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    4 45 stars Oh my goodness that was so sad As I was reading it I felt like that was me writing the story I LOVE writing stories like that even though they get me every time It was sweet but sad

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    35 starsNote to self be careful which books you read before needing to see people; particularly right before teaching a pi

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    One of my favorite books ever My son's lovely middle school teacher Dan used to read it to his kids each year and each year he'd cry over it It's a beautiful sad uplifting genius piece of writing

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    Another candidate for read aloud next year although it's not going to make the cut see why below 1 Absolutely GORG

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    A lovely novella with surprising depth of characters and beautiful wording that can be read in about one sitting The author is able to evoke vivid characters and much emotion with her uncomplicated but well chosen words I really love her style I've left off a star for reasons that are not necessarily the book's fault but because I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have thought as the jacket description was misleading or

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    I had a copy of Baby back in junior high school it was an excellent yet very sad story Can you imagine being given something to love only to constantly have the threat of loss looming in the background? Anyhow I love Patricia MacLachlan's works she's written some amazing stuff

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    I found myself a little bored to begin with but this is such a spare little book that I thought I'd just keep on

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    Haven't met a book by this author that I haven't liked and this was no exception This was a rather heartbreaking but sweet book I didn't want Sophie to leave Cries Definitely worth the time I loved the emphasis on how important words are

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    sniff A bit of a tear jerker not that I cried but I almost did

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    Real rating 275Not really an interesting plot but it wasn't so bad

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Summary Baby AUTHOR Patricia MacLachlan

Baby AUTHOR Patricia MacLachlan

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