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Jeff Foxworthy Æ 5 Summary

T's fun than dating your cousin Jeff Foxworthy author of four previous Redneck bestsellers.

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Games Rednecks Play

Two of America's favorite stand up comics dish up a rib tickling guide to Redneck games tha.

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Teams up with Vic Henley to offer this hilarious look at Redneck versions of Olympic events.

3 thoughts on “Games Rednecks Play

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    This is a hilarious collection of comedy by Jeff Foxworthy It is funny

  2. says:

    I sure somewhere down the road I have played one of these games They are hilarious

  3. says:

    From when Vic was on AM Why did I not get him to sign it? And why is he not listed as co author right up there on the by line?Wow been a long timeThat one client party MSB

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