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Summary Dangerous Love

Job and moves to Prague There she begins an erotic romance with Byron only to discover that he is German and his father was in the Hitler Youth As an observant Jew Laura has deep misgivings about becoming involved w

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Dangerous Love

In Prague Laura feels that she has met her soulmate Yet how can her soul merge with the son of a NaziAfter being passed over for a promotion at a Chicago advertising agency Laura cashes in her stock options uits her

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Ith the son of a Nazi but the attraction between them is so strong that she cannot resistWhen a woman from Byron's past – the darkly exotic Zsa Zsa – comes between them can the true love of Laura and Byron surviv

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    This was one of the most bizarre 'romance' novels I've read The main character Laura is 45 years old but seems much younger aimlessly wandering around Europe and jumping on trains to other countries with men she's only just met She meets Byron in a cafe in Prague and they are having sex in no time then Laura is suddenly

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