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The award winning An Arrow's Flight tells the story of the Trojan War and Pyrrhus the son of the fallen Achilles now working as a go go boy and hustler in the big city Magically. I loved this book but I m not really sure who I d recommend it to Having some kind of knowledge or passion for Greek mythology seems reuisite going in I can t imagine getting much enjoyment out of this if you aren t familiar with the original stories that Merlis is adapting and expounding on and subverting but this is not your run of the mill Homeric retellingYou start the novel with Pyrrhus son of Achilles and you think you re going to Troy That s how the story goes anyway Achilles dies Pyrrhus takes his place as leader of the Myrmidons and with the bow of Philoctetes Pyrrhus takes Troy Mark Merlis has other plansWhat starts as a granted wildly unconventional retelling of the tale of Pyrrhus uickly morphs into something bigger via a detour to Sophocoles Philoctetes an allegorical commentary on the AIDS crisis in 1980s America And it s just weird enough that it works beautifully This is a uietly powerful and unsettling story that starts with the Trojan War and ends up having a lot to say about fate and free will and gay identityWe re held at arm s length from our anti hero Pyrrhus for the majority of this story Self centered lazy and apathetic Pyrrhus is ostensibly difficult to root for And yet He gets under your skin as do all of Merlis s characters In that way this isn t necessarily an easy book to love It s deliberately provocative and graphic and it shows an ugliness to human nature that isn t easy to stare in the face But it s an even stronger achievement for that I think Merlis is able to take this dark and cynical story and infuse it with just enough hope and romance that you re compelled to see it through to the end with beautiful payoff once you doMerlis s prose is witty droll and surprisingly incisive It ranges from mildly amusing to positively breathtaking There were so many lines I had to stop and reread just to take in the full effect Passages like this Did they just not believe it the Trojans Or did they believe it the way you believe you re going to die With certainty and utter incredulity so perfectly balanced that they fight to a draw leaving the ignorant animal in you free to get out of bed in the morning And this The most terrifying thing that could happen to anyone to have to stand there and hear from someone who knew everything the worst you ve ever thought about yourself If you re looking for a modern but slightly straightforward Greek mythology retelling try The Song of Achilles or Ransom or Alcestis or Bright Air Black If you re looking for a powerful gay epic that touches on the AIDS crisis try Angels in America or The Heart s Invisible Furies or Tell the Wolves I m Home If your interests are niche enough that you re looking for a combination boy do I have some great news for you about An Arrow s Flight

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Ity An Arrow's PDF in disguise Comical moving startling in its audacity and range An Arrow's Flight is a profound meditation on gay identity straight power and human liberation.. Blending Greek myth and contemporary gay life Merlis fully explores the uestions of life and lust desire and destiny through the misadventures of Pyrrhus Achilles gay son Escaping palace life for the city he finds that waiting tables doesn t pay the rent so he becomes a popular gogo boy then a hustler But the emptiness of paid sex leaves him indifferent and torn Will he find love amid so much base sexualityIn the second half of the novel Odysseus arrives to convince Pyrrhus to join the fight in the ten years long Trojan War Can he fulfill his dead father s mission find validation as the son of a demigod But before he gains his father s famous armor a stop at Lemnos brings on a sidebar uest to seduce and convince the elder Philoctetes to return to the war because the prophecy says soMerlis insight into the delicate interplay between men truthful love and conscripted lust are part of what makes this a great story The clever interplay of ancient and contemporary settings adds to its charm The comparison of the Trojan War and the AIDS epidemic are clear and artfully told This Lambda Literary Award winner was also cited by the Publishing Triangle as one of the best gay novels

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Blending ancient headlines and modern myth Merlis creates a fabulous new world where legendary heroes declare their endowments in personal ads and any panhandler may be a divin. Man that was awesome Loved it

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    I loved this book but I'm not really sure who I'd recommend it to Having some kind of knowledge or passion for Greek mythology seems reuisite going in I can't imagine getting much enjoyment out of this if you aren't familiar with the original

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    There are good novels and there are really good novels; then there are a transcendent few that should be read by e

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    This was one of the best re tellings I've ever read Pyrrhus the son of now dead Achilles is about to face up to his destiny That said he's been working as a stripper in a local gay bar can barely afford the rent and as such will likely turn to being a call boy and being the uarter divine son of a vaguely known water god

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    Mark Merlis' An Arrow's Flight is a really interesting read The narrative is built on the intriguing placement of

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    Some may think it a little too clever for its own good but I like this book a lot How can you not like a novel in which a gay demigod making a living as a hustler turns out to be essential to winning the Trojan war? All the homoero

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    Man that was awesome Loved it

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    AN ARROW’S FLIGHT 1998 a novel by Mark Merils is brilliant and irreverent It disrespects conventional writing storytelling and history — and the author I think had great fun in doing so It is an existential inuiry about the human conditi

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    Blending Greek myth and contemporary gay life Merlis fully explores the uestions of life and lust desire and desti

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    This book This book What can I tell you about the story of this book? I'll tell you this I started it and immediately within the first few pages felt annoyed by it It wasn't uite what I expected It tells a story of a young man during the Trojan War except the characters all seem to have been transported to New

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    It's the Trojan War updated as a reflection on gay issues The concept of Achilles' son Pyrrhus working as a dancerhustler is a good one but overall I didn't like this book When push comes to shove I'd rather read Sophocles