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Ge creature turns into a madcap journey in which you will meet not only the enigmatic Aye aye but the catlike Fosa the Flat tailed tortoise the Gentle lemurs of Lac Alaotra and the Malagasy chameleons among others Truly nothing escapes Durrell's sharp eye whether Aye Aye and eBook #180 he is describing Aye Aye and I A Kindle the great zoma market the village dances. I still can t really get my head around the fact that I am going to Madagascar in about 5 weeks a trip arranged by my in laws I m trying to make it feel real the best way I know how reading This book recounts Gerald Durrell s 1990 expedition to the island nation collecting specimens of rare and endangered animals to bring back to his zoo in England for captive breeding programs This style of conservation feels a little dated and Durrell s prissy but game pith hatted colonial adventurer persona gets a little tiresome at times he s not as funny as he thinks he is but the anecdotes that drive the book are pretty interesting Durrell and his intrepid team brave crumbling bridges disintegrating roads and vicious attack ducks to rescue gentle lemurs tortoises snakes giant jumping rats that would give the Dread Pirate Roberts pause and of course the titular aye aye Durrell s focus is on the animals but he does spend some time on the Malagasy people and culture as well if through a somewhat patronizing lens


The Aye Aye and I A Rescue Mission in Madagascar

Here is Aye and Epub #218 the riveting tale of Gerald Durrell's adventures and misadventures in the enchanted forests of Madagascar in search of the elusive Aye aye Once thought to be extinct the Aye aye the beast with the magic finger still lurks though in fast dwindling numbers in the forests of Madagascar The Aye ePUB #192 Durrell's mission to help save this stran. 35 Originally published in 1992 this was Durrell s last book a record of his final animal collecting expedition and ongoing conservation efforts in Madagascar It has his usual warm funny writing about both people and animals I ve seen aye ayes in his zoo at Jersey and can attest to how strange but endearing these highly rare creatures are I love his account of his first meeting with one it bit his walking stick combed his beard and finally stuck its long ET finger in his ear To allow such an astonishing and complex creature to become extinct was as unthinkable as burning a Rembrandt turning the Sistine Chapel into a disco or pulling down the Acropolis to make way for a Hilton Durrell seems a touch patronizing about the Malagasy but his frustration with the futility of on paper wildlife regulations is understandable Though the aye aye and other species were protected the locals either didn t know or didn t care and continued to kill them for food or because they were eating their coconuts He was struggling significantly with his health by the time of this trip and mentions how tough the potholed roads were on his hips but mostly turns his physical travails to humorous effect like his intestinal issues on first arrivalFavorite passages Over the years I have found that certain hotels object to your keeping a baby warthog in your room or fuss because you put snakes in the bath It is a short sighted policy which will not bring them custom in my considered opinion One is reduced to the vulgar level of a smuggler having by subterfuge to insert a creature into one s room without making the management privy to one s designs It is a hazardous business For example a charming South American maid once narrowly missed having a cardiac arrest when she discovered that I was sharing my bed not with my wife or mistress which would have been acceptable but with a baby Giant anteater Malagasy is a fine rackity clackity ringing language which sounds not unlike someone carelessly emptying a barrel of glass marbles down a stone staircase

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The treacherous bridges and river crossings the strange foods and stranger music or the vagaries of local officialdom As the San Francisco Chronicle noted It is impossible for Gerald Durrell to write anything that is less than exuberant eccentric and amusing Aye Aye and I A Kindle And in his account of this rescue mission Durrell is uite simply at his superb best.. An excellent read from a forward thinking conservationist who did a huge amount to help the animals andtherefore also the people of Madagascar amongst other placesDurrell is certainly a great storyteller and the book doesn t disappoint for laughs anecdotes and insights into what pioneering conservation zoology was likeThere are certainly parts and phrases which as an enlightened millennial will make you wince descriptions of locals for example or his obsession with the figure of just about every woman he encounters While not much of an excuse it was written 40 years ago now and the creepinesscasual racism comes off as benign

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    35 Originally published in 1992 this was Durrell’s last book a record of his final animal collecting expedition and ongoing conservation efforts in Madagascar It has his usual warm funny writing about both people and animals I’ve

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    that is all

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    35 stars I cannot cope with tummy trouble and a recalcitrant lemur at the same time I know just what you mean Gerry I have that problem regularly It shouldn't surprise any of us that the little Gerry Durrell we met in My Family and Other Animals grew up to be the Gerry Durrell who went to Madagascar in his sixties artificial hips and all to collect animals in danger of extinction The aye aye is a lemur with ex

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    I still can’t really get my head around the fact that I am going to Madagascar in about 5 weeks a trip arranged by my in laws I’m

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    The Aye Aye and I first published in 1992 is Gerald Durrell's account of his last major animal collecting expedition a trip to Madagascar in 1990 This is a Durrell different in some ways from the Durrell of earlier books If you've read his adventures in The Bafut Beagles The Drunken Forest The Whispering Land and so on you're probably familiar with a Gerry who shins up trees goes on long treks searching for elu

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    This book is like if James Herriot was in M

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    The Aye Aye and I When I first picked this book up in the library I thought that it was a fiction book It wasn't until I got home that I realis

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    A book with an unfortunate looking cover design that I chose at random from my housemate's bookshelf not expecting much Turns out that this book about a conservationist's adventures in Madagascar procuring some endangered species to sustain their population is an absolutely delightful insightful and hilarious read As I read along I realised that Durrell is a respected author who wrote the classic 'My Family and Other Animals' which I have

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    An excellent

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    The last book Durrell published during his life about his trips to collect strange animals and save them from extinction Animalists

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