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Ofs fight the power Free speech for campus bigots Racial hatred on campus Looking back moving ahead students today the sixtiesFreshman activists Divestment report card students stocks shanties Campus voices right left Radical historians the crisis in American history Crossing the lines Taylor Branch gives the movement its dueThe liberal imagination and the antiwar movement The New Left as history Chicago ' revisited Black social experience radical politics in AlabamaWhen Old Blue Eyes was Red Inside the Nixon liebrary John Lennon versus the FBIBeatles buy out how Nike bought the Beatles' RevolutionCrushing a dead Beatle the case of Albert Goldman Rockin' with Ron Springsteen and Reagan Reggae and revolution A soft rain Dylan Tocueville Marx Weber Nixon Watergate in theoryTom Hayden's new workout The other Nancy Davis not necessarily the First LadyFootnote or perishIndex.

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Professors Politics and Pop

“It is frightening to think that Wiener teaches history at Professors Politics PDFEPUB or a university” Jacues Derrida“Wiener takes the modern university as his beat covers it like a police reporterWiener’s mean streets are the think tank the scholarly symposium the faculty lounge when he’s had enough of this academic low life he listens to Elvis Springsteen the Beatles He even listens to Frank Sinatra” John Leonard“In this book Jon Wiener demonstrates his great skill as guerrilla sharpshooter in the year war that the National Security State has been conducting against the American people These reports from the field the resistance illuminate Nixon Watergate as never before reveal in fascinating detail the turbulence within Academe invoke pity if not awe for that unexpected victim of state Frank Sinatra” Gore Vidal“Wiener is good at spotting blasting p.

Summary Professors Politics and Pop

Aranoid fantasy incompetence in high low places his range of targets is impressively widehis surveys are lucid trenchant brief” ObserverAcknowledgmentsDeconstructing de ManDebating de ManThe responsibilities of friendship Jacues Derrida on Paul de Man's collaborationThe Sears case women's history on trial The Sears case what happened Dealing with deadwood the Arizona approach Capitalist shock therapy the Sachs plan in PolandThe odyssey of Daniel Boorstin Footnotes to history the David Abraham caseBringing Nazi sympathizers to the US Talcott Parsons's rolePoles Jews and historians the case of Norman Davies Campus capitalism Harvard chases biotech bucks The CIA goes back to college Dollars for neocon scholars the Olin money treeAccuracy in academia Reed Irvine rides the paper tigerHistory wars why the right is losing in academe School for spooks Yale and the CIA Law pr.

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    This is a collection of mostly previously published articles dating from the 70s to the early 90s Most appeared originally in The Nation Most notable to me was his Radical Historians and the Crisis in American Hist

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