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Signs is a noun as in DO NOT DISTURB Wonders as in with furrowed brows a verbThe couplet that leads into Charles Martin's fifth collection of richly inventive poems suggests that the world is to be read into and wondered over The

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Signs Wonders

Signs in this new work from the prize winning American poet of formal brilliance and darkly comic sensibility are as stark as the one on a cage at the zoo that says ENDANGERED SPECIES as surprising as those that announce the retur

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N of irony and as enigmatic as a single word carved on a tombstone Renowned for his translations of Ovid's Metamorphoses and the poems of Catullus Martin brings the perspective of history to bear on the stuff of contemporary life

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    As you begin this new book of poetry by Charles Martin you’re given the direction to look at the words “signs” and “wonders” in a particular light signs being used as a noun while “wonders” is to be used as a verb A small detail but one that makes a significant impact on the reading The implication is that Martin is o

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    Goes from serious to playful from the contemporary to the ancient Crafted in a conversational style that is as simple as it is elegant Simply the work of a masterAnd I have a full review of this book forthcoming in THINK JOURNAL