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Ders bad girl Brenda Nan must look at her classmates in a blinding new light For among old rivalries and secret passions one of them may have graduated to become a cold blooded killer TAFFY CANNON IS A SUPERB WRITER Carolyn G Hart Author of The Mint Julep Murder

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Class Reunions Are Murder

Nan Robertson and Taffy Cannon are welcome additions to the roster of intriguing sleuths I wish them many adventures Gillian Roberts Author of In the Dead of SummerWhen LA attorney Nan Robinson flies Class Reunions MOBI #224 to Spring Hill Illinois for her twenty

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Year high school reunion the last person she expects to see is Class Tramp Brenda Blaine But there she is in all her gloryThe stars are out of course Class Clown Wally Cutest Couple Jim and Mary Lee solemn Edwin clever Janis and all the rest But when someone mur

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    TAGLINE Twenty years ago they never voted for Most Likely to be MurderedCan protagonist Nan Robinson figure out who killed an old classmate at the reunion Will her nosing around put her own life in danger Will she hook up with the handsome d

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    I liked this one's plot than the earlier two Nan Robinson has returned to the western suburbs of Chicago for her 20th high school reun

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