First Comes Scandal (Rokesbys #4)

First Comes Scandal (Rokesbys #4)She was given two choices n nGeorgiana Bridgerton isnt against the idea of marriage Shed just thought shed have some say in the matter But with her reputation hanging by a thread after shes abducted for her dowry, Georgie is given two options live out her life as a spinster or marry the rogu

The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband (Rokesbys, #2)

The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband (Rokesbys, #2)n While you were sleeping n n nWith her brother Thomas injured on the battlefront in the Colonies, orphaned Cecilia Harcourt has two unbearable choices move in with a maiden aunt or marry a scheming cousin Instead, she chooses option three and travels across the Atlantic, determined to nurse her

The Other Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys, #3)

The Other Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys, #3)She was in the wrong place n nFiercely independent and adventurous, Poppy Bridgerton will only wed a suitor whose keen intellect and interests match her own Sadly, none of the fools from her London season qualify While visiting a friend on the Dorset coast, Poppy is pleasantly surprised to discov

My Last Duchess (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #0.5)

My Last Duchess (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #0.5)New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James returns to the Wildes series with a prequel about the Wilde childrens parents, Hugo, Duke of Lindow, and Ophelia, Lady Astley n nEvery Duke needs a Duchess n nHugo Wilde, the Duke of Lindow, has a drafty castle, eight naughty children and no wife Ophe

Too Wilde to Wed (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #2)

Too Wilde to Wed (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #2)No one is surprised than Lord North when he returns from war to find his ex fiancee in his ancestral homeworking as a governess n nThe handsome, rakish heir to a dukedom, Lord Roland Northbridge Wilde known to his friends as North left England two years ago, after being jilted by Miss Diana

Say No to the Duke (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #4)

Say No to the Duke (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #4)n One little wager will determine their fate a daring escape or falling into temptation with a rakish lord n n nLady Betsy Wilde s first season was triumphant by any measure, and a duke has proposed but before marriage, she longs for one last adventure n nNo gentleman would agree to her scandalous pla

Say Yes to the Duke (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #5)

Say Yes to the Duke (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #5)A shy wallflower meets her dream man or does she in the next book in New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James Wildes of Lindow series n nMiss Viola Astley is so painfully shy that she s horrified by the mere idea of dancing with a stranger her upcoming London debut feels like a nightmare n nS

Born to Be Wilde (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #3)

Born to Be Wilde (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, #3)The richest bachelor in England plays matchmaker for an heiress he wants for himself n nFor beautiful, witty Lavinia Gray, theres only one thing worse than having to ask the appalling Parth Sterling to marry her being turned down by him n nNow the richest bachelor in England, Parth is not about to

The Truth About Dukes (Rogues to Riches, #5)

The Truth About Dukes (Rogues to Riches, #5)A new duke and a woman with a secret in her past get a second chance at love in this delightful and charming Regency romance from the New York Times bestselling author of the Windham series n nRobert Rothmere is hiding a past no duke should have endured, but hes not hiding it well enough Sooner or

When a Rogue Meets His Match (Greycourt, #2)

When a Rogue Meets His Match (Greycourt, #2)The second novel in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyts Greycourt Series features an enemies to lovers romance with her signature blend of captivating characters and sensual romance n nAmbitious, sly, and lethally intelligent, Gideon Hawthorne has spent his life clawing h

Forget Me Not (The Gents #1)

Forget Me Not (The Gents #1)Nottinghamshire, 1785 n nJulia Cummings has long been acquainted with loss her mother, her brother, her sister, her friend, all gone too soon But the loss that pushed her grief to the limit as a young girl was that of her best friend, Lucas Jonquil, who abandoned her without looking back Now, eight

About a Rogue (Desperately Seeking Duke, #1)

About a Rogue (Desperately Seeking Duke, #1)The first book in the new series Desperately Seeking Duke from USA Today bestselling and RITA award winning author Caroline Linden n nIt s no love match n nBianca Tate is horrified when her sister Cathy is obliged to accept an offer of marriage from Maximilian St James, notorious rake Defiantly she

Not the Duke's Darling (Greycourt, #1)

Not the Duke's Darling (Greycourt, #1)New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt brings us the first book in her sexy and sensual Greycourt Series n nFreya de Moray is many things a member of the secret order of Wise Women, the daughter of disgraced nobility, and a chaperone living under an assumed name What she is not is forgivi

The Intoxicating Mr Lavelle

The Intoxicating Mr LavelleYour brother takes me for a barbarian, Mr Bowen But I assure you, I m quite well trained n nWhen Benjamin and Edgar Bowen embark on a Grand Tour of Europe, they are ready to meet People of Quality They have trunks full of powdered silver wigs and matching suits, a hunger to experience the archite

The Raven Prince (Princes Trilogy, #1)

The Raven Prince (Princes Trilogy, #1)There comes a time in a ladys life n nWidowed Anna Wren is having a wretched day After an arrogant male on horseback nearly squashes her, she arrives home to learn that she is in dire financial straits n nWhen she must do the unthinkable n nThe Earl of Swartingham is in a quandary Having frighte

Wicked Intentions (Maiden Lane, #1)

Wicked Intentions (Maiden Lane, #1)A man controlled by his desires n nInfamous for his wild, sensual needs, Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire, is searching for a savage killer in St Giles, Londons most notorious slum Widowed Temperance Dews knows St Giles like the back of her hand shes spent a lifetime caring for its inhabit

These Old Shades (Alastair-Audley, #1)

These Old Shades (Alastair-Audley, #1)Under the reign of Louis XV, corruption and intrigue have been allowed to blossom in France n nLord Justin Alastair, the notorious Duke of Avon, known for his coldness of manner, his remarkable omniscience, and his debauched lifestyle Society believes the worst of Justin, who is clearly proud of hi