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Eys is terechtgesteld voor moorden die hij niet heeft begaan en er dus nog steeds een levensgevaarlijke A Perfect MOBI #224 maniak vrij rondlooptWanneer een tweede moord en een vermissing dat laatste lijken te bevestigen begint de tijd te dringen. A Perfect Evil is Alex Kava s debut novel and the 1st book in her Maggie O Dell SeriesWe are introduced to FBI profiler Maggie O Dell who has been tasked with investigating the kidnapmurders of three young boys in the small town of Platte City NebraskaWorking with the town s sheriff Nick Morelli she becomes part of a very dangerous game when the devious and evil killer becomes obsessed with her and begins playing a cat and mouse game with herThe chemistry build up between Maggie and Nick is done in a very subtle way leaving us to wonder how that relationship will continue in the next bookThe author uses the small town setting extremely wellthe tension and suspicions between the residents is palpable as they realize that the killer could be living amongst themA well executed page turner that ends with a setup for the next book

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Lincoln Nebraska Op woensdag juli vindt Ronald Jeffreys veroordeeld voor een serie gruwelijke moorden de dood op de elektrische stoelDrie maanden later wordt op een modderige rivieroever vlak bij het naburige Platte City opnieuw een lijk gevonden. Ooh almost Christmas time Tis the season for murder make sure you say murder in a creepy voice in your head What you trying to tell me that you DON T have a creepy voice in your head Then you are a liarNow that I have thoroughly offended anyone who has actually stuck around to read this review here s the dealioSo there s a serial killer who is killing kids in a small town The town s sheriff is a good ol boy a fuck boy and totally out of his league Send in the FBI expert profiler and obviously beautiful woman Maggie O Dell Maggie and Sheriff Fuck Boy are trying to solve the murder together now and it s a pretty good story They have great chemistry but Maggie is married and Sheriff FB is still putting the moves on her smoothNow Sherrif FB s sister is a Dumb Bitch DB DB wants to make it big in the newspaper world cuz newspapers are the future right DB keeps doing extremely slimy things to get the story like printing that a boy s body was found before Sheriff FB informs the family Then DB s kid gets kidnapped not a spoiler it s in the blurb and suddenly she has an attack of the guilts Hey DB maybe if you spent time being a mother and less time being a DB you wouldn t have let your 10 yr old kid walk home alone in the evening when you know perfectly well that a serial killer is luring in boys faster than a video game system with gratuitous violence and sex Dammit GTA We have to drive on the road with these little maniacs when they grow upBut don t worry kiddos cuz Daddy comes to town to help his idiot son solve the murder Only Daddy is interested in fame and camera time He s Daddy Fame Whore Daddy FW makes things so uncomfortable for his poor stupid children The only good thing about him appearing in the book is that it helps us understand why his kids are hot messesBut really everyone is a hot mess So I guess it s just like real lifeAnyway if you want some disturbing murder in your life this is the book for you I m looking forward to continuing the series

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Er blijken zoveel overeenkomsten met Jeffreys' werkwijze dat toeval moet worden uitgesloten Gaat het hier om een copycat Of is de executie een gerechtelijke dwaling geweestFBI agent Maggie O'Dell wordt te hulp geroepen om te onderzoeken of Jeffr. It s hard to know where to start with this one I thought I was on the verge of kicking off a new smart female centric series that I could get my teeth into What I ended up with was a sub par not very thrilling thriller with a ridiculous Mills Boon esue romance simmering panting and almost but never uite cavorting in the background I was surprised to find alleged series lead Maggie O Dell relegated to one of many POVs with the bulk of the initial plot being driven by blander than bland good ol boy Sheriff Nick who finds himself flailing incompetently when someone starts dumping dead kids in his patch Enter Maggie and all her emotional baggage stage left and let the inappropriate thoughts of romance and jumping each others bones begin Seriously that s all they do Maggie conjures up a profile that everyone ignores and no wonder really for a crack hot profiler she comes up with a load of bloody rubbish you could get off the TV has occasionally traumatic thoughts about her traumatic past and spends the rest of the time wondering why she s so incapable of keeping her mind off Nick s pert backside or his piercing eyes or his boyish good looks or hisoh you get the idea There s little to no forensic or technical detail nothing to suggest that Kava did a hint of research and hey why use one adverb when you can use two By the time the dog s breakfast ending of false tension and day old stupid police work rolled around my despair was complete Recommended for masochists only

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    Ooh almost Christmas time Tis the season for murder make sure you say murder in a creepy voice in your head What you trying to tell me that you DON'T have a creepy voice in your head? Then you are a liarNow that I have thoroughly offended anyon

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    25 StarsToo bad cause I really really liked the heroine and the story in the beginning The killer couldn't be obvious the police couldn't be incompetent and the romantic aspect couldn't be disappointing

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    I found this book to be a bit of a mixture and therefore not easy to review On the one hand it was very readable and I ne

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    When a young boy goes missing and is found brutally murdered in Platte City Nebraska days later Sheriff Nick Morelli is advised to get help from FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell especially after it appears to match pr

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    This is Alex Kava’s debut book and my first time reading her I always feel it’s best to start at the beginning of a seriesThis is

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    It's hard to know where to start with thi

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    35 stars but not really good enough for 4A Perfect Evil is Alex Kava's first book in the series featuring Maggie O'Dell a feisty and thorough FBI profiler ODell is brought into a small town in Nebraska after a child murder bears the same signs of recent spate of seriel murders in the same town The problem is that the murderer was executed I

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    A Perfect Evil is Alex Kava's debut novel and the 1st book in her Maggie O'Dell SeriesWe are introduced to FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell who has been tasked with investigating the kidnapmurders of three young boys in

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    35 Stars rounded upI liked this book and the author's writing style I liked the potential of the Maggie O'Dell character Maggie has come face to face with a brutal serial killer and the experience has left its scars both physically and emoti

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    This books was truly terrible I wanted to uit by the 10th chapter but I usually finish a book once it's started In this case it's a decision I deeply regret Time in my life that I could have spent reading something good is now gone foreverNone of the characters are at all likable and they are all downright stupid The author had cops destroying evidence and bumbling around like fools She somehow even made the poor little 10 year