female cousin future h doesn t like that this h is captivating not only the men in her family but her next attempt at marriage with another guy and she sets the h up for a big smackdown After a few days where the h is starting to entertain some romance fantasies about the Head of the Family the jealous and vindictive female cousin calls the h to come pick up some belongings she left and then brings in the guy the h slapped to denounce the h as a gold digger tramp out on the makeThe H then propositions the h and she tells him off in royal style she believes the H tipped off the female cousin and set her up to be outed The Head of the Family wants nothing to do with the h and the h knows her chance to write her article is shot to Hades in a handbasket Then somebody rats the h s living arrangements out to the boarding house proprietor and the h has nowhere to go she also can t find a job and so she calls the H up and tells him that if will buy her a new wardrobe she has very few belongings left and give her a thousand pounds she will be his tart He also has to take her to the big family ball and the H even tho he claims he doesn t buy women which is totally a lie agreesThe h is set up in an apartment and gets the new wardrobe and a day at the salon The H takes her passport and after the ball where both the female cousin and the Head of the Family are outraged the H freaks out when she dances with the future H from the next book and hauls the h off to complete their bargainIt is a very chilling account of coerced sex and the h realizes that she really has gotten in deep but her actions are pretty excusable when she reflects on the precarious living situations she has endured for the last several months The h literally hates the H s family at this point and with good reason for all their supposed largess to the local economy they still let their hordes of workers be stiffed for months of pay to save their bottom line and they really don t give a damn The H doesn t really have any excuse he is a spoilt brat nematode bully and a liar too bootUnfortunately the h does have the Treacherous Body Syndrome moment but it gets pretty ugly because the h is mentally fraught with her body s reaction to the H So the h has to adjust to being the H s sex toy and is hauled off to New York after one of her Portuguese friends tells her she hopes the h finds love and reveals that the H had come looking for her at the boardinghouse So the h is convinced that the H also got her kicked out to force her to turn to himWe also get a nice little comeuppance scene between the h the future H in book two and the female cousin The H from book two runs into the h while she is out and invites her for lunch the female cousin shows up and throws a fit because the h is there She calls her a prostitute and the next book s H tells the female cousin that she is the real prostitute she sold herself in marriage to her former husband for his title Then he goes on to say the h only hooked up with her H cause desperation forced her to it but nobody was making the female cousin do anything but swan around and play the heiress The snot snarfer female cousin doesn t like that and throws her drink at the guy and storms off then she tells this H that the h is cheating on him This H reacts predictably by forcing the h into bedWhile in New York the H and h travel around a lot and there is a LOT of hate sex There is a part where one of the H s business contacts believes the h is the H s wife and the H s response to that is Never will I marry you in a million yearsThe H also leaves the h behind to see his family and the h finds herself missing the H Then she gets ill and the H does take care of her but the female cousin comes to town in the meantime and she and the h have another confrontationThe confrontation comes about because the H has left his safe open and the h finds her passport and a bunch of documents in it The h learns that the female cousin s former big love was paid off by the Head of the Family and that the Head of the Family had an affair with a married woman and got her pregnant and then sent her back to husband and told her to pretend the baby was hisSo the h has a lot of ammunition to use on the H s family But interestingly her first thought is that maybe the female cousin is such a cow because she lost the love of her life and the h thinks maybe she can get them back together and she and the female cousin can become friends It doesn t work the female cousin loudly announces that the h is ruining the H s life and has no time for the female cousin any and when the h tries a to ask about her big first love the witchy snot snarfer goes into a foul mouthed rant about the h So the h just as loudly announces her hatred for the entire family right when the H walks inThe H is furious and thinks that the h did it to get him to let her leave she doesn t correct the assumption and writes out a very vituperative article about the H s family to vent her feelings Then the h sells another article on being in New York from a foreign perspective and sells it for 50000She uses this money to put the H into her position and in a very snarky scene does her best to make the H feel as degraded as she does by telling him his entire existence depends upon pleasing her or he won t eat or have a place to live It backfires on the h cause she had intended to get him all riled up and then reject him but Treacherous Body Syndrome strikes again and the H forces another round of sexTheir relationship changes after that tho the H becomes distant and the h regrets it but she also finds out she is preggers from not taking her pill while she was ill Then the Head of the Family shows up to buy the h off and she tells him off in style The h now regrets giving the money from her article away cause this is her chance to get the safe open again and get her passport that she stupidly left in there when it was open but she also recognizes that she is in love with the HThen the H finds out she is pregnant and a big showdown ensues where the h believes that the H wants her to terminate the pregnancy So she walks out of the apartment for several hours and when she comes back she lies and tells the H that she had an abortion The H freaks out and tells her that he would have married her even tho she connived to get herself preggers which she did not It is a really ugly scene and ends with the h being kicked out She goes back to Portugal and meets up with her old Portuguese friends She gets a job as a concierge for an exclusive new luxury hotel and then she sees the H and his family againThey see her too and force the h and her friend to go back to their Estate The H found the h s article that she never sent out revealing all the family skeletons and there are huge accusations of heinous crimes and misdemeanors the h supposedly perpetrated when she stole confidential family papers This sets the h s back up and she denounces the entire family s hypocrisy as she reveals that the Head of the Family payed the female cousin s boyfriend off that he sent his pregnant mistress back to her husband knowing it was his child and that he also tried to buy the h offThe h also tells them that she never sold anything to anyone about the H s family and tells him if he had checked his mail that he would have gotten the extra money he gave her and the location of the documents she read that she left in a drawer in the New York apartment Her loyal Portuguese friend also stands up for the h when the H tries to talk to her and explains that the H is a slime slurping pig and that he knew the h would have to turn to him for his evil usage when he got her kicked out of the boardinghouse with nowhere to go The female cousin admits that she instigated the boarding house kick out because of her jealousy over the h making inroads with the Head of the family and SW makes a bid at redemption for the h of the next book by having the female cousin admit that she was deeply hurt by the h s reminder of her former love So she pretended she did not care when the h tells her she told the woman about the man to help them reunite The h walks out of the H s life then and still doesn t tell him she is preggers She goes back to her new job and has some mopey moments The h is mournful over her lost love but realistically knows that the H s continual accusations of being a gold digger would have torpedoed any real relationship between them She also has the self knowledge to admit that she did give that impression at first and that the H wouldn t have ever said he would marry her unless she was preggers so at least with the baby she has a part of the H to keep forever SW needs to wrap this up now so she has the H make his final appearance He tells the h that he really does love her and couldn t really believe she was evil enough to sell the family secrets and then he uestions if she really had an abortion The h admits she did not and the H swears he will take care of her and the baby even if she doesn t want to be with himThe h finally admits that she really loves him back and the two are reunited after the h admits that her mother got MS and was dumped by the h s father The woman was continually taking lovers after that and the h was left to clean up the aftermath of destruction this made the h wary of men and love in general so it took her a long time to realize she loved the HIt doesn t matter now tho cause the h and H are going to build a life together after a huge wedding and we leave them basking in supposed mutual love for a rather dubious HEAThis one is really intense at parts and wrecky factor here cannot be understated In that respect it is a five star book But the outright prostitution and the H s pretty ugly family drag this down to the lowest depths of HP exploitation and the H doesn t really love this h he just wants control of his future progeny Even tho his family swears he does love the h SW never totally shows us that Instead we get an H who gets off on forcing a woman who tells him she despises him on a daily basis to bend to his will and it doesn t make for a very happy HEA or a believable HP outing

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Tiffany his wealth and prestige and in return she would be anything he wanted But Tiffany discovered it was one thing to be a kept woman and uite another to be a kept woman in lov. Mon pr f r de la trilogie

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Gold diggerTiffany had no money no job and no chance of getting either Her plan to gate crash the Brodeys' party for a magazine story was her last chanceThe deal Chris could offer. This was a pretty awesome believable blackmailed mistress modern HP from Sally Wentworth packaged under the extremely bland title of Chris No wonder I put off reading it for so longEven though the hero s supposed to be Chris Tiffany our heroine who s down to her last pennies sleeping rough in Portugal and has a chance to make cash with a high society magazine article crashes the Brodey s party to make a dead set at Calum She doesn t spare a glance at Sam Gallagher who s tall and broad and good looking and could and can star in his own book or even Chris our hero In fact she doesn t take a good hard look at him until halfway into the book He figures out that she s not who she says and suspects her of trying to entrap Calum Her plans are foiled by another Brodey cousin who sets up a grand humiliating scene for her and not only are her chances with Calum dashed but her article and pay also gone up in smoke Not only that someone goes to the boarding house where she s been sleeping nights with some friends free of charge and rats her out to the landlord so that she gets kicked out Follow that up with a few days of fruitless employment searches and Tiffany is not only dirty hungry and tired There s only one last thing she can sell to a waiting buyerChris was not your average heinous HP blackmailer His offhand comments about buying her time back at the party were like a test to see what she would do But by this time Tiffany hates the Brodeys and she s also running high on self destruction due to extreme poverty she cuts a deal with him for a good wardrobe and 1000 pounds when he s tired of her It s not a great deal for her but she s not really functioning at her best at this time From then on they enter into a strange relationship with Tiffany rejecting all his gentle overtures it seems that his playboy reputation went before himThe best line in the bookThey went back to the flat and had sex There was no way you could call it making loveAh Sally Wentworth Thank you for never mincing your words and talking about burgeoning tumescences of purple desire Thank you for never foisting willing heroines who cry unconvincing no no nos on your readers The best scene in the book where Tiffany really sticks it to the guy she makes 500 dollars from the sale of a magazine article and litters the apartment with one dollar bills When he comes home from work she is waiting fully dressed for him in a chair at the end of the dollar bill path She then tells him coldly It s your pay for your sexual services So don t just stand there take your clothes off If you don t do what I want then you won t get paid you won t be fed or clothed you ll get kicked out Are you getting the pictureBravo Sally Wentworth Even when your heroines are being blackmailed they somehow manage to turn the tables