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The legendary Dennis Hopperhad many identities He first broke into Hollywood as a fresh faced young actor in the s redefined himself as a rebel director with Easy Rider in the late s and became a bad boy outcast for much of the s He returned in the s with standout performances in films like Blue Velvet and Hoosiers was one of the great blockbuster baddies of the s and ended his career as

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A ubiuitous actor in genre moviesHopper however was much than just an actor and director he was also a photographer a painter and an art collector not to mention a longtime hedonist who kicked his addiction to drugs and alcohol and became a poster boy for sobriety Dennis Hopper Interviews covers every decade of his career featuring conversations from through to and not only captures him

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At the significant points of his tumultuous time in Hollywood but also focuses on the lesser known aspects of the man In this fascinating and highly entertaining volume the first ever collection of Hopper's interviews he talks in depth about film photography art and his battles with substance abuse and in one instance even takes the role of interviewer as he talks with uentin Tarantino

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    I learned much from reading this unusual slice of Dennis Hopper's history a collection of interviews titled Dennis Hopper InterviewsConversations With Filmmakers Not having read anything directly about Hopper but having seen uite a few of his later movies it was fascinating to learn how he got his start in films and how far back

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