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In to find that much to his surprise America has made many strides towards becoming an egalitarianism.

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Light Ahead for the Negro

Realistic post racist society in America The protagonist loses control of an airship in and awakens.

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An early example of Afrofuturistic writing this for the Kindle #212 novel is the first imagining of a.

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    I am teaching a course on Speculative fiction in a BA programme on African studies I chose this novel as it is pretty short easy to read but most importantly one of the first novels in it's genre Such a promising bold work for the time in which it was written Wow I am curious to see what my students will think of it

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    ONE day an archaic looking flying machine a curiosity settled from aerial heights onto the lawn of one Dr Newell of Phoenix GeorgiaA treatise on race in America wrapped in a speculative account of a flying ship that goes all wrong and plunges the narrator into a future where the the Negro problem can be solved in peace and good will

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    Black man from 1906 wakes up 100 years in the future I wouldn't call it a Black Looking Backward because the black man drones on about the past for too long How's that for a stereotype In 2006 the situation of the negro got better and also the government has been replaced by technocratic offices and there are air cars on rails

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