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Jisi ve psikiyatrisi Archetypen und das Epub #223 içinde hâlâ yerini korumaktadır Bunun ötesinde bugün Jung'u bir ekol olarak anmamızın nedeni bütün insan bilimlerine yansıyan türev ve etkileriyle simge alanındaki çalışmal. This book like the other writings of Carl G Jung is a great gift to mankind It can provide insight to any reader who wishes to explore the realm of the commonly unseen yet still exists and can be felt at a time or another somewhere deep inside your soul I think I have read this book three or four times now but every time I open it the impact it has on me is again immense There is an infinite number of reflective ideas that can arise based on the contents of the book perhaps because of the overwhelming nature of the archetypes he attempts to describe here specifically Four Archetypes might have a stronger spiritual sense to it than a scientific one but it nonetheless is one of the greatest collection of intellectual ideas I have read This is perhaps because of the intense connection between the two concepts as Jung himself describes and calls for If you ve read other books he s written this is going to be an even exhilarating read If this is your first however it might be difficult to go through these pages Though it will probably still leave its imprint on you A recommendation Keep going back to the illustrations on the cover of this book as you go through it That has helped me grasp of it or perhaps connect Carl G Jung has for long been my favorite author Whenever I open any of his books I can feel an intense connection not only to the content but to the image of that individual that came up with these thoughts I am sure I ll end up reading it again soon enough Now seeing as I don t think my words will suffice in describing this great work of art and yes it is indeed as well a work of art here are some among many of my favorite uotesFrom what has been said it should be clear that in the last analysis all the statements of mythology on this subject as well as the observed effects of the mother complex when stripped of their confusing detail point to the unconscious as their place of origin How else could it have occurred to man to divide the cosmos on the analogy of day and night summer and winter into a bright day world and a dark night world peopled with fabulous monsters unless he had the prototype of such a division in himself in the polarity between the conscious and the invisible and unknowable unconscious Primitive man s perception of objects is conditioned only partly by the objective behavior of the things themselves whereas a much greater part is often played by intrapsychic facts which are not related to the external objects except by way of projectionThe alchemist saw the union of opposites under the symbol of the tree and it is therefore not surprising that the unconscious of present day man who no longer feels at home in his world and can base his existence neither on the past that is no nor on the future that is yet to be should hark back to the symbol of the cosmic tree rooted in this world and growing up to heaven the tree that is also man In the history of symbols this tree is described as the way of life itself a growing into that which eternally is and does not change which springs from the union of opposites and by its eternal presence also makes that union possible It seems as if it were only through an experience of symbolic reality that man vainly seeking his own existence and making a philosophy out of it can find his way back to a world in which he is no longer a stranger When a summit of life is reached when the bud unfolds and from the lesser the greater emerges then as Nietzsche says one becomes two and the greater figure which one always was but which remained invisible appears to the lesser personality with the force of a revelation He who is truly and hopelessly little will always drag the revelation of the greater down to the level of his littleness and will never understand that the day of judgement for his littleness has dawned But the man who is inwardly great will know that the long expected friend of his soul the immortal one has now really come to lead captivity captive that is to seize hold of him by whom this immortal had always been confined and held prisoner and to make his life flow into that greater life a moment of deadliest peril It is the relationship between the self and the other being that is the other person in ourselves that larger and greater personality maturing within us whom we have already met as the inner friend of the soul That is why we take comfort whenever we find the friend and companion depicted in a ritual It is the representation of a friendship between two men which is simply the outer reflection of an inner fact it reveals our relationship to that inner friend of the soul into whom nature herself would to change us that other person we also are and yet can never attain to completely We are that pair of Dioscuri a twin that is mortal and the other that is immortal It is better to look them up and who though always together can never be made completely one The transformation processes strive to approximate them to one another but our consciousness is aware of resistances because the other person seems strange and uncanny and because we cannot get accustomed to the idea that we are not absolute master in our own house We should prefer to be always I and nothing else But we are confronted with that inner friend or foe and whether he is our friend or our foe depends on ourselvesThe disastrous idea that everything comes to the human psyche from outside and that it is born a tabula rasa is responsible for the erroneous belief that under normal circumstances the individual is in perfect order He then looks to the state for salvation and makes society pay for his inefficiency He thinks the meaning of existence would be discovered if food and clothing were delivered to him gratis on his own doorstep or if everybody possessed an automobile Such are the puerilities that rise up in place of an unconscious shadow and keep it unsconscious As a result of these prejudices the individual feels totally dependent on his environment and loses all capacity for introspection In this way his codes of ethics is replaced by a knowledge of what is permitted or forbidden or ordered How under these circumstances can one expect a soldier to subject an order received from a superior to ethical scrutiny He has not yet made the discovery that he might be capable of spontaneous ethical impulses and of performing them even when no one is lookingAnd finallyWhen we consider the spirit in its archetypal form as it appears to us in fairytales and dreams it presents a picture that differs strangely from the conscious idea of spirit which is split up into so many meanings Spirit was originally a spirit in human or animal form a daimonion that came upon man from without But our material already shows traces of an expansion of consciousness which has gradually begun to occupy that originally unconscious territory and to transform those daimonia at least partially into voluntary acts Man conuers not only nature but spirit also without realizing what he is doing To the man of enlightened intellect it seems like the correction of a fallacy when he recognizes that what he took to be spirits is simply the human spirit and ultimately his own spirit All the superhuman things whether good or bad that former ages predicated of the daimonia are reduced to reasonable proportions as though they were pure exaggeration and everything seems to be in the best possible order But were the unanimous convictions of the past really and truly only exaggerations If they were not then the integration of the spirit means nothing less than its demonization since the superhuman spiritual agencies that were formerly tied up in nature are introjected into human nature thus endowing it with a power which extends the bounds of personality ad infinitum in the most perilous way I put it to the enlightened rationalist has his rational reduction led to the beneficial control of matter and spirit He will point proudly to the advances in physics and medicine to the freeing of the mind from medieval stupidity and as a well meaning Christian to our deliverance from the fear of demons But we continue to ask what have all our other cultural achievements led to The fearful answer is there before our eyes man has been delivered from no fear a hideous nightmare lies upon the world So far reason has failed lamentably and the very thing that everybody wanted to avoid rolls on in ghastly progression Man has achieved wealth of useful gadgets but to offset that he has torn open the abyss and what will become of him now where can he make a halt After the last World War we hoped for reason we go on hoping But already we are fascinated by the possibilities of atomic fission and promise ourselves a Golden Age the surest guarantee that the abomination of desolation will grow to limitless dimensions And who or what is it that causes all this It is none other than that harmless ingenious inventive and sweetly reasonable human spirit who unfortunately is abysmally unconscious of the demonism that still clings to him Worse this spirit does everything to avoid looking himself in the face and we all help him like mad Only heaven preserve us from psychology that depravity might lead to self knowledge Rather let us have wars for which somebody else is always to blame nobody seeing that all the world is driven to do just what all the world flees from in terrorIt seems to me frankly that former ages did not exaggerate that the spirit has not sloughed off its demonisms and that mankind because of its scientific and technological development has in increasing measure delivered itself over to the danger of possession True the archetype of the spirit is capable of working for good as well as for evil but it depends upon man s free ie conscious decision whether the good will be perverted into something satanic Man s worst sin is unconsciousness but it is indulged in with the greatest piety even by those who should serve mankind as teachers and examples When shall we stop taking man for granted in this barbarous manner and in all seriousness seek ways and means to exorcize him to rescue him from possession and unconsciousness and make this the most vital task of civilization Can we not understand that all the outward tinkerings and improvements do not touch man s inner nature and that everything ultimately depends upon whether the man who wields the science and the technics is capable of responsibility or not Christianity has shown us the way but as the facts bear witness it has not penetrated deeply enough below the surface What depths of despair are still needed to open the eyes of the world s responsible leaders so that at least they can refrain from leading themselves into temptation


Die Archetypen und das kollektive Unbewusste

Tıp ve psikiyatri kökenli bir ruh und das Kindle #209 çözümlemecisi olan Jung'un psikolojik tiplemeler kompleksler Die Archetypen PDFEPUB or teorisi ve sözcük çağrışım testi gibi özgün bilimsel katkıları günümüz psikolo. Other reviewers have made general statements about the four archetypes Mother Rebirth Spirit Trickster covered in this volume of CG Jung s work For the purpose of this review and as a way of conveying the richness of Jung s archetypes I will focus on one specific aspect of the Rebirth archetype Enlargement of PersonalityJung begins this section with the sentence The personality is seldom in the beginning what it will be later on Thus a kind of metamorphosis is at the very core of our being This is clear when we reflect on the various stages of childhood and adolescence most specifically when we think about the transformation in males from boyhood to manhood and a female s transformation from girlhood into womanhood Cultural anthropologists have written extensively on the rituals surrounding this life transforming event within traditional societiesHere is Jung s next sentence For this reason the possibility of enlarging it personality exists at least during the first half of life Why the first half of life Simple biology The most obvious example is the enlargement of personality a baby makes in the first few years from being an infant to being a walking talking toddler And so biology propels the toddler thru the phases of childhood and adolescence right up until the time when the person becomes an adultBut what about the second half of life where the enlargements are less biological and psychic and subtle Here are Jung s words on the topic Therefore if some great idea takes hold of us from outside we must understand that it takes hold of us only because something in us responds to it and goes out to meet it Ultimately the key to enlargement as an adult is our responding our own internal movement to what we encounter in our world This internal movement is underscored when Jung writes Richness of mind consists in mental receptivity not in the accumulation of possessions I am reminded of one of my spiritual teachers who said Don t plateau which is a warning against being complacent being unwilling to go out to meet the great ideas the great ongoing challenges we as adults are given throughout our livesKeeping on this topic a man who has spent many years as a Jungian psychoanalyst told me that when the soul cries out for enlargement and one does not heed this internal call there is a change a shift but the shifting and changing can manifest physically Perhaps this is why we have an epidemic of obesity in the United States a large portion of the population will not rise to the challenge to enlarge spiritually and thus the body responds by enlarging physicallyNietzsche speaks again and again on how the arts creativity and the spiritual path pose challenges to the individual soul If an artist is truly an artist one will expand and enlarge one s personality continually redefining oneself a series of rebirths one after another Of course one need not be a Picasso or Mondrian rather one is called to be an artist of one s own life And what of those people who lives are smug and self satisfied refusing to transform Here are Jung s words He who is truly and hopelessly little will always drag the revelation of the greater down to the level of his littleness And then what happens after many months or even many years when one finally begins to see one s own life in need of radical transformation Perhaps this seeing lies behind the mid life crisis so common in the modern world

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Arı ve kişisel ya da kolektif bilinçdışının dinamiklerini ve görüngelerini irdeleyen yapıtlarıdır Jung düşüncesinin antropolojiden teoloji ve felsefeye etnolojiden sosyolojiye çok geniş bir alanda kalıcı izleri vardır.. This book was a collection of essays for four archetypes the Mother Rebirth the Spirit in Fairy Tales and the Trickster The reading could be a bit dry but I love Carl Jung and found the essays insightful

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    Other reviewers have made general statements about the four archetypes Mother Rebirth Spirit Trickster covered in this volume of CG Jung's work

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    An Illustration of LokiJung among the many psychologists of his time is the only one who made extensive efforts to bridge E

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    Especially liked the discussion of the Trickster archetype and its development through the ages Fascinating

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    This book like the other writings of Carl G Jung is a great gift to mankind It can provide insight to any reader who wishes to explore the realm of the commonly unseen yet still exists and can be felt at a time or another somewhere deep inside your soul I think I have read this book three or four times now but every time I open it the impact it has on me is again immense There is an infinite number of reflective ideas that can arise based

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    Here's a gateway to understand women personal development spirit symbolism psychic integration and the trickster archetype Personally I've found it especially helpful in understanding the mother complex the way a woman's relationship with her mother either diminishes her feminine ualities or intensifies themThe MotherJung presents a survey of psychological types associated with the mother complex in daughters The symptoms range from total

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    Four selections from across Jung's collected works These are the standard Hull translation lifted wholesale from other editions The archetypes covered at the mother; rebirth; the spirit; the trickster There is not important or even necessary c

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    This book was a collection of essays for four archetypes the Mother Rebirth the Spirit in Fairy Tales and the Trickster The reading could be a bit dry but I love Carl Jung and found the essays insightful

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    This book does not need any sort of review since it is a reference for all those who put effort to know about human behaviour and its mechanisms Personally I found out that this book was the Bible from which exi

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    Was hoping to find On the Interpretation of Dreams since I am thoroughly tired of my repetitive ones and thought that might be helpful But this was all the Jung in the St Andrew's library which is where I was last night Read the Mother Archetype last night and was rather disappointed since I'd hoped for explanation and interpretation than results of bad mothering And of course I could instantly see myself in some of the

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    I read half of this book one day in the library digressing from a research paper that I was supposed to be writing The Four Archetypes having nothing to do with my research topic endeared me to Jung immensely and inspired me to incorporate some of his relevant philosophies as sources in my final paper I am rereading it in full with particular interest in the section on rebirth

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