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U prethodnim knjigama trilogije Instrumenti smrti Kleri saznaje da pripada vrsti lovaca na demone – Senolovcima – City of PDF te da poseduje izuzetan dar da stvara nove rune koje im pružaju dodatnu moć Klerina majka je godinama od nje skrivala istinu ne bi li je zaštitila od oca Valentina Senolovca koji namerava da zavlada njihovim svetom Senolovci su primorani da stupe u savez sa omraženim stanovnicima podzemlja – vampirima vukodlacima i vilama – ne bi li se suprotstavili Valent. 55 starsBest book so far in the seriesAlthough I didn t find time to read I hate you university I did it pretty uickly I couldn t put the book out of my hands even tho I had to it was excellent I had bits of suspense curiosity even nervesFinally the characters I love have received the attention they deserve But come on why was Cassandra Clare waiting for the third book Izzy Alec and Simon were amazing Although there wasn t much of Magnus I enjoyed the parts he participated in I really enjoyed Luke as always I m very proud of him he s a born leader truly I even enjoyed Valentine even though inside me I always enjoyed him lol But in this book especially He s not a great villain there are better than him in other books I ve read but he s indeed a laudable villain mainly because of his charisma and his persuasive abilitiesI want to point out Izzy s loyalty how amazing she is I love her so much And also want to point out the way Simon grew up He has been through so much and it makes you mature right but not always in the good way And Simon coped with it incredibly and God Almighty I LOVE HIM so much PS How sweet he is on the cover right

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City of Glass

„Klerova nastavlja da nas zadivljuje svojim talentom u spajanju modernog i urbanog sa tradicionalnom fantazijom Ljubitelji prethodnih delova trilogije biće više nego zadovoljni fascinantnim svršetkom” School Library Journal „Ljubav je smrtonosni greh a otrovne tajne prošlosti izranjaju na površinu dok se Kleri i Džejs suočavaju sa Valentinom u poslednjem delu trilogije Instrumenti smrti”New York Times„Trilogija Instrumenti smrti svakako zaslužuje da se pročita” Booklist. 1 City of Bones 2 City of Ashes Friends I did it I read the whole trilogy Over a decade late but aren t you proud And importantly I can finally move on to TID with Clockwork Angel And I am so hyped because I know this is the start of the series that you all really love And I hope I do too And I got really excited seeing some names that I ve vaguely seen you all scream about Each tomb looked like a little house some even had metal or wire gates and the names of Shadowhunter families were carved over the doors CARTWRIGHT MERRYWEATHER HIGHTOWER BLACKWELL MIDWINTER She stopped at one HERONDALE City of Glass has the cast whisked away some easily some not so easily to the City of Glass AKA Idris which is the Shadowhunter s home country Valentine may or may not have started to build a demon army and the gang hopes that they can get the council to listen to them Oh and Clary is desperate to save her mom and is willing to do anything to wake her up Because while her mother sleeps she is also locking away many secrets My mom got the spell that put her in this state from a warlock Ragnor Fell Madeleine says we need to track him down if we want to know how to reverse the spell Okay so going into this series I knew very few spoilers And I was very surprised when the Jace and Clary dilemma came up just because I had never heard anyone mention in Therefore I also thought it would be a uick fix Okay so the reveal is at the very end of City of Bones but the mentality and thought lasts until 80% into this third book I couldn t believe it And even though I knew and hoped and prayed that you all wouldn t lead me astray and that the twist wouldn t be true it still took a lot of enjoyment out of this book for me because for the most part Jace and Clary thought it was real Also Jace and Clary both do and say a lot of problematic shit that has nothing to do with the way they feel about each other Jace especially Jace knew he was being cruel and he barely cared Hurting people he loved was almost as good as hurting himself when he was in this kind of mood Okay so I ve broken down the characters in the other two reviews I ve done for this series so I figured I d just keep doing it Especially because these reviews are probably boring because everyone but me read them ten years ago And like always I have a lot of feelings Clary Clary is just a bland main character I don t love her as much as others I don t hate her as much as others I honestly just feel neutral towards her but I still say that she is rather forgettable Which is sad since I suppose she is the star But I think the shining light of all three books has been the side characters Jace Jace legit is the worst part of this book too Which he is the second leading character so also probably a bad sign But he s just miserable to read about because he doesn t care about the situation where Clary at least tries to not be gross about it And on the opposite end of the spectrum he legit screams at Clary in this book and says some pretty abusive and hurtful things Like I just honestly don t like Jace I m sorry But it s the truth Probably my least favorite character including the villains Simon Okay so Simon completely won me over and captured my heart and soul during this book I honestly loved everything about it And I think that s mostly because Isabelle I am about to go down on the ship of Isabelle and Simon Like you all I love their chemistry and their entire dynamic And Isabelle is my favorite character of any of these books so far so I just am going to put her happiness first always and forever Thanks Magnus Magnus is also my favorite And I don t want to give Cassandra Clare too much credit I seriously can t get over the incest I m sorry but I think she did a really amazing job with creating Magnus Bane All my friends are obsessed with him I m obsessed with him and I think he s such a bright shining light in 2000 s literature Alec I feel like I like Alec and each book Probably because of Magnus but still And the end of this book Not that anyone should ever feel any pressure to come out but the end of this book just made me really happy Max Like I m still shook Luke I was living for Luke in this entire book Like I instantly loved his character and I just grow to like him and each book Also he deserves all the love and happiness in the world Jocelyn I actually do like Clary s mom I wish she would have been awake and present for of this trilogy And I do think it was a little deus ex machina how she shows up bearing all the information that we needed so long ago But I still enjoyed her and her character Amatis Luke s sister is honestly my new favorite too Like maybe I m too old to be reading these for the first time and I m just connecting with all the way older than me adults because I can t connect with these teenagers But regardless Amatis has been through so much but I love her already Amazing new addition to the cast Maia Maia wasn t in this book that much but I still really like what I did see of her And I m saying this while knowing she is going to be a point of a triangle that I m not ready to think about Samuel IS THIS DUDE PURPLE Person in the cell next to Simon Like I actually loved this twist and was so here for it Until someone ruined it But still I was living for it Big fan Seelie ueen Like Clary is going to regret that power move of an epilogue Aline Um is this new character Asian and ueer Because I think she is and I think I m head over heels in love with her already Sebastian A little obvious but still a fun twist and character I honestly really enjoyed following Valentine Like I enjoyed Valentine a lot in this one I think he was way less mustache twirling villain in this book And I loved the portrayal on how people can be awful humans but they are still capable of doing good things We all have good and bad inside us and Valentine is a good example of what happens when you do bad than good I don t know maybe I m getting soft but I liked him as the villain of this book People aren t born good or bad Maybe they re born with tendencies either way but it s the way you live your life that matters Trigger and content warnings for murder death incestuous thoughts and resulting actions torture medical experimentations captivity abandonment talk of thoughts of suicide suicide and war themesOverall I am happy I read this trilogy instead of just skipping it I m not sure if it was completely needed but I hope that it will feel worth it I also think this series holds up better than a lot of others that were published during the same time Naruto references and all I ll be honest this really is of 25 star read for me and I should probably bump it down to two stars but I just enjoyed it so much than City of Ashes that I m going to bump it up to three Also Izzy and Simon deserve that star on their own let s be real Okay friends I can t wait to finally dive into Clockwork Angel Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch

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Inu i izvojevali konačnu pobedu Kleri čekaju teški zadaci mora da se izbori sa ocem spase svoj drevni dom pomogne majci koja je na samrti i reši svoj odnos sa voljenim Džejsom Gotski detalji i klasični elementi tradicionalne horor fantastike sjajno se uklapaju sa modernom gradskom atmosferom Njujorka Egzotično i misteriozno podzemlje ovog grada nikada ne spava a kada se u njemu pored ljudskih bića nađu još i vukodlaci vampiri anđeli vile i lovci na demone nema vremena ni za predah. At this point I m most likely not going to continue with the Mortal Instruments series Sometime in the future I might but for now I m leaving it here

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    This was the best of the 3 books I have read so far Action packed from the beginning to the end The pages just seem to fly by Despite the book being just a hair under 500 pages I kept looking at he page numbers and

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    So I'm just going to save you from having to read this bookEveryone except Clary WOHOO we're going to AlicanteClary moping ohnoes they left me behind But with my super special unicorn powers I can get there myself although it was said that that's impossibleAldertree YOU GOING TO JAILSimon Crap but I guess someo

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    55 starsBest book so far in the seriesAlthough I didn’t find time to read I hate you university I did it pretty uickly I couldn't put the book out of my hands even tho I had to it was excellent I had bits of suspense curiosity even nervesFinally the characters I love have received the attention they deserve But come on why was Cassandra C

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    I had begun reading this laying down and drinking the words in steadily but before I knew it I was sitting on the edge of the sofa and forcing to keep up my eyes focused enough not to move too far ahead I promised myself I wasn't going to write a spoiler review though I really wanted to Without giving spoilers I can't stress how much a certai

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    At this point I'm most likely not going to continue with the Mortal Instruments series Sometime in the future I might but for now I'm leaving it here

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    reasons i have continued this series gotta do it before i can read 'the infernal devices' which i have been told is life affirming gotta do it before i can meet will herondale gotta do it because im a perfectionist who hates uitting things NOT reasons i have continued this series because i am head over heels in love with it i sighed so hard after finishing this book that i swear it was heard across the world why am i not loving this lik

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    LAST AND FINAL EDIT JANUARY 19 2014 I'm no longer replying to the people commenting on this review People still don't seem to understand my warning stating if you loved this series don't read this If you're going ignore THAT then I'm simply going to ignore your comment It will not be read by me Also you may want to read through the comments before commenting Chances are what you're about to write may have already been

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    The further I get into this series the I enjoy it I'm enthralled with the stories of these young characters in this paranormal world With every book the plot thickens and another layer of the mystery unfolds This third book had many tests turns and revelations Some I expected and some were completely surprising to me All of them pulled me deeper into this story and left me craving Action was also plentiful in this book An epic

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    1 City of Bones ★★★2 City of Ashes ★★Friends I did it I read the whole trilogy Over a decade late but aren’t you proud? And importantly I can finally move on to TID with Clockwork Angel And I am so hyped because I know this is the start of the series that you all really love And I hope I do too And I got really excited seeing som

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    After all that's been going on with Cassie Clare lately I can't have this on my page any Sorry peeps

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