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Hoice and the new institutionalism Wiarda addresses many hot issues in the field Can democracy and human rights be transplanted from one culture to another Is civil society exportable What works in the effort to develop the poorer nations and what doesn't Comparative Politics EpubWhere are we headed with such frontier research issues as comparative environmental policy women's rights

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Comparative Politics Approaches and Issues

Beginning with Approaches and ePUB #180 an introduction to the field of comparative politics this clear and complete text moves on to explore new innovative directions in the field Leading scholar Howard J Wiarda explores its main approaches including political development political culture dependency theory corporatism indigenous theories of change state society relations rational c

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And gay rights The book concludes with a stimulating discussion of whether the great systems debates of the past socialism vs capitalism democracy vs authoritarianism are now over and points to some of the next important study and research frontiers Students professors and general readers will all find Comparative Politics current provocative and well writtena truly balanced overvie

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    I actually really enjoyed this book Comparative politics is my favorite field of study in PoliSci It easy enough to follow the concepts and not a long book

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    not one useful page

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