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The Contest of the Century

Power–style competition that will dominate the century This contest will take place in every arena from control of the seas where China’s new navy is trying to ease the United States out of Asia and reassert its traditional leadership to rewriting the rules of the global economy with attempts to turn the renminbi into the predominant international currency toppling the dominance of the US dollar And by investing billions to send its media groups overseas Beijing hopes to shift the global debate about democracy and individual rights Eyeing the high ground of international politics China is taking the first steps in an ambitious global agenda Yet Dyer explains how China will struggle t. Excellent readBut note This is not the same Geoff Dyer as the author of Paris etc Both Goodreads and have made this mistake This Geoff Dyer is a Financial times journalist


From the former Financial Times Beijing of the PDFEPUB #193 bureau chief a balanced and far seeing analysis of the emerging competition between China and the United States that will dominate twenty first century world affairs an inside account of Beijing’s uest for influence and an explanation of how America can come out on top The The Contest MOBI #224 structure of global politics is shifting rapidly After decades of rising China has entered a new and critical phase where it seeks to turn its economic heft into global power In this deeply informed book Geoff Dyer makes a lucid and convincing argument that China and the United States are now embarking Contest of the MOBI #239 on a great. I like the book and perspective it gives regarding positions of China and US in terms of military ideology spirit of a nation and economics There are so many details such as historical junctures popular sentiment i believe i wont remember but essential to build up a bigger picture some of them are very interesting too There is a balance point the author always try to keep in check when talking about the rise of China and its influences on global scale An eye opening read GR gets the wrong author by the wayA personal note of things i want to remember not necessarily most captivating part of the book Other Asian countries just don t want to choose side especially Viet Nam with its existential angst who wants to be good friends with both There is and presence of Chinese funded projects across the globe and military strength has a good reason to follow the trade Mahan s book The Influence Of Sea Power Upon History 1660 1783 had and is having an enormous effect on military thinking in US Europe and China The problems of China are not only with its expanding ambition but also a uestion of how to win friends and influence neighbors

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O unseat the United States China’s new ambitions are provoking intense anxiety especially in Asia while America’s global influence has deep roots If Washington can adjust to a world in which it is no longer dominant but still immensely powerful it can withstand China’s challenge With keen insight based on a deep local knowledge offering the reader visions of coastal Chinese beauty pageants and secret submarine bases lockstep Beijing military parades and the neon media screens of Xinhua exported to New York City’s Times Suare The Contest of the Century is essential reading at a time of great uncertainty about America’s future a road map for retaining a central role in the world.. I thought this was interesting I ve noticed China being increasingly prominent in the last ten years roughly since the 2008 market crash and I enjoyed this book s discussion and comparison of modern China and the United States and their competing interests both in Asia and around the world as well as how they can cooperate It would be especially interesting to see what the author might write after two years of the Trump administration

  • Hardcover
  • 320
  • The Contest of the Century
  • Geoff Dyer
  • English
  • 23 October 2019
  • 9780307960757

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    I like the book and perspective it gives regarding positions of China and US in terms of military ideology spir

  2. says:

    A very balanced and a

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    Despite the unfortunate almost shrill subtitle How America Can Win tacked on to the US edition only Dyer presents a well balanced picture of the current state of China's international political and economic ambitions Dyer really gets China and for the most part keeps his own biases in check In fact the how America can win part is limited to

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    A rational updated and sober take on the so called emerging power that is China this book tells what I already know about China hubris From the apocryphal tale of a 15th century Chinese admiral that sailed around Southeast

  5. says:

    Excellent readBut note This is not the same Geoff Dyer as the author of 'Paris' etc Both Goodreads and have made

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    Incredibly nuanced One of the few times I've seen a Western author present the Chinese establishment in a way that is not bluntly monolithic acc

  7. says:

    I thought this was interesting I've noticed China being increasingly prominent in the last ten years roughly since

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    Really interesting book nice to get an outsider's view the author is British about the situation between China and the US It would also be very interesting to see if the author is so optimistic after a year of the Trump administration in whi

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    Advancement and changeSo much has changed in the past 20 years and especially since Dyers book it appears that Decoupling is inevitableit's hard to see a coming together of the two largest economies after Trump's tariffs and with such distrust that the Huawei problem has fostered

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    It’s an underrated book about China This book gives comphrensive explanation about China’s foreign policy politics ec

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