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    Okay we need to talk about this Because I am literally starting to feel like I read a completely different book from everyone elseI uite liked but didn't love the first book; I had some issues but I pushed them to the back of my mind because I was so happy to have both a MM romance in fantasy AND for it to be slow burn But I just

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    Third read July 27th 2015 A kingdom or this Oh god I'm such a pathetic mess I grew so attached to Damen Laurent that it hurts and maybe you find it stupid to feel so helplessly bewitched but this is the best and most perfect in all its flaws love story I've ever read To get what you want you have to know exactly how much you are willing to give up These are not my two favorite uotes but they're powerful if you're able to catch their meanin

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    I am not going to review this book Because I cannot review this book Because there are no words for this book other than these This is my new favorite book of all time Nothing else even comes closeBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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    ”Never had he wanted something this badly and held it in his hands knowing that tomorrow it would be gone traded for the high cliffs of Ios and the uncertain future across the border the chance to stand before his brothe

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    As the 'Captive Prince' series progresses I find myself completely lost in the story of Damen and Laurent Talk a

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    OH MY GOD this is definitely turning out to be a much better series than the first half of book one makes it seemI knew going into

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    reck uh lus be hay vyuhdunno why laurent makes me think of zayn malik maybe it's the way malik is so desperate to appear a man that h

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    #1 Captive Prince ★★★★★ #2 Prince's Gambit ★★★★★#3 King's Rising ★★★★★ “To get what you want you have

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Ttlefield as they travel to the border to avert a lethal plotForced to hide his identity Damen finds himself increasingly drawn to the dangerous charismati. Never had he wanted something this badly and held it in his hands knowing that tomorrow it would be gone traded for the high cliffs of Ios and the uncertain future across the border the chance to stand before his brother to ask him for all the answers that no longer seemed so important A kingdom or this Can I just say how much I love this bookI love love love love love love and adore it to bits and pieces XDPrince s Gambit has everything I want in a good book and since the shocking and heavy topics of the first book aren t in the focus of the second instalment it was so much easier to read and enjoy Whereas Captive Prince played a lot with clich s and sensitive issues this book was just an amazing fun read Don t get me wrong there were still some serious and interesting topics but it was all wrapped up so nicely that I just couldn t help but had to love this bookThere are intrigues there is hope there is humour there is anger and despair there is pain and passion and there is so much love it almost killed me ARGH The love in this book caused me to die again and yet again It s so subtle and such a slow burn but OH BOY did it hit me with the feels It hit me so hard I couldn t contain my joy and even though this was already my second read I m still convinced that it will knock me out if I read Prince s Gambit a third time lol Laurent and Damen are everything and all I want is that they are happy 333Gosh they deserve all the happiness in the world XD I can t even I really can t I feel so strongly for those two boys it s not even normal any And can we please just take a little moment and appreciate how wonderful this story arc is From archenemies to reluctant allies from allies to cautious friends and from friends to gentle lovers CS Pacat you pulled this off so nicely it s just amazing I relished this so much and I savoured every second of it 3 So just in case you didn t realise it by now I LOVE THIS BOOK There I said it and I will say it again and again until I m wrinkled and old lol PThe plot To get what you want you have to know exactly how much you are willing to give up This time around the plot is easily told After the ending of the first book Damen and Laurent are forced to make their way to the border and to say there happens a lot on their journey would be putting it than just mildly XD I guess you ll just have to read the book if you really want to find out about the troubles they have to face All I can say is that I enjoyed it immensely The characters I didn t understand what being king meant to you What s that An end to fighting There will be many uotes and a lot of gushing and screaming and fangirling in this section Considering how much I love this book I might even add some uncontrolled flailing to the list lol So be warned this is my spoilery spoiler sector and you re just about to enter the fun P Damen What makes you think Kastor is the weaker man You don t know him But I m coming to know you said LaurentDamen is such a sweet honest loyal and honourable soul and by now it seems like even Laurent realised it Finally lol I swear it was so amazing to watch Damen grow In the first book he didn t understand Laurent and his actions but in Prince s Gambit he tried his best to figure him out and eventually realised that not everything is as it seems He finally got a glimpse at the Crown Prince s true nature and saw past the fa ade Laurent keeps so well After everything he s gone through and all the experiences he made Damen didn t just begin to uestion his own attitude towards the people of Vere but also realised that he probably wouldn t have treated them any better I think the encounter with Naos was one of the best scenes in the entire book and some sort of key moment that put everything into a new perspective If given half a chance the old Damen would have wanted war with Vere too and wouldn t have even hesitated to take their land by force so it was really nice to see when he realised that he has prejudices as well Damen s world is no longer just black and white and I love him for trying to be aware of the grey And perhaps out of this a thin thread of respect was growing It was apparent why his uncle had kept Laurent away from the reins of power he was good at leading Damen felt Laurent start shaking against him and realised that silently helplessly he was laughing They were kissing He felt it in his body like a tremor he couldn t still He was shaken by the force of all he wanted and he closed his eyes against it He felt the passing of time like a growing pressure He was aware of each moment because it was one fewer that he had left For everything that my uncle and Kastor planned said Laurent as Damen felt himself grow cold they had no idea what they did when they gifted me with you Laurent When this campaign is over I think if you are a man and not a worm you will attempt to gain retribution for what has happened to you I expect it On that day we roll the dice and see how they fall I love this boy so much 333 He s just amazing and he s so damn young I loved that we finally saw parts of his true self and I adored that he began to open up to Damen I swear to follow Laurent s progress and to see his change was one of the most beautiful things to watch Laurent is so much than initially meets the eye and it was such a delight to see glimpses of his vulnerable side XD He s not the cast iron bitch everyone thinks him to be and we finally saw that he has not only a good sense of humour but also compassion There are and chinks in his armour and layer by layer his true self is revealed And boy do I love what s hidden underneath all his cool and indifferent composure Deep down within him he s just a lonely and broken boy and everyone who knows me knows how much I love those broken boys lol KRYPTONITE That s all I say Haha Well anyway what I probably loved the most was that he realised his faults and that he s painfully aware of how much he wronged Damen He knows what he did is unforgivable and even though he expects Damen to take revenge this still didn t stop him from putting his trust in him Unconditional love we re finally getting there XD I intend to survive I intend to beat my uncle and I will fight with every weapon that I have Laurent s cool eyed arrogance proclaimed that no one could touch him The earring said that one man could It transformed him from unattainable to exclusive an elite pleasure no one here could afford Laurent fought like he talked The danger lay in the way he used his mind there was not one thing he did that was not planned in advance Yet he was not predictable because in this as with everything he did there were layers of intent moments when expected patterns would suddenly dissolve into something else He resented him said DamenPaschal gave him a strange look No he loved him He hero worshipped him the way that intellectual boys sometimes do with older boys who excel physically It went both ways with those two They were devoted to one another Auguste was the protector He would do anything for his little brother Can you stand We need to move out It s not safe for you here Too many people want to kill you After a moment Laurent said Everyone to the south but only half the people to the north JordI really like Jord He s such a good and loyal man and he only wants what s best for his prince I guess in some way he s Laurent s father figure and I think this actually might have been the reason why he was so harsh to him Poor Jord He definitely didn t deserve any of the things that happened and I feel so damn sorry for him He truly loved Aimeric and Laurent s words must have hurt him even than he cared to admit sigh I hate the Regent so much His damn machinations hurt every single person that lives under his thumb and I really can t wait to see his end How many people have to get killed before he s finally dethroned Dament Their relationship You remind me of him He was the best man I have ever known You deserve to know that as you deserve at least a fair In Arles I treated you with malice and cruelty I will not insult you by attempting to atone for deeds with words but I would not treat you that way again I was angry Angry that isn t the word It was bitten off a jagged silence followedI LOVE their relationship so much that I decided to give it its own space lol They are just so damn amazing and cute together I can t even put it into words There was so much tension between those two the air literally sizzled with heat I just adore everything about them the way they teased each other how they tried to hide their attraction how miserably they failed XD And all those intense moments Gosh they were my undoing That scene when Damen came back to the camp even though he could have run away or the little moment when Damen teased Laurent about his accent lol Their night out when they hid behind the door and THE MASSAGE OMG The massage fans herself BUT nothing absolutely nothing was as intense as CHAPTER 19 This chapter was the death of me and I want to die again and again Never in my entire life have I ever read such a beautiful sex scene The way Pacat described it was so lovely I died a thousand deaths It was so bittersweet it killed me I wanted to cry because it was so sad yet at the same time I wanted to dance with joy because it was finally happening My heart broke for those two boys It broke and was mended stopped beating and started all over again They both knew they only had one night together but they still took the risk they preferred that moment of bliss over the pain that would follow and this THIS made the entire chapter so wonderful to read Oh god Just to think about that scene makes my heart ache I will never get over Chapter 19 Never The tenderness the trust their unconditional love the knowledge and sadness that didn t just swing in every single word they said but also was visible in every gesture they madeFor the first time they saw each other with all their insecurities and flaws and they embraced the truth they cherished it they accepted their feelings they trusted in their love They just loved Unconditionally without restraint with everything they were and hadSO DAMN BEAUTIFUL I just can t any I can t sobs and dies That s right I m still captured said Damen Your eyes say For now Laurent said Your eyes have always said For now From the severe straight backed posture to the impersonal grace of his cupped yellow head from his detached blue eyes to the arrogance of his cheekbones Laurent was complicated and contradictory and Damen could look nowhere else This is instructive I ve seen you put half a dozen men in the dirt without breaking a sweat Not right now I couldn t I can see that You re relieved of your regular duties in the morning That s nice of you I can t get up I ll just lie here Or did you need something Oh how did you know said Laurent Take me to bed Damen groaned and found himself laughing after all in the moment before he pulled the furs over his head I m going to leave tomorrow said Damen as steadily as he could I m not going to come back He drew in a breath that hurt his chest Laurent No I don t care Tomorrow you leave But you re mine now You re still my slave tonight I can t It was a raw admission I can t think The words were torn out of him Wide eyed in the silence Laurent said them again in a different voice his blue eyes dark with the exposure of the truth I can t think I know said DamenThe conclusionI loved Prince s Gambit and I savoured every single word This time around I was so much aware of everything that happened and it only enhanced my reading experience What made everything even better was the fact that this was a buddy read with my adorable Gansey It was so much fun to be able to gush about Laurent and Damen and I can t thank you enough for reading this book with me Let s tackle King s Rising soon XD I lack said Laurent the easy mannerisms that are usually shared with you could see him pushing the words out a lover You lack the easy mannerisms that are usually shared with anyone said Damen

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C Laurent But as the fledgling trust between the two men deepens the truth of secrets from both their pasts is poised to deal them the crowning death blow.. reck uh lus be hay vyuhdunno why laurent makes me think of zayn malik maybe it s the way malik is so desperate to appear a man that his first solo video after 1D is of him lavishly acting out a sexual fantasy with various women including the one below while wearing the scruffiest of beardsas if that could ever truly disguise his elfin boyish swoopy haired beautybut they always try don t they pretty boys they grow unfortunate mustaches and delete the bounce in their step in favor of a surly lope they bathe in cologne and get into fights and change all their friends andand they start keeping secrets hmmmaybe i do know why i m thinking of zayn malik after allbut never mindin this volume the facade cracks skin peels away in patches and strips and the real story underneath it all becomes apparent part of it is problematic part of it is disturbing part of it is erotic as hellbut all of it is excellent on goodreads three stars means i liked it four i loved it five stars means it was amazingi so rarely find it in me to upgrade a rating that i can remember every time i ve done itonce for love of a manonce to honor the bravery of an honest person and here now to express the awe and admiration in me at the close of this volumefive stars because i am amazed it was truly amazingand everything is amazingstay swoopy zaynpreviouslyhistorically inaccurate twerking intensifies it takes two to make a thing go ri i ightit takes two to make it outta sight no time for a gif volume two re read in effectpreviously Well that was frankly stunning

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With their countries on the brink of war Damen and his new master Prince Laurent must exchange the intrigues of the palace for the sweeping might of the ba. Okay we need to talk about this Because I am literally starting to feel like I read a completely different book from everyone elseI uite liked but didn t love the first book I had some issues but I pushed them to the back of my mind because I was so happy to have both a MM romance in fantasy AND for it to be slow burn But I just can t any I don t understand It has a 462 average rating All my friends seem to love it 5 stars kind of loving even those who are the toughest romance critics Really did we read the same bookFirstly this book is erotica with some snoozeworthy politics and battles thrown in I don t buy into the whole it has so much than romance politics and royal scandals No it doesn t The plot is a thinly veiled disguise for the sexual descriptionsAnd on that matter why is everyone so obsessed with penises They are hanging out everywhere Damen goes to find this guy and he s screwing the stable boy he goes to find yet another guy and he is described by his state of undress with particular mention of the way he is holding his pants up All the descriptions of everything are sexual but not I might add sexyI am thankful for an LGBT romance that doesn t a stick to contemporary or b just present the difficulties of coming outdealing with sexuality but I just don t believe that gay men are this obsessed with each others cocks It felt like yet another case of fetishizing gay menEven when dramatic stuff is supposed to be happening even in political meetings there s a constant genital awareness in every scene Everyone is always aware of the others penisesAlso let s talk slow burn Slow burn is my passion In fact it s pretty much the only kind of romance I like But wow in this case it s as slow burn as the romance between Dumbledore and Mcgonagall His gaze dropped to Laurent s lips When he forced it upwards it fixed instead on the earring The lobe of Laurent s ear was pierced through with the ornament of his uncle s lover It suited him in the mundane sense that it matched his colouring In another sense it looked as incongruous as it felt to tear another mouthful of bread from the flat loaf and lift it to feed him And just when you think he s done It was the earring Laurent was always so austere The earring reframed him It gave the appearance of a sensual side sophisticated and subtle Oh yes this romance is slow burn It burns so slow I fear I might have died of boredom by the time they actually get togetherBecause slow burn in this sense means that nothing actually happens Laurent and Damen just spend a lot of time staring broodily at one another The whole point of slow burn is TENSION Instead I m rolling my eyes and wishing something would just happenAnd Laurent himself is so unappealing to me He s broodier than Edward Cullen with even less personality In the first book I thought his cold distant character was going to develop into something interesting but that has yet to happen I feel nothing for himHonestly I really wanted to love this book But I just don t feel itBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store