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Ng Gus Reading Ferdinand Mount is as much fun as pink gin Michael Gorra New York Times Book Review Fairness is funny touching picaresue decked out with eccentric characters improbable artful and rarest of all unfailingly entertaining Michael Dirda Washington Post Book World A uick witty read with resonance Balti Sun.

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Lso and so the story of Helen Hardress the serious slim blond young woman who uickens Gus's pulse when they first meet in Normandy one summer in the early s as she will off and on for the next twenty years For no one's life is uite the same once Helen Hardress has passed through it Least of all that of the long pini.

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This ingenious and inventive novel nominated for the Book Prize Long List for from the award winning author of Jem and Sam at once comprises an autobiography of Aldous Gus Cotton an English civil servant with breathing problems and chronic sexual learning difficulties and an erratic history of modern England It is a.

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    Is tediousity a word? Critics I admire eg Michael Dirda of the Washington Post loved this book I am a total fan of the Brit Lit faux autobiographical genre that takes readers across era with a set of characters who include a neurotic narrator hisher object of unreuited longing and odious foils with personality

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    Odd uirky think Anthony Powell Edward St Aubyndelightful though it was hard to brood too much as I walked up Fifth and stretched my neck to look

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