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L to the survival of polar bears He addresses the threat of global warming to the Arctic home to polar bears for tens of thousands of years and describes in impressive detail their feeding habits distribution den ecology and reproduction Lynch’s vivid photographs capture all this and as they chronicle the wide range of polar bear behavior from family rituals to ferocious predatory practicesCaptivating accurate and inspiring Polar Bears belongs in the hands of all who love the wild

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Polar Bears

Inent wildlife photographer and the personal stories of Derocher this book is as stunning to look at as it is fascinating to read It weaves together their remarkable experiences with the latest research to tell the amazing story of these Arctic predators tracing the animals back to their evolutionary roots and looking ahead to the future of polar bears on a warming planet EarthThrough informative and engaging language Derocher carefully explains the sea ice ecosystem that is essentia

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The polar bear king of the Arctic is one of the world’s most recognizable animals Images of the majestic beasts roaming across the ice cap plunging into frigid waters and playing with furry cubs have come to symbolize the beauty and grandeur of the Arctic Andrew E Derocher and Wayne Lynch have spent decades following the bears and this book offers the most comprehensive and readable review of their biology ecology behavior and conservationWith gripping photographs by Lynch a preem

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    Perhaps it's worth mentioning what I expected from the book I had 2 books on polar bears – this and “The Great White Bear A Natural and Unnatural History of the Polar Bear” so I did some research before deciding which to read authors publishing houses importantly table of contents The other book has chapter titles such as “journey” “becoming” “melt” “future” etc had enthusiastic personal stories the author s

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