Summary Û Brazen Heart Lovegram

Rosalyn Alsobrook Æ 8 Summary

Desires was clearly a lady for hire Why else was she in the company of a known madam The lovely Emily claimed she was an innocent in need of help but once Randall gave her shelter he found her golden eyes and luscious curves too tempting to resist He’d just have to seduce this reluctant young wench until she let him help himself to her sweet passion and her Brazen Heart.

Summary Brazen Heart Lovegram

Brazen Heart Lovegram

WAS HE A HERO OR THE DEVIL HIMSELF Young Emily Felcher had left New Orleans to seek her grandmother in Galveston What she found along the way however was trouble with a capital T Trusting the wrong people Emily found herself in the clutches of a greedy Texas bordello owner With no one to turn to she threw herself on the mercy of her first “customer” the dashing Randall.

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Gipson This demon of a man soon lured her into the heat of his Brazen Heart PDF own daring embrace and his provocative kisses sweetly tempted her until she pondered giving up the very virtue she’d been trying to protect WAS SHE AN INNOCENT OR A JEZEBEL Shipping tycoon Randall Gipson had just about enough of this charade The fetching young thing who tormented his deepest.

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    Luv this bookI bought it in 95' 17yrs old still inMy collection fr 18yrs nowIt's about young women journey frm rich to poor when his father passed away finding her grdmotherFalling in love with a richsuccessful man he thought that she was a prostitute

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