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Eech He talks about the sometimes grim sometimes comic realities of living with armed policemen and of the close bonds he formed with his protectors of his struggle for support and understanding from governments intelligence chiefs publishers journalists and fellow writers and of how he regained his freedomIt is a book of exceptional frankness and honesty compelling provocative moving and of vital importance Because what happened to Salman Rushdie was the first act of a drama that is still unfolding somewhere in the world every day It took a commitment to finish this book but I was pleased to have done it Rushdie s manner is sometimes arrogant and seemingly self involved but he is wonderfully talented and unafraid to let the reader judge him He analyzes his circumstances and his own thinking and he challenges his reader to understand Salmon s predicament His story of threat and exile should not be lost as it is significant to our future freedom of speech and artistic expression our uality of life and even our survival Rushdie s tell all provides insight into societal fears courage and cowardice of leaders instability and unreliability of media and the importance of personal involvement in maintaining our civil rights I was impressed that Rushdie did not hide his personal foibles anger infidelity and self centered behavior as he recounted his talents connections and successes

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Joseph Anton A Memoir

At the police could call him by He thought of writers he loved and combinations of their names then it came to him Conrad and Chekhov Joseph AntonHow do a writer and his family live with the threat of murder for over nine years How does he go on working How does he fall in and out of love How does despair shape his thoughts and actions how and why does he stumble how does he learn to fight back In this remarkable memoir Rushdie tells that story for the first time the story of one of the crucial battles in our time for freedom of sp As you are fighting a battle that may cost you your life is the thing for which you are fighting worth loosing your life for p 285So why is it that I feel I have to defend liking this book Almost all reviews I ve read from New York Times to Goodreads have been rather negative attacking and blaming Rushdie So I will just come right out and say that I really liked this book Yes he namedrops on every page Yes he of course paints a mostly positive picture of himself but who wouldn t Yes he knows his own worth and uses this opportunity to settle a few scores But still I enjoyed every page of this and read and read and readThis of course is the story of the famous fatwa On February 14th 1989 Rushdie receives a phone call informing him that Ayatollah Khomeini has sentenced him to death because of his novel The Satanic Verses This book details then his life for the next 12 years trying to live as normal as possible while being under constant police protection moving from house to house relying on the kindness of his friends driving bulletproof cars and trying to survive both mentally and physicallyHe writes about his private life his childhood his years in school his marriages his children his attempt to be a father in these most extraordinary circumstances He constantly struggles against people both official people and the public believing he doesn t deserve to be protected because he has brought this on himself He doesn t agree with this and neither do I A leader of a state does not have to right to condemn the citizen of another state to death So Rushdie struggles with Government officials ministers and the leaders of his protection service to get them to continue to protect him and to allow him to live as free a life as possible so he can be a father be a man and a writer and do the publicity necessary to promote his booksA strange thing with this book is that even though it is a memoir it is written in the third person Rushdie never writes I but writes he even when writing about his own thoughts I actually really liked this because for me it felt like Rushdie was standing outside his life looking in trying to make sense of what happened to him For me it worked He is also juggling with various identities through this there s Salman the private man his friends knows there s Rushdie the hated man the demonstrators are renouncing on the streets and there s Joseph Anton his alias created out of the names of his two favorite writers Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekhov So in some ways it must be hard to see these years living like this split into three as his life instead of someone else s life a fictional lifeThe book really shows what kind of man he is Intelligent well read knowledgeable about both the classics and modern pop culture JK Rowling Doctor Who Lord of the Rings Super Mario various sci fi etc He writes about his process when writing books about getting ideas and using things from his real life experience in his books And he writes about all his books in a way which makes me want to read them And I love that while he shares all the famous writers actors politicians etc he meets he also writes about how proud he is to complete his Super Mario game and how he thinks Birkenstocks is the uncoolest footwear except for Crocs p 342 I really enjoyed how he shows his humor throughout the book even though he battles depression throughout these years living with a constant death sentence over his head Who shall have control over the story Who has who should have the power not only to tell the stories within which we all lived but also to say in what manner those stories may be told For everyone lived by and inside stories the so called grand narratives The nation was a story and the family was another and religion was a third As a creative artist he knew that the only answer to the uestion was Everyone and anyone has or should have that power p 360Of particular interest to me was of course the times he mentioned Denmark and the Danish reaction to the fatwa Overall it seems his Danish publisher wasn t afraid and not only published the paperback which was a big deal but also compared the risk of publishing it to crossing the street It is sobering to read about how hard it was for him to get the paperback published in UK and US because if that paperback hadn t come out his attackers would have wonWhen I began reading this novel I had to come to terms with something I was 12 years old when the fatwa was issued and I don t remember anything about it from back then But I ve always believed that he was in the right to publish that book and that no one had the right to attack him for that But at the same time I was against the so called Danish Cartoons the caricatures of Muhammad posted by Jyllands Posten back in 2005 Of course I didn t want anyone attacking Kurt Westergaard one of the drawers but I didn t like the idea of these drawings Now how could I reconcile supporting Rushdie and believing him to be in the right while not supporting these drawings I thought about that for a while and for me the answer is that Jyllands Posten did it intentionally to cause a disturbance while Rushdie didn t set out to do anything but write a novel Whether you agree or disagree with someone they should always be allowed to talk to say their mind You have to use words to defeat words not guns or bombs or knivesIn Denmark we have just had another case of a journalist known for criticizing Islam being attacked and attempted assassinated Now I disagree with this man but you can t go around shooting at people you disagree with But what this shows is that Rushdie s case is still current We still have to fight for freedom of speech Rushdie survived the fatwa and lived to see it being put to rest He views his case as a prologue to all that happened after 9 11 and even though we all should have become wiser we haven t really Unfortunately The value of art lies in the love it engenders not the hatred It is love that makes books last p 316

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On February Valentine's Day Salman Rushdie was telephoned by a BBC journalist and told that he had been 'sentenced to death' by the Ayatollah Khomeini For the first time he heard the word fatwa His crime To have written a novel called The Satanic Verses which was accused of being 'against Islam the Prophet and the uran'So begins the extraordinary story of Joseph Anton PDFEPUBhow a writer was forced underground moving from house to house with the constant presence of an armed police protection team He was asked to choose an alias th Salman Rushdie s Joseph Anton A Memoir is an engaging account of Rushdie s life in the aftermath of the fatwa issued against him in 1989 in effect the Ayatollah Khomeini sentenced him to death for blasphemy against the Prophet for his novel The Satanic Verses As a literature major at college I followed the news of the fatwa but I wasn t the only one as evidenced by the Seinfeld episode Especially in the first couple of years I heard about threats to publishers and booksellers demonstrations and occasionally updates about Rushdie himself I had wondered what it was like to be in hiding for the nine years of the fatwa Joseph Anton was the alias Rushdie used a combination of the first names of two of his favorite writers Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekhov Written in the third person Rusdhie s describes life under police protection relationships with family and friends and ways he attempted both to write and stay engaged in the bigger fight against censorship There were interesting stages in how he tried to get back his life after the initial shock of the fatwa From wanting to be safe to appearing at public events to show the terrorists he wouldn t be cowed to all the backroom negotiations with the UK US and European governments who were reluctant to stand up to Iran because it might hurt their specific interests I found Joseph Anton a fascinating account of a very talented writer Several years ago I took some students from my creative writing class to meet Rushdie at an event in Wyoming promoting his new book The Enchantress of Florence I had started each semester with a reading from The Satanic Verses

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    He didn't need the publicity he didn't need the money he knew as a highly educated man brought up as a Muslim exactly what he was doing and still he did it and brought death and destruction in the wake of his bo

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    Salman Rushdie’s Joseph Anton A Memoir is an engaging account of Rushdie’s life in the aftermath of the fatwa

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    I’m going to review this book without actually talking about it though I don’t think it really matters I read a lot though I also write a lot I write short stories poetry and essays I write reviews every day to practice writing and to capture my thoughts on certain topics I even have a 1st draft of a fantasy novel that is some weird hybrid of Avatar and A Game of Thrones that I wrote when I was nineteen

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    I couldn’t get through The Satanic Verses I found it unreadable in spite of my immense curiosity for the book But I picked up this book with great interest to see what Rushdie went through and how he coped with the aftermath of that infamous fatwa This book is probably twice larger than it should be and methinks it’s commensurate with Rushdie’s ego To read the account of this struggle from Rushdie himself is be annoyed by the man He

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    I was pondering the reviews of this book on Goodreads the other day as I was almost finished and just wondering what other people think A lot of people seem to find Rushdie coming across as arrogant or pompous This is something I totally disagree with and in fact I think one of the issues he actually covers in this book As the media saw and treated him as arrogant for uite a long time To me he honestly doesn't

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    As you are fighting a battle that may cost you your life is the thing for which you are fighting worth loosing your life for p 285So why is it that I feel I have to defend liking this book Almost all reviews I’ve read

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    It took a commitment to finish this book but I was pleased to have done it Rushdie's manner is sometimes arrogant and seemingly self involved but he is wonderfully talented and unafraid to let the reader judge him He analyzes his circumstances and his own thinking and he challenges his reader to understand Salmon's predicament His story of threat and exile should not be lost as it is significant to our future freedom of

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    In the first few chapters I was a bit surprised at the gossipy somewhat catty tone and figured it would be chatty and light and fun but alas petty grievances aired endless names dropped revenge exacted for real or

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    I don't even know what to think about this thing About the first half is really great even written in the Bob Dole ish autobiographical third person gripping suspenseful detailed But the book just dies about halfway through he starts eliding

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    Update 92112 now that I'm reading this it's kind of tedious I don't think Rushdie's 3rd person affectation works well at all It made me remember I don't actually like Rushdie's writing all that much Gave up on The Satanic Ve

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