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    No sign of the infamous second book syndrome here Veil of the Deserters is a great seuel that managed to improve u

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    After two Jeff Salyards books I think I can safely say what characterizes them isi detailed accounts of small scale melee conflicts ranging from 5 50 combatants Note there are no superheroes in Salyards' world Even the best fighter will be sorely tested by two decent opponents which is probably realisticii Rather wordy an

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths When I finished Veil of the Deserters I declared loudly on Goodreads Damn that was good going on to describe it as “ one of the best fantasy novels I've read in a uite a while” And after a few weeks to mull over my initial reaction not only do I stand by those words but confidently anoint this book the b

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    5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Interview with the author ’m what you would call a book juggler meaning at

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    Veil of the Deserters is book #2 of the Bloodsounder's series If you haven't read book #1 get it so you can immediately read this book right after If you've read book #1 immediately get this book as the story arc explodes and shines here There is little to no gap between books 1 and 2 Book 1 was a promise this second book makes good on that promise imagine getting a new puppy luxury sedan insert wishlist and world pea

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    Veil of the Deserters is one of those seuels I've been dying to get my hands on Salyards created this captivating world through the eyes of his protagonist Arkamandos Arki and then made us wait two years to see Not only that Scourge of the Betrayer book one of Bloodsounder's Arc was relatively short It gave us a

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    Read about the end of January beginning of February another better late then never reviewRating 45 awww hell 5 sta

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    Veil of the Deserters is everything I was looking for in the highly anticipated follow up to Scourge of the Betrayer What Jeff Salyards has crafted here is a rare seuel that actually manages to outdo the first The stakes here are bigger and clearer the world building is taken to a whole new level and the characters really

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    Even better than the first one We get up close and personal with Memoridon witches and learn how their magic works Another layer of mystery added to Godsveil and I predict we will get to see what’s behind it in the last book Impressive city of Sunwrack from within Syldoon towers manumision and how ‘Black Noose’ structure works – exciting stuff And then just like in the first book plenty of skirmishes travelling adventure

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    AN OPEN LETTER TO MR JEFF SALYARDSAUTHOR OF 'VEIL OF THE DESERTERS'3 July 2014Dear Mr SalyardsI am constrained to write to you beca

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Emperor Thumarr plots to remove the repressive Cynead and Braylar and his sister Soffjian lie at the heart of his plans The distance between favored shadow agent of the emperor and exiled traitor is an unsurprisingly short road But it is a road filled with blind twists and unexpected turns Before the journey is over Arki will chronicle the true intentions of Emperor Cynead and Soffjian And old enemies in Alespell may prove to be surprising allies in a conflict no one could have foresee. Read about the end of January beginning of February another better late then never reviewRating 45 awww hell 5 stars Bloodshed comes whether she s invited or no Pushy entitled bitch bloodshed In the Deserters we pick up right where we left off in Scourge of the Betrayer with Arkamondos Arki the young scribe Captain Braylar Killcoin and the rest of the Syldoon warriors regrouping after the debacle of their last mission They ve suffered losses in their ranks but there s not a moment spared to mourn Arki s moment of noble idiocy concerning a certain young Hornman comes to bite him them in the ass The Syldoon and Arki are forced to make their stay in Alespell a short one If the angry Hornmen the suspicious and psychotic Baron Brune and the loss of Lloi the only one capable to heal Killcon from the side effects of wielding Bloodsounder there s new trouble on the horizon two Memoridons one of them Soffjian Killcoin s sister no love lost between the two They bring with them Emperor Cynead s missive to abort the operation and return home at once without delay I ll try to be short Out of the books I ve read during my Goodreads hiatus last five months Veil of the Deserters was probably the most satisfying let me check the list of books I ve read yep confirmed Sure I ve enjoyed Sullivan s Riyria books and Brown s Morning Star but this one especially those last chapters in Sunwrack left me at one pointand again justwow you know what I mean Have I found another favorite author It sure seams so In Scourge of the Betrayer things were a little vague Finally in this book we have some answers regarding the origins of the Bloodsounder and we start to decipher the mystery of the Veil and the Syldoon charismatic leader Killcoin We learn about the tensions between the Syldoon annd the Memoridons they are at each others throats constantly Soffjian showed her teeth though it was clearly vulpine And if you were any kind of man I d take offense Mulldoos stood laid his hand on the large pommel of his falchion You might be a witch bitch But you still bleed don t you With every moon But seldom else Syldoon Seldom else The two of them stared each other down before Hewspear cleared his throat Well That answers that uestion pretty soundly I d say and we get to see Sunwrack the heart of the Syldoon Empire As for the rest the writing style is to my liking I sat in our pocket of woods with Vendurro and the other Syldoon in our group and waited In my brief experience that seemed to happen a lot in soldiering than the songs and tales would have you believe Rather than brave assaults stirring duels colossal clashes of armies and heroic last stands that everyone so often heard about it was largely proving to be cramped muscles stiff backs long stretches of boredom and inactivity or unremarkable travel punctuated by brief episodes of horrific bloodshed Arki and Killcoin were a little hard to warm up to in the first book but I think I ve finally found my footing with them in this one and I just love love love Vendurro Hewspear and especially that dirty bastard Mulldoos I have a soft spot for this rough sort of character so it s no surprise hes s my favorite I want to thank the author for not killing those guys off it was a close call a few times and I was a nervous wreck I am curious what awaits them in the next book He stalked off into the darkness leaving me with my thoughts my fears and my remorse Sparing the Hornman in the grass sparing the captain s own life in the village of the dead each time I considered them compassionate acts simply the right thing to do I never imagined they could lead to tragedy and greater loss compounded death and devastation That was a drastic failure of imagination It may not be a perfect book it was close to perfect for me but what a ride RecommendedNext one soon

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Veil of the Deserters

History Family and Memory these are the seeds of destructionBloodsounder's Arc continues as Captain Braylar Killcoin and his retinue continue to sow chaos amongst the political elite of Alespell Braylar is still poisoned by the memories of those slain by his unholy flail Bloodsounder and Veil of PDFEPUBattempts to counter this sickness have proven ineffectualThe Syldoonian Emperor Cynead has solidified his power base in unprecedented ways and demands loyalty from all operatives Braylar. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths When I finished Veil of the Deserters I declared loudly on Goodreads Damn that was good going on to describe it as one of the best fantasy novels I ve read in a uite a while And after a few weeks to mull over my initial reaction not only do I stand by those words but confidently anoint this book the best fantasy I ve read this year So let me explain why you should get on board this fanboy train and start loving Bloodsounder s Arc tooIn book one Scourge of the Betrayer Mr Salyards introduces his readers to the young scribe Arki who accepts a commission to record the exploits of a group of foreign soldiers He believes it will be a break from his dull life chronicling self aggrandizing merchants and petty noblemen but he might not have known everything he was getting into uickly finding himself neck deep in secret political intrigue Plus his employer Captain Braylar Killcoin seems to be possessed by a cursed flail that bombards him with the stolen memories of those he slays in battle Not that Arki is complaining out loud about false advertising or anythingFrom this uniue embedded journalist beginning Scourge goes on to weave a textured realistic and complex tale of Arki trying to survive in this brutal world of war and intrigue uickly he begins to become desensitized to the violence around him though he isn t comfortable with it and is forced to acknowledge the brutal pragmatism of many of the heinous deeds Captain Braylar and his soldiers practice routinely And through the simple process of not dying and not betraying his wary employers he gradually is taken into the inner circle of the Syldoon warriors something that finally allows him and the readers of Scourge to start to understand all the things going on in the story Now I realize some readers were put off by book one due to the slow developing story Even Mr Salyards has acknowledged in interviews that he understands this criticism of Scourge But where book one laid the foundation for Arki and Captain Killcoin s tale Veil of the Deserters unleashes it in its full gloryThe plot and character revelations come fast and furious in book two We learn about Captain Braylar and his mysterious flail about the personalities and history of the Syldoon warriors surrounding Arki and about the immediate schemes and the long term ones that have lead these elite warrior to spend years away from their northern homeDeeper world building Where there were merely a few brief glimpses of this interesting fantasy world in Scourge here there is so much revelations about its nations their history the mysterious Godveil the world before the Deserter gods abandoned mankind and Captain Braylar s cursed flail s role in it all Each piece of lore fitting seamlessly with the next until a vibrant living world slowly begins to grow before a reader s eyesRealist battles continue only they are bigger and freuent And when I say realistic that is what I mean These are not Hollywood movie fights where the hero kills twenty people without a scratch and without getting one hair out of place Nope Mr Salyards carefully crafts well thought out and organic fights where armor matters numbers count and the realities of brutal men hacking at one another with sharp edge instruments of death are not glossed over Not to say that Veil of the Deserters is a gorefest because Mr Salyards doesn t overdo the blood and guts but rather that he shows the realities of war in a medieval type setting People die hideous deaths Those that survive may be horribly wounded or maimed And those that escape with their life are scarred by the experience of dealing death and find themselves grieving over their own deadCreepy magic users In Scourge the magic was rather sparse throughout and spoken of in whispers by everyone but in Veil the Memoridon make an early appearance and are major players in the whole book And somehow Mr Salyards is able to reveal enough about the memory witches to make them understandable but not totally stripping them of their mystery and inherent creepinessKickass female character While this is a testosterone driven series Captain Killcoin s sister Soffjian is introduced and holds her own against all of the brutal Syldoon warriors instilling instant fear in all but the strongest men Plus she is a Memoridan which only makes her that much interestingSyldoon political machinations Oh yeah readers get to go back to the capital city of the Syldoon Empire experiencing all the brutal scheming of the warrior elite of the world and through this change of scenery Mr Salyards sets up book three of the series which looks to be a great oneSo after hearing all the great things about Veil of the Deserters and Bloodsounder s Arc why are you still reading this review Go buy book one sit down for a nice intense read get the world and the characters in your mind then plunge into Veil where the story catches fire Look forward to talking to all of you after we read book three next year Next year right Mr SalyardsThe publisher and the author provided this book to me for free in return for an honest review The review above was not paid for or influenced in any way by any person entity or organization but is my own personal opinions

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And company are recalled to the capital to swear fealty Braylar must decide if he can trust his sister Soffjian with the secret that is killing him She has powerful memory magics that might be able to save him from Bloodsounder’s effects but she has political allegiances that are not his own Arki and others in the company try to get Soffjian and Braylar to trust one another but politics in the capital prove to be far complicated and dangerous than even Killcoin could predictDeposed. Veil of the Deserters is one of those seuels I ve been dying to get my hands on Salyards created this captivating world through the eyes of his protagonist Arkamandos Arki and then made us wait two years to see Not only that Scourge of the Betrayer book one of Bloodsounder s Arc was relatively short It gave us a number of answers but it left so much untold I just knew the seuel would take this series to the next level or kill it Veil of the Deserters killed it wait I mean took it to the next level by killing it in the best way possible In Scourge we only just find out the smallest bit about the Syldoons and their mission In Veil things are opened up wide and suddenly the story is completely different The Syldoon are pulled out to return to the capital but their mission is nowhere near completion Facing the undesirable uestion of losing all their progress or angering the Emperor Cynead is only the beginning of their problemsVeil is yet again told through the eyes of Arki who also happens to be curious to a fault This gives us answers as readers but also leaves us in his shoes to flounder through mystery after mysteryOne of the best parts of this seuel was that we not only get to see of the world as the Syldoon head back home but we get a look into the magics The Memoridons are a force all their own and independently powerful with a form of mind magic It s hard to tell where their loyalties lie and they bring a lot into the storyIn the end I m dying to read of this series Jeff you re work called me and said you re fired No don t ask why they called me they just did Oh and so did all employers everywhere which means there s nothing else for you to look for There s just no chance I already heard from them What s with all the uestions Trust meSo I guess you have to make ends meet solely through writing Please write right now I can t get enough45 out of 5 Stars very highly recommended