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The Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War generated controversy throughout the war and its legacy sparks debate even today over whether it invigorated or hampered the Union war effort In the wake of both critical and sympathetic appraisals Bruce Tap now offers the first history o.


Over Lincoln's Shoulder

At the committee produced little good and no small amount of harm As Tap demonstrates it was in many ways a serious impediment to the war effort due not to its fanaticism or vindictiveness as some historians have suggested but rather to its members' total ignorance of military matters.

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F the committee's activities focusing on the nature of its power and influence on military policy in order to show conclusively what the ultimate impact Over Lincoln's Epubreally was Tap presents solid evidence including examples of contact between Congress and the military to show th.

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    A worthy study of the joint Committee on the Conduct of the War which included Michigan's Zachariah Chandler The committee was dominated by the Radical Republicans They spent much of their time going after McClellan and other generals who they didn't think were pursuing an aggressive enough war Generals like Joe Hooker and Dan Sickles tried to use their testimony before the committee to advance their careers and harm the career