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Possessing a personal affinity for raw sexual articulation my creative juices really begin to flow when imagining sexy people with varying lifestyles and through impromptu circumstances engaging in amusing bouts of consensual sex Through playful expression naughty fantasies and from delicious anecdotes selected from my personal repertoire of thirst uenching interludes I present you with a collection of sexually explicit stories that are sure to tempt tease and tickle your senses In the spirit of hardcore sex let these tantalizing tales transport you into a whimsical world where passion love and lust are only a page away BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Once my river started to flow Alex pinned my legs behind my ears to lap up my liuid “I stand corrected” he said “This is the world’s finest” CARNAL CAMPING I smeared him across my sleeping bag like cream cheese on a toasted bagel sitting on his face and silencing his moans with my double bubble CAT CHASER “Harder I’m going to cum” she exploded finally releasing a gash gush so intense I needed a plastic poncho to dodge the spray that streamed out of her like a fucking geyser COCK AROUND THE BLOCK Dipping two digits into my elastic asshole Thomas treated me like a human pincushion C.

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Ad successfully fetched HAPPILY EVER AFTER Combing country clubs on the weekends and attending random weddings I've scored ass than a toilet seat HOLLYWOOD HOOK UP Like metal to magnet my cock connected with minimal effort immediately being greeted with warm anal froth that bubbled over with gooey goodness HOME invASIAN Turning it up to its highest setting Ming shoved the blue vibrator into her cunt while I continued pounding her round HOOTER SHOOTER After a good five minutes he tore into Rita’s rectum like a fucking animal until her ass broth began to pour over my butt cheeks like warm figgy pudding HORNDOG WITH A CORNDOG I could instantly feel my dick swell and my balls tighten as the tangy mustard decorated her lips like cum HOT POCKETS With both curly holes dripping wet I licked each cunt before sliding my rocket inside of Kristy's canyon and my finger inside of Kendra's crapper LUCK BE AN ASIAN TONIGHT I lunged toward the spicy wanton and ripped her jacket off causing brass buttons to litter the floor like discarded wads of gum PLUMBER'S CRACK As we lay connected our bodies started to hump into one another so forcefully that water began splashing out of the tub in soapy waves of blueBONUS XXX Jesse Jane InterviewAdults Only.

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OLLEGE COCK The thought of him pinching my clit made it swell up to the size of a cherry as the gloss begin to flow down my legs like warm syrup down a stack of piping hot pancakes COMPANY PICNIC POKE The watery splash caused her thick pointy nipples to penetrate through the thin fabric and mold around her amazing rack like a wet paper towel CONCERT COOZE Robbie stepped between my legs and dipped his dick inside of my cunt swirling it around as if he were stirring up a pot of bubbling slit stew COUNTRY GIRL I rolled her shorts down and flossed my teeth with her curly blonde muff before resting my tongue between the folds of her pussy DILF “Do you want to stick your tongue in my pussy Mr Sullivan” I asked again grinding my pussy into his trousers until gobs of wet goo decorated his crotch with trickles of my teenage anticipation DRESS FOR SEX CESS As soon as we got inside the bitch fell to her knees and starting chomping on my dick like an alley cat gnawing on a chicken bone ELEVATOR ECSTASY Like a good whore I swallowed Roger's load entirely sticking my tongue out and wiggling it around to show him my naughty accomplishment GO FISH With two huge wet spots covering both tits Cindy proudly came up showing me the bag of fish she h.