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Late one August evening Amy Conner was Walk Through Epub #181 awoken from her sleep and given the most devastating news she had ever received Her husband Curt had died in an accident while hunting at the painfully young age of thirty two She and her two young children ages four and two at the time


As We Walk Through the Valley

Were sent reeling into grief With the unending support from her friends and family Amy was eventually able to find herself in a place of As We ePUB #192 healing and hope She has written this book for her children to remind them of the honorable and loving man their father was In addition she has fe

SUMMARY As We Walk Through the Valley

Lt compelled to help any young widow who has had to suffer a loss such as hers by sharing her story There is light strength and peace to be found in this walk in the valley of the shadow of death reference to the Bible's Psalm You just have to We Walk Through Kindle #208 open your heart and believe

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    What a very touching tribute to a life lost so young Amy was able to harness so many of her experiences and feelings in a way that had to be hugely cathartic for her and certainly insightful for the rest of us Job well done

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    Very touching

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    A very honest story about the pain associated with losing a loved one suddenly Well written and a good uick read

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